How to drill a tile

Ceramic tiles are the most popular material for wall cladding in bathrooms and kitchens. Correctly mounted tiles can last for decades, but sometimes you want to diversify the interior. I want to hang new shelves, hangers, soap dishes, towel warmers. The question of how to drill a tile yourself, usually rises immediately after repair, when it becomes necessary to attach accessories to the walls of the bathroom. And in the kitchen, if its walls are tiled, you can not do without shelves. Usually people are afraid to touch the already packed material, so that it does not break. Cause professionals who are paid for a few holes and half an hour of work.

Drilling плитки

In the process of drilling tiles must be extremely accurate, as it can crack.

Yes, drilling a tile is difficult, but you can do it yourself if you choose the right tool and do the job very carefully. Any mistake will cause the tile to crack, you will have to call specialists again to fix the wall. After all, there is a lot of work here. It will be necessary to carefully remove the damaged tile, pick up and fix the new one so that it does not stand out. But you can completely avoid the breakage of ceramics during drilling. The following tips will help to make this work correctly.


For work you need to stock up:

Drill for drilling tiles

To drill a tile you will need a drill with drill bits.

  • a drill with adjustable speed;
  • special drills;
  • scotch tape and pencil.

At high speeds, tiles can not be drilled. Therefore, the drill should be one on which it would be possible to set the smallest revolutions. Ceramics - a fairly strong material, so you need to select drills special. Scotch also allows you to mark the right places.

If you make repairs yourself, and you know the places where the shelves and other accessories will be fastened, it is easiest to make holes in the tile even when the tile is not fixed on the wall. To do this, it should be soaked in water, and then put on a wooden board.

Photo 1. Drill the tile with special feather drills designed for this work. You can also use diamond-coated drills. The usual tools for this work will not work. To the metal does not slip on a smooth surface, a piece of tape is pasted onto the tile, and there is a cross on it with a cross where it is necessary to drill a hole. The drill bit is inserted into the drill set at low speed, and work commences. It should be noted that the drill to the surface of the tile should be kept strictly perpendicular and do not press strongly.

The scheme of drilling tiles with the help of paint tape

The scheme of drilling tiles with the help of paint tape.

Tile should be periodically moistened with water. Strong pressure or incorrect drilling angle can lead to tile breakage. When the tile is not on the wall, there will not be anything terrible if it suddenly breaks. But usually it is necessary to drill a tile when it is already mounted. For example, you bought a new shelf and you want to decorate her bathroom.

On the wall, this work can also be done. To do this, glue is also pasted onto the surface of the tile, and there are holes for it. You can use a special tripod, in which the drill is fixed. This will allow the drill not to deviate from the preset position. The hole must be moistened with water.

After the hole in the tile is ready, the drills are changed. In the chuck, drills are inserted in the usual way, which can be drilled with bricks or concrete. It is recommended to take it a little smaller diameter than the one you drilled tile. To make a hole at the desired depth, a small piece of insulation tape can be glued onto the tool. When the hole is ready, a plastic dowel is driven into it, into which is screwed a screw that fastens the shelf.

Large Holes

Sometimes it happens that in a tile it is necessary to drill a hole of large diameter, for example, under a water pipe.

Drilling плитки при помощи цилиндрического сверла

To drill a large hole in the tile, you can use a cylindrical drill.

Usually replacement of pipes is a real disaster for repair. The tile breaks. After manipulations with the pipes you have to do if not overhaul, then at least cosmetic. But not everything is so sad. You can do without repair. For this work, too, use special drills, which are called cylindrical. They are a cylinder that is attached to the drill chuck. At one end, diamond spraying is done or there are teeth of the cutter. Use only new good quality products. This will avoid the splitting of ceramics. With such a drill, make a hole of the desired diameter at a low speed of the drill, without pressing it too hard.

If there is no cylindrical drill, the tile can also be drilled, but only when it is not yet mounted on the wall. Do this with a feather drill, drill holes around the circumference of the desired diameter. Then the middle gently breaks out, the edges of the formed hole are aligned with the file.

Do not forget to wet the material with water. Then it will be much easier to make a hole.

From the description of all this work it becomes clear that in order to drill ceramic tiles with your own hands, you should choose a suitable drill and act very carefully. Then everything will turn out all right.

This skill is very useful in the future, because now you can, without using the services of professionals, make the necessary changes in the design of the bathroom or kitchen. It will not be difficult to remove the old shelves and fix new ones on the wall. Removing old designs, you should gloss over the holes, picking up the color in the tone of the tile. Then they will be completely invisible. And in case of replacement of water pipes it is possible to make all necessary holes independently without breaking tiles.

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