How to easily connect a water towel warmer

By building a new home or doing major repairs in an old apartment, the owners face many domestic difficulties. For example, such a simple question, at first glance, how to properly connect a water towel heater, can provide many a lot of trouble. Therefore, its solution should be approached with all seriousness. After all, it is important for everyone that the installed device works properly, clearly performs its direct functions and does not leak for the entire operation. Otherwise, constant repair and replacement of parts - all this will lead to unnecessary costs, wasted time and spent nerves.

The scheme of the device of a heated towel rail

The scheme of the towel warmer.


The presence in the bathroom of a heated towel rail for everyone has become a familiar accessory. In addition to its direct purpose, which consists in drying towels and small laundry, this device allows the owners to successfully fight in the bathroom with the appearance of dampness, fungi and unpleasant odor.

Scheme of connecting a water heated towel rail

Scheme for connecting a water heated towel rail.

Today, manufacturers offer their customers a large assortment, so this item could easily become almost the main decoration of the bathroom. Therefore, now the device for drying towels can be chosen in different sizes, shapes and colors. But modern technology does not stand still and now they are also divided into species.

Types of towel warmers:

  • water;
  • electric;
  • combined.

Devices for drying towels, based on the water system, are very popular among many consumers, because water models are more economical and easy to use. But when making your final choice, you should not forget about the practical side. First of all, you should think about how to properly fix and connect the device, so it worked for a long time and gave the person a certain comfort.

Select connection

The water towel can be connected in two ways: to a water pipe with hot water or to a heating system. Consumers prefer to choose the first method, because it is most beneficial and convenient. And most importantly, this connection to the water supply ensures the uninterrupted operation of the device throughout the year. While the second method allows the device to operate at full capacity only in the heating season, which is not always convenient for consumers.

We will consider a more difficult variant of connection of a water towel, which is carried out during the capital repair of housing, when the device for drying towels and small laundry is replaced with a new one. And the installation of such a device in a new house or apartment can be done already based on this basic version. But it is important to know that when replacing the old model, you should choose one that will have the same diameter of the pipes in the lower connection as the previous one.

Connection is divided into the following stages:

Coil installation scheme

Scheme of installation of the coil.

  1. Initially, they agree with the local housing administration that the issue is to turn off hot water for a while.
  2. When the hot water supply is stopped, unscrew the old model using a threaded connection. But if the device was welded, then in this case, use a Bulgarian and cut the pipes so that it is possible to cut a new thread.
  3. Take off the old model.
  4. Install jumpers or bypasses with ball valves. The bypass makes it possible to circulate water continuously, even when the device is turned off. And if necessary with the help of ball valves you can stop the flow of water inside the jumper or remove excess air. It is desirable to use stainless steel pipes as bypass.
  5. Towards a new heated towel rail bracket.
  6. With the help of a building level and a pencil, markings are made on the wall where the fasteners will be installed.
  7. By means of an electric drill perform the necessary holes.
  8. Insert the dowels of plastic into the finished holes.
  9. Use screws and a screwdriver to attach the device to the wall.
  10. The new heated towel rail is connected to the jumper by means of fittings. In order not to damage the thread, the fasteners are tightened with extra care.
  11. In places of threaded connection a linen winding is used for additional compaction.

It is important to know that when installing a water towel, special rules are prescribed that regulate the distance between the device itself and the wall surface on which the model is attached.

Otherwise the connection of the heated towel rail and its further use becomes dangerous for the person. These norms directly depend on the diameter of the pipes and are:

  • For pipes up to 23 mm in diameter, the permissible distance is 35 mm;
  • For pipes more than 23 mm in diameter, the permissible distance is 50 mm.

After finishing all work, you should carefully open the taps and slowly fill the device with water. This precaution is necessary so that a hydro-impact does not occur inside the new water towel.

At the same time, it is necessary to check the tightness at the connection points of the device, that is, no leaks should be observed at all.

Materials and Tools

Tools necessary for work

Tools necessary for work: a pencil, a building level, a bulgarian, an electric drill, screws, a screwdriver.

  • a new device for drying towels;
  • bypass;
  • Ball Valves;
  • stainless pipes;
  • brackets;
  • fastening;
  • plastic dowels;
  • screws;
  • fitting;
  • linen winding;
  • keys;
  • Bulgarian;
  • building level;
  • pencil;
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver.

This concludes all the work connected with the connection of the water towel heater to the hot water supply system. But if you want all the padding to the device can be hidden by wrapping around it a tile or paneling with a special panel. Such a bathroom will have a neat appearance, and the heated towel rail will harmonize with the overall interior of the room.

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