How to equip a small bathroom

Bathroom furnishings differ significantly from the rest of the rooms. In a small area, it is necessary to place the most functional items. Nothing superfluous should not be, then the interior will be cozy and comfortable. It is possible to equip the bathroom, you just have to take into account some peculiarities of the situation. You need to choose furniture that is designed specifically for bathrooms.

Bathroom Design

Open shelves are perfect for the interior of a small bath.

In the shops you can find a variety of options for suites intended for bathrooms. In addition to the usual washbasins, built-in pedestals and heated towel rails, there are numerous models of lockers, shelves and even soft sofas. In a small bathroom it is recommended to install a functional and practical kit that includes a cabinet for a washbasin, a washbasin, a mirror, heated towel rails, cupboards, shelves.

Cupboard, mirror and washbasin

Height of bathroom furniture

The height of the bathroom furniture.

How to equip the bathroom? First of all, everyone remembers the washbasin and the pedestal under it. Today, you can choose a variety of models and styles, but the kit remains virtually the same. At the bottom is a convenient curbstone with doors, a washstand is built into the top of the countertop. Depending on what the area has a bathroom, the furnishing options can vary. For a small bathroom it is best to use a narrow locker with a sink, above it, place a small mirror with illumination and shelves. If the bathroom is large, then along one wall you can arrange the headset. You can choose a rectangular cube, its table top will not only accommodate a built-in washbasin, but also serve as stylish and beautiful shelves for hygienic supplies.

A mirror above the washbasin can be combined with a hanging cupboard or shelves. It is arranged in such a way that you can see yourself well, too low or high mirrors will be uncomfortable. Such a suite is usually located in front of the entrance door, there is enough free space in the room, on one side of which there is a toilet, and on the other - a shower cubicle or a bath. The location of objects depends mainly on the shape of the bathroom.

Special lockers

Bathroom cabinet assembly scheme

The assembly scheme of the bathroom cabinet.

The interior of any bathroom can accommodate hanging lockers. In small rooms they can be combined with mirrors. It is better to purchase a case-pencil box, which will be as convenient and practical as possible. It can store towels, linens, hygiene items, household chemicals. Choose furniture in such a way that it is protected from moisture. For example, a tree should be painted or impregnated with special oils.

Hinged lockers can be installed anywhere, but we must remember that in the bathroom all items should be at arm's length. The best place for such furnishings will be a place above the washbasin, toilet, washing machine. For a large bathroom, there are sofas, special chairs, but there is no special need for them. The fabric does not tolerate constant humidity. If necessary, then put a comfortable couch with a coating of artificial leather. Today in stores you can find a set specially designed for bathrooms.

Heated towel rails

Types of connection of heated towel rails

Types of connection of heated towel rails.

It does not matter, a small or large bathroom. It should be installed towel warmer. What is it? It is a pipe along which hot water runs. It can be connected with hot water supply or a heating pipe, but today electric towel rails are also used. The device allows you to remove excess damp from the room, to warm the air in the bathroom. Towels and clothes are dried on it. The towel can also become an excellent piece of interior, harmoniously blending into the environment.

How to choose a towel in the bathroom? It is necessary to determine what exactly it will be. Water devices have their advantages. They are convenient, easy to connect to water supply pipes, but their temperature depends on the temperature of the supplied water. Electric do not require connection to a water pipe or a heating pipe. It is enough just to conduct the wiring or install a special protected socket for the bathroom. You can set any temperature, the device will work when necessary.

Even in a small bathroom, the heated towel rack does not take up much space. Usually it is located on the wall opposite the bath or shower.

It is better to choose models in the form of a ladder, on the crossbeams of which you can hang towels, saving space on the hooks for them.

The appearance of the device may be different, but it is recommended to take models galvanized or painted with special anti-corrosion paints.


The towel dryer is necessary in any bathroom, regardless of its size and design.

Rules of arrangement

If the bathroom is small, then it is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. In a small room, massive cabinets will be inappropriate, they will occupy all the free space. It is best to use convenient and practical pencil cases, shallow cupboards and cabinets, open shelves.
  2. It is important to select only the necessary sanitary equipment: a toilet, a washbasin, a bath or a shower booth. From urinal, bidet, large and massive bath with hydromassage should be discarded (for them there will be no place).
  3. Instead of a large bath you can put a comfortable shower, which will take up less space, will be functional and convenient.
  4. It is best to buy a hinged toilet with a built-in tank to save a lot of space.
  5. Instead of a locker under the sink, it is best to install an in-built washing machine if possible, especially if there is no room for it in the kitchen.
  6. Above the bathroom you can arrange convenient open shelves for soap, shampoos, gels, under the mirror - to strengthen the shelf for toothbrushes, razors.
  7. Often behind the toilet there are niches with sewer and water pipes that are not used. It is here that you can install a boiler, water meters, convenient and roomy shelves, which will make it possible to do without cabinets and pedestals.

Furnishing a bathroom is a complicated, but interesting process. It is necessary to place not only plumbing in a small area, but also a minimal set of furniture. If you follow simple and very useful advice, it will not be difficult to furnish even a tiny bathroom in a close city apartment.

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