How to finish the bathroom tiles

Despite the appearance of many new finishing materials, the finishing of the bathroom with tiles is still performed most often. The thing is that tile is a material with many advantages, which makes it unusually popular for finishing premises in which the humidity of the air is increased. Often, tiles are used not only for finishing the bathroom, but also for finishing toilets and kitchens.

Layout of tiling in the bathroom

Layout of tiling in the bathroom.

Correct to pick up and lay the tile will help some useful tips.

Properly mounted tiles in the bathroom can be kept for decades, preserving its original appearance. It is easy to clean with any detergent. With tile, you can decorate the bathroom in any color, make mosaic patterns on the walls and on the floor. The tile is well suited for the design of large bathrooms, as well as for rooms of very small size.

Color selection

The smaller the bathroom, the lighter the color of the tile. Premises with a small area is not recommended to decorate in dark colors. The only exception is the fragmentary use of dark colors, if such a design should be. In large rooms, a variety of colors are allowed.

Layout of the wall for tiling

Layout of the wall for tiling.

If it is supposed to lay a mosaic on the bathroom wall with the help of colored tiles, then this wall should be well lit and not covered with shelves or furniture. If this site is in a poorly lit part of the room, you need to equip the lighting, otherwise the mosaic will lose all its beauty.

If you need to visually expand the bathroom, then this will help horizontal strips of tiles of a different color. And if the room needs to be made higher, then vertical stripes are laid out, laid out with a dark or light tile, different from the general color of the walls.

Picking the tiles on the floor, you need to use only one that is designed for floor installation. It has a ribbed surface, you can not slip on it. Facing the tile and the ceiling of the bathroom, but this work is quite complicated, it is difficult to do without helpers.

As for the size of the material, you can find tiles of any size on the market. The easiest way to lay the tiles - horizontal stripes. But often, to diversify the interior, it is laid out diagonally or by ledges. It turns out an attractive figure that does not need additional decoration. Stack tiles of different shades and in staggered order. Options for decoration can be very different. It is better to look at ready-made design solutions, if you are considering the design of the bathroom yourself.

Options for finishing should be chosen based on their own taste. After all, what suits one person does not always like the other.

Nuances of stacking

Laying layout of tiles in different sizes

Laying patterns for tiles of different sizes.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the walls require careful preparation. The tile should be mounted on a flat surface. Aligning the walls is done by puttying with the help of a building level and a stretched cord. Before this, it is recommended to make a waterproofing. There are many waterproofing materials on sale, which can be easily fixed to walls, floors and ceilings even with their own hands.

To work on the preparation of walls and laying tiles you need to purchase the following materials and tools:

  • tiles;
  • waterproofing in rolls or in the form of mastic;
  • building mixture for plaster;
  • a primer;
  • tile cutting or Bulgarian;
  • spatula usual, comb and rubber;
  • terku;
  • building level and a thick line.

If a waterproofing is done, the plaster is applied over it. It is recommended to apply a primer over the plaster. The walls must be carefully dried before laying the tiles. For this purpose use a heat gun or other heating device, installing it in the room. After drying, you can proceed directly to the installation of tiles.

First, it calculates how the tiles in the bottom row will be located. It is rare when tile comes without cutting. Most often you need to adjust the size of the extreme tiles. It is soaked in water for a while, and then cut with tiles or a Bulgarian. The trimmed tile should be near the door, so the installation always starts from the far corner of the bathroom. It is necessary to pull the fishing line and level the tiles. To fix the tiles to the wall use a special adhesive for laying tiles. To ensure that the seams between the tiles are smooth, they insert plastic crosses. When the first row is laid, move on to the next one until the tile is completely assembled.

After the tiles have been laid, the seams should be wiped. On sale there is a special mastic for this. It is available in different colors, and you should choose the right color based on a thoughtful design.

Holes in the wall

The scheme of drilling tiles with the help of paint tape

The scheme of drilling tiles with the help of paint tape.

If the walls are tiled, it is planned to fix the shelves, you should take care of the holes. It is best to do this beforehand, until the tile is laid. But you can also drill holes after installation. To do this, use special drills for tile (feathers) or drills with diamond spraying. To ensure that the drill does not slip on a smooth surface, you should paste a piece of tape on the tile at this point and mark on it where there should be a hole. Drill at a low speed drill, without pressing strongly, otherwise the tile will burst. It is recommended to wet the hole with water. After the tile is drilled, it is necessary to change the special drill to the usual one. They continue to drill the wall to the required depth. It is recommended to take a smaller bit. In order not to make a mistake with depth, you can paste a piece of electrical tape on it. After that, a plastic dowel is hammered into the hole, into which the screw fastening the shelf is screwed. You should carefully calculate all the dimensions so as not to be mistaken.

If you need to drill a large diameter hole, for example, under a pipe, use a tool called a "ballerinka" or a special circular drill.

It should be noted that the cladding should not shut off communications. It is better to hide them in boxes that can be easily removed if necessary.

The decoration of the bathroom with tiles can be entrusted to professionals, or you can try to do it yourself.

But you need to consider that finishing the bathroom with tiles is not an easy task. It requires certain skills.

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