How to eliminate blockages in the bathroom

If it seems to you that the water is too slowly drained from the bath, then it is necessary to take measures to clean the discharge pipelines. A very short time will pass and they will completely stop passing water. How to eliminate blockage in the bathroom, in order not to wait for this unpleasant moment, will be described below.

Scheme of sewerage in the apartment

Scheme of sewerage in the apartment.

Causes of blockage

The cause of clogging of pipelines can be hair or wool, trapped in a drain. They can accumulate in the turning sections of the pipe and create a cork with time that interferes with the flow of water. Immediately it should be said that over time, sewer water conduits are overgrown with fatty layers, and their permeability is significantly reduced. The narrower the passage, the more clogged the pipes, and the sticky layers do not contribute to the normal advancement of solid fractions through the pipe. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to such measures as the replacement of the pipeline.

Mechanical removal

The scheme of cleaning the pipelines by mechanical cleaning machines

The scheme of cleaning the pipelines by mechanical cleaning machines.

Nevertheless, the blockage in the bathroom in most cases is removed without such a "surgical" intervention. Often you can do only with a plunger to remove the cork. True, the task is somewhat complicated, because when working in a bath it is necessary to block the overflow ladder to create a vacuum in the pipeline. To seal the overflow sealed, you can press it to another vent. Perhaps in this case you will need to invite an assistant. You can plug the overflow with a stopper, but you have to cover the gaps between it and the opening of the overflow with a sealant, plasticine, etc.

To ensure a tight fit of the rubber valve of the plunger to the drain, lubricate its ends with petroleum jelly. Press the tool to the bath and make a few sharp rolls, after which pull the plunger from the surface. This is best done when the rubber cap is half submerged in hot water. Elimination of blockage in this way can last quite a long time, in several "approaches".

Eliminate clogging in the bathroom using a plunger can only be used in cases where the pipeline is clogged near the drain, and it is blocked by a not too dense cork. A more radical way of cleaning pipes is to remove the blockage by a cable. Using it, you can:

  • push the debris into a pipe of a larger cross section;
  • hook the cork and pull it out;
  • partially clean the walls of the pipeline from the layers.
The scheme of cleaning the tub with a cable

The scheme of cleaning the bath with a cable.

The cable is made of steel wire. At the same time, it is flexible enough to penetrate the curved sections of the water conduit. Its end has the form of a brush. This allows the device to better capture debris. On the other end of the cable there is a handle. The accessories are sold in the store, but they are not difficult to manufacture on their own.

The plumbing cable goes down into the sink and pushes into the air. At the same time, the cable must be rotated. This work is better done together. After stumbling upon the blockage, "drill" it in circular motions and make a few jerks and jerks by a cable. Pull it out of the pipe, you need to open hot water, which will wash out the remains of blockage in the pipe.

A steel cable is a device for cleaning steel and cast iron pipelines, but it should not be used to remove blockages in plastic pipes, since there is a possibility of damage. After working with a rope, furrows are formed on their internal surfaces, which will further interfere with the free flow of solid particles.

The hydrodynamic method

Sometimes the blockage is obtained by water itself. If it is not very deep, and you have a small cross-section hose that can be pushed into the drain, you can try to wash it with hot water. The hose should be slightly forward. The pressure of water can destroy the monolithic nature of the clogging, and you will only have to thoroughly rinse the sewage. Use the hose with caution. It must be securely attached to the water pipe so that it does not fall off the tap. In addition, with a strong blockage, you risk pouring the bath to the very top.

You can use to clean the pipe and shower hose with the mixer removed. But if you have a car wash ("Kercher" or others) for cars, then with it you can more effectively blur the blockage. An alternative to these hydrodynamic methods of cleaning is the elimination of clogging by air pressure. For this, a vacuum cleaner is used, but its hose should be connected to the discharge part of the household appliance.


Use of chemical agents

It is recommended to clean the blockage with chemical agents every 3 months.

Chemicals предназначены не для механического удаления из трубы сорных пробок, а для растворения веществ, из которых состоит засор. Кроме того, реагенты вступают в реакцию с отложениями на стенках труб и расщепляют их, что способствует очищению внутренних поверхностей и улучшению проходимости сточного водовода.

There are several types of alkaline and acidic detergents available in the form of liquid, gel, powder or foam. They are made on a chemically active basis, interacting with contaminants. To remove them, the tool takes from several minutes to several hours. After completion of the reaction, the pipeline is washed with water. Some means, in addition to eliminating blockages, carry out bacteriological treatment of the cavities of the pipelines. For the production of others, components are used that can only be used to clean pipes from a particular material. Before removing the blockage with reagents, it is necessary to wear protective equipment for hands, eyes and respiratory organs.

Shops offer a wide range of cleaning compounds, but there are also "folk" methods of cleaning the sewer. In one of them, baking soda and vinegar are used. Before removing the gap, a glass of NaHCO is poured into the drain ladder3. A glass of vinegar is poured from above it. The pipeline is plugged with a stopper for 2-3 hours. Then the pipeline is washed with hot water. It is recommended to use this method for preventive cleaning of waste water conduits, since all the ingredients of the mixture are safe for the materials of their manufacture.

It is not known whether you want to transfer 1-1.5 kg of lemons to remove the blockage in the bathroom, but you should also tell about this method of cleaning the pipes. It is quite simple: several freshly squeezed lemons are poured into the hole of the ladder, and after one hour it is washed off with water.

To prevent the formation of blockages, it is recommended to clean the sewage system with chemicals every 3 months.

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