How to eliminate blockage in the bathroom

If you have a clogged sewer in the bathroom, this could be preceded by several reasons. But with such a problem it is important not to look for the cause, but to eliminate the result in time. This can be done in several ways:

  • using a plunger;
  • using means of household chemicals;
  • clean siphon;
  • using a plumbing cable.
Scheme of sewage clogging

Scheme of sewage clogging.

You can choose any of these methods and, if the procedure for eliminating jam in the bathroom is correct, solve this problem yourself. If you do not do this urgently, the bathroom can begin to leak, and this will cause even more trouble.

To eliminate clogging, you may need the following tools:

  • vantuze;
  • plumbing cable;
  • means for destruction of blockage;
  • rag;
  • basin.

Using the plunger

Scheme for eliminating blockage in the sink, toilet bowl and bath with a plunger and cable

Scheme for eliminating blockage in the sink, toilet bowl and bath with a plunger and cable.

Many to clean the pipes choose a fairly simple, but often very effective way - a plunger. To clean the pipes in the bathroom, install the air vent over the drain hole in such a way that it completely covers it. This can be done in the bathroom both without water, and in a slightly filled.

In the second case, cleaning will occur faster and better, since the pushing of debris will be carried out due to the pressure of water, rather than air. Push the handle downwards, then lift it up and repeat this movement about 10 times. This should push the trash. And to eliminate it, just open the water and rinse it off. You can use the plunger not only in case of jamming, but also as its prevention.


Modern household chemicals also effectively fights with a clog, which can often occur in the bathroom. You can choose a liquid or powder. Be sure to read the instructions that are attached to it, and, most importantly, specify its compatibility with your pipes, as some products are not suitable for plastic. Then pour it into the drain hole.

If you have chosen a powder, do not forget to pour some hot water after it to fall asleep, which will help it to dissolve. Do not rush water immediately into the clogged sewage system, since in order for the chosen product to act and dissolve dirt or debris, it must be sustained for some time. About how much you need to keep the tool, you can also read the instructions. After the time has elapsed, rinse the pipes thoroughly, opening the hot water.

Purify the siphon

Siphon cleaning scheme

Scheme of siphon cleaning.

If you notice that there is a siphon in the bathroom, the following ways of cleaning it will help you to solve this problem. By the way, this procedure will help to get rid of the unpleasant smell, which appears from the settling on the walls of the siphon of various formations. This process consists of several stages.

First of all, place under a siphon a cloth rag that absorbs water well. On it, put a basin, as this will prevent dirty water from entering the floor. Slowly unscrew the bolt nut, remove the flask. In this procedure, a little water will pour into the pelvis, which is a water seal. After this, thoroughly wash the siphon, which formed the plaque, and install it back.

In order to avoid damage to the water seal, when installing, make sure that the nozzle does not rest on the flask. Check the tightness of all the connections you can by turning on the water and filling it with a water trap. Such a procedure can be carried out for prophylaxis with a frequency of every 3 months and thus prevent the siphon from flowing in advance.

Wire application

Clogging in the sewer can be removed with the help of a plumbing cable. It is more convenient to carry out this procedure together. To do this, one must insert the end of the cable into the drain hole and push it forward, and the second - rotate the handle to twist it. For the convenience of holding the cable, wrap it with some kind of hard material. This action makes the cable easily passable into the pipe, and screwing the tool into the place of blockage leads to its further destruction. After the elimination of the blockage, several movements of the cable must be made in the direction of the front and back and remove it.

If the procedure did not give the desired result, it must be repeated. When working with a cable, you should always pay attention to the level of its tension. With a weak tension it is possible to twist and damage, which will make it difficult to extract it. In this case, the cleaning process will be useless and inefficient. After using the cable, it must be rinsed and folded for storage before subsequent use. It should be taken into account that this method is not suitable for chrome and plastic pipes, as it can damage their surface.

Any formation of congestion in the bathroom you can clean yourself. Just choose the most suitable and available way. In this situation, it is better not to wait for the garbage to accumulate in the bathroom, but to perform the above operations as prevention.

It is especially important to regularly clean the siphon.

This will help you remove its clogging and unpleasant odor.

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