How to eliminate clogging in the sink

How to eliminate clogging in the sink? After the clogs of shells, probably one of the most unpleasant household problems, without deciding which, it becomes impossible to drain ordinary water, but this situation is fraught with more serious problems, such as flooding or breakthrough of sewerage. In order to avoid the appearance of such a problem, it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of draining the sink and carry out preventive and cleaning measures.


If you do not eliminate the clog in the sink, you can flood the neighbors living from the bottom.

Features of blockages

The fact that the shell is clogged becomes understandable by the fact that the water from it began to leave more slowly, and the slower, the more severe the blockage. And if it does not merge, then the situation is critical, and we urgently need to call plumbing or start to eliminate the clog. But before clearing the blockage in the sink, it is necessary to identify the cause, which led to this situation. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the sink hammered: in the bathroom or kitchen sink. In the bathroom, the most common cause of clogging is the ingress of hair, animal hair, various small items into the siphon or further into the sewer. In the kitchen, blockages, in addition, appear due to the layering of fat on the walls of the drainage parts. This phenomenon occurs even in the case when various chemicals are used for washing dishes, the forces of which are sufficient to clear the dishes, but not enough to prevent the appearance of fatty layers.

Preventing clogging in the sink

A special reticulum will not allow the shell to clog.

The reason for the fact that the sink is clogged, there may be sewage pipes: cast iron tends to decrease the clearance due to the fact that dirt and grease are deposited on their surface, which are very difficult to remove. And if the sewage system is built according to the principle of gravity, then the displacement of the pipe and, as a consequence, the drainage hole, also causes the draining of the water from the sink to be very slow or completely impossible. Sometimes the cause of blockages can be improperly installed pipe installation, and eliminate the possibility of their appearance in the future can be a radical way - to re-install, while eliminating the shortcomings.

But the cause of blockages can be hidden not only in the sewer pipes. Often the first thing to check in this case is the siphon located under the sink and to which permanent access should be provided. The siphon is dismantled, and if it is clear that the water is in the sewerage pipe, there is no fault in the blockage. But if there is no liquid in the branch pipe, it is recommended to pour a certain amount of water into it and check the speed with which it leaves. If this occurs in normal mode, then it is necessary to clean the siphon, since the cause of the clog is in it. This lesson, of course, is not a pleasant one, but it can easily be done. Moreover, modern siphons are not only easily dismantled, but also completely disassembled. Therefore, it is not difficult to clean and rinse it in hot water using chemical means.

Mechanical method


Clog can be eliminated with a plunger.

If you want to eliminate the blockage, the first thing you remember about the vantuza, through which in many cases it is possible to achieve the effect. Its use, as well as flushing of the branch pipe and siphon, as well as the use of a plumbing cable, are referred to as mechanical methods of fighting shells.

How to use the plunger, it is known, perhaps, to everyone: a small amount of water is collected into the sink, if possible hot, and several vertical pumping operations are made for them. And if the blockage is eliminated, when the tool is raised sharply, water with a sufficiently large head merges into the pipe. Basically, it is sometimes possible to remove the blockage at a time, but to fix the effect this operation is repeated two or three times.

Vantuz is indispensable as an emergency aid for minor fouls that have been stuck in the sewer drain of small fragments of various debris or dirt, but it is beyond the power of the various fatty layers on the walls of the pipes.


Значительно лучший результат достигается, если использовать различные химические средства, которые также рекомендуется использовать и для профилактики засоров. Ими следует очищать слив в среднем 1 раз в месяц. Chemicals очень эффективно использовать вместе с вантузом: сначала работает химия, а после, для закрепления результата, выполняется прокачка вантузом.

Elimination of clog in the sink

The blockage in the sink can be removed by cleaning it with an iron rod, bent at the end in the form of a hook.

О том, как устранить сам засор в раковине при помощи химических средств, можно получить подробную информацию из инструкции к ним, но важно запомнить, что при работе с ними следует проявлять аккуратность и внимательность, всегда работать исключительно в защитных резиновых перчатках. Chemicals могут быть жидкими, сыпучими или гелеобразными, в емкостях или пакетах, для однократного или многократного использования.

To eliminate blockages in the sink in the kitchen, where the main cause of pollution are biological waste from cooking and washing dishes, you can use special biological powders and aids. You can use both dishwashing detergents and conventional detergent powders with bioadditives (only washing powders are used exclusively for flushing the drain). Since the basis of these contaminants is of a biological nature, the enzymes contained in these substances contribute to their splitting and further removal from the surface of the pipes.

Application of the cable

Plumbing cable

The plumbing cable will help to clear even the most difficult pollution.

For cleaning the pipe, a plumbing cable can be used. He, in the opinion of plumbers, is not only a radical, but also very effective way to clean pipes and remove formed clog. Typically, this is a metal wire up to 3 m long with a tip at the end. At home, it can be made from improvised tools and without a tip. With the skillful use of it, it will be very easy and quick to cope with the task at hand.

One person to work with a plumbing cable is a little uncomfortable, you need help. In this case, one person drops the cable with the tip into the drain hole, and the second - as it were, screws it in and makes sure that it is constantly taut. It is the rotational movements that help to move the blockage and push it further along the pipe. This method helps to eliminate clogging not only yourself. Its effectiveness increases when used in combination with chemicals, but this is justified for difficult and complex situations.

Effective options

Of course, if regular prevention of shell obstructions is carried out, then emergency situations occur extremely rarely. But if it happened that the drain has become clogged, the plumbing has a day off, there is no chemical at hand, and the plunger is ineffective, you can resort to time-tested folk methods for cleaning the sink drain. This will require baking soda and vinegar, which certainly certainly is in any home. Approximately 150-200 g of soda is poured into a drain hole and 350-500 ml of vinegar is poured. Leave the shell alone for 30-40 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water. This method is often comparable in effectiveness to the use of chemicals. It can be used not only for cleaning, but also as a preventive agent.

Sometimes, when the task is solved, how to eliminate the clog in the sink, you can remember about the vacuum cleaner.

However, it should have a blowing function. The hose of the vacuum cleaner is inserted at one end into the plunger (only its rubber cup is used) and fixed, and the second one is connected to the vacuum cleaner. Further, the laws of physics come into play: under the pressure of the air, the whole system is blown, and accordingly, blockage is eliminated.

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