How to effectively combat mold in the bathroom

Fungus or black mold in the bathroom is a serious enough trouble, the fight with which can bring a lot of trouble. The fact is that the wrong methods of combating mold on the ceiling in the bathroom will not give the expected results, and after a while you will again have to face this trouble. It is worth noting that the withdrawal of black mold in the bathroom is necessary immediately after it was noticed by you. To postpone procedure it is not necessary, as black spots grow quickly enough that leads to various troubles. In order to get rid of black mold in the bathroom, today there are a lot of very effective ways, among which we can mention the use of chemical products and folk methods.

Mold in the bathroom

Mold in the bathroom may appear due to a poorly functioning ventilation system.

Due to the fact that the bathroom has a higher level of humidity, this room is often exposed to fungus, because these conditions are most favorable for him. As a rule, the main reasons for the formation of black mold in the bathroom is:

  1. Permanent presence of an increased level of humidity.
  2. Insufficient lighting.
  3. Defective ventilation system.
  4. Defective plumbing.

Black mold

It is important to understand that black formations of this kind can lead to problems with the health of your household. Fungi on the walls and ceiling can cause the development of many serious diseases, including candidiasis, bronchial asthma, various allergic diseases, etc.

Mold formation scheme

Mold formation scheme.

Before you learn how to get rid of black mold on the ceiling, it is recommended to find out the reasons for its formation. It is necessary to remove the fungus correctly. In addition, it is important to eliminate the very reason that caused the formation of mold in the bathroom.

In order for the black mold on the ceiling and wall surfaces to disappear forever, it is desirable that the bathroom has been completely processed. Particular attention should be paid to the areas between the tile and the plumbing fixtures.

The mold on the ceiling and on the wall surfaces can begin to develop imperceptibly, gradually becoming more visible to the "unarmed" eye. One of the properties of black mold is the ability of its spores to fly through the air. It is when they get into the respiratory tract that various diseases, including infectious diseases, can begin to develop.

As already mentioned, before you get rid of black mold, it is very important to find the reasons why it appeared. In addition, very seriously, you should go to the choice of an antifungal agent.

Fungus Removal

Antifungal agents are able not only to effectively cope with the fungus, but also greatly facilitate this task. The ceiling and walls on which black mold has formed are primarily processed by a specially designed composition, after which the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of plaque. The maximum efficiency will be provided by the removal of the entire surface layer. Further, the surfaces on which black molds were found should be dried using a construction hair dryer. In the process of combating mold in the bathroom is not recommended to include water. Thus, you will ensure the maximum dry air, which in this case is a very important condition.

Before dealing with mold, it is very important to take care of the presence of rubber gloves and a respirator.

Disregard for these safety features is strongly discouraged, since working with chemicals, as well as removing fungus spores, requires a special approach.

Mold Removal

Mold and cleansers are dangerous for the skin and respiratory tract, so the fungus must be removed in a respirator and gloves.

Among the most effective means that can eliminate black mold, which covers the walls and ceiling in the bathroom, you can note:

  1. Use of a product based on copper sulfate.
  2. Use a solution based on a conventional bleach.
  3. Application of industrial chemical antifungicidal agents.

Copper sulfate

Many prefer to fight with a fungus that covers the walls and ceiling in the bathroom, using copper sulfate. The fact is that it's quite easy to use. In addition, he is more familiar to many, and therefore inspires more confidence than many other means.

In this case, do not forget about the toxicity of copper sulfate, work with it is necessary in gloves and a respirator.

To prepare the solution, you need 100 g of copper sulfate, which is diluted in 10 liters of water. To apply to the surface, use a brush. Particular attention in this case should be given to areas affected by mold, they should be processed most carefully.

Ways to combat mold

Ways to combat mold.

After treatment, leave the room for several hours. Further, the walls and ceiling are thoroughly washed and dried using a construction hair dryer. At the end of the procedure, the bathroom needs to be well ventilated.

In order to eliminate black mold in this way, you will need:

  • copper vitriol (100 g);
  • respirator;
  • gloves;
  • capacity for cultivation of vitriol;
  • brush;
  • building hair dryer.

Bleach application

As you know, bleach has a pungent smell, so when you use it, you will need gloves and a respirator. Bleach diluted with water (10: 1). To apply the solution to the surface, affected by mold, you can apply a piece of tissue, a sponge, a brush or a nebulizer. You do not need to rinse the solution: thus, you prevent the fungus from recurring. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface, the room should be ventilated.

In order to use this method, you will need:

  • bleach;
  • gloves;
  • respirator;
  • capacity (for solution preparation);
  • sponge (brush, rag or spray);
  • building hair dryer.


Antifungicides are of two types:

  1. Those that are used during construction work, which can prevent bio-corrosion.
  2. The means by which fungi are removed in the room.

Typically, detailed instructions for these products are described on the product packaging. Use the drug strictly according to the specified instructions, be sure to follow all the precautions.

Molds of molds

Means from mold: soda, vinegar, sodium solution, citric acid.

Folk ways

The use of chemicals is not suitable for everyone. For example, people suffering from respiratory diseases, or allergy sufferers can not take advantage of them. In such cases, you can get rid of black mold in the bathroom with the help of folk methods.

  1. A good effect can be achieved with the help of soda, slaked with vinegar. Affected area of ​​the mold should be sprinkled with baking soda, then the surface is poured with vinegar. After surface treatment, rinse thoroughly with soap or any detergent.
  2. Remove the unpleasant coating on the ceiling in the bathroom with tea tree oil. Two teaspoons of oil are enough for two glasses of water. To apply the prepared solution, you can use a sprayer. It is not necessary to wash it off, but it will be necessary to refuse visiting the bathroom for a while.
  3. You can prepare a remedy for combating a fungus based on hydrogen peroxide. This will require a glass of water, boric acid and table vinegar. Walls and ceiling should be thoroughly wiped with a prepared compound.

Smell of mold

Those who have ever faced such a nuisance know that the mold is accompanied by the presence of a characteristic smell of dampness.

First of all, the room needs to be fully ventilated. In addition, it must be periodically ventilated. With the help of an open pack with baking soda it is possible to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

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