How to dismantle tiles in the bathroom

Almost all home repairs can be performed without any special expenses, resorting only to the help of family members. But there are cases when you can not do without the help of a specialist.

Dismantling tiles in the bathroom комнате

Dismantling the tiles in the bathroom is recommended from the top corner.

At the same time, demolition (or dismantling) of tiles can be significantly facilitated if you find a good master. The choice of facing material, coloring and payment for services is what the customer should worry about. The rest will be taken care of by specialists. However, there is a minus in it. The work of a qualified specialist will be very expensive. Tile, made by a layman, will not last long. We'll have to redo everything.

Another case is possible when the repair is carried out independently. This is the cheapest, but also the most difficult way. If there is a desire to perform tiled works with your own hands, you will not only have to study the special literature, but also acquire the necessary tools. Without a tile cutter, spatula and other tools, it will be quite difficult to manage.

You can dismantle tiles in the bathroom yourself. At the same time, not only the total amount of expenses will be reduced. This approach will make sure that everything will be done at the highest level.

How to dismantle tiles?

Tools for tile dismantling

Tools for dismantling tiles.

If you set the goal and dismantle the old tiles on your own, it is possible that everything will turn out. The most faithful "comrades" in this business are the ax with a wide blade found in the pantry, a hammer or an old chisel. With their help, discard the old tile from a concrete or brick base will be much easier.

When dismantling the old tiles, it is necessary to stock up not only with patience, but also with special protective goggles. This will help protect your eyes from getting into them ceramic fragments. Not too much in this case will be a pair of protective gloves. Very easily exposed skin can be injured, which can lead to disastrous results. All the necessary must be always at hand.

To dispose of all the remaining garbage, you need bags of dense polyethylene.

If the tile was laid by a conscientious master, then it will be more difficult to remove it. If only he did not use a special glue to keep the tile. In most cases, the tiles laid on the cement are usually not recoverable. It is worthwhile to think in advance: will this old tile be needed, for example, for secondary repairs?

Dismantling tiles in the bathroom

It is worth noting that the algorithm for performing tile works is quite simple.

Dismantling of old tiles in the bathroom from walls or openings should be started from the uppermost row.

Dismantle the tiles with your own hands

Since the tile is attached to the wall with a special glue, it is better to remove it with a tile cutter.

The contact of the tool and the wall can be significantly more convenient if the working tool is used correctly. Experienced masters recommend to start the spatula over the last corner of the tile, to strengthen it there and only then, tapping the tile with a hammer slightly, gradually discourage the old tile. Particular attention should be paid to the corners. When most of the tiles are freed, it must be removed so that no corners remain. Next, you need to clean the surface of the glue using a hammer. If there is a grinding stone, then this is even better.

Remove tiles from the floor can be the same as from the wall. Start with the first row, working with a spatula, and then beat with a hammer. The main thing in this case is not to damage the floor screed. The use of a perforator in some cases will allow the entire process to be cut in half. In this case, there will be no fear of touching the neighboring fragments. If you remove the tile completely from the wall, it will greatly facilitate the work. However, then a lot of dust will remain.

The best option is when the old tile is dismantled independently, and the new one is assigned to a specialist. This way you can achieve high quality work with a minimum of costs.

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