How to finish the bathroom with wall panels

In the modern market, you can find many different finishing panels for a variety of rooms. Such material has different characteristics and is suitable only for a particular room. Panels are extremely resistant to moisture, vapors and other unfavorable conditions, so that their use in everyday life is fully justified. Especially if it is necessary to ennoble the bathroom with a material. This room requires an extremely moisture-resistant material, so this kind of elements will be an excellent choice. As a plus of this coverage, you can also note a fairly low price, coupled with excellent quality. In addition, modern panels are radically different from each other in a variety of colors and textures.

Decorating with bathroom plastic panels

Bath panels are light, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, easy to install and inexpensive.

Panels for finishing

Room decoration with wall panels always means creating a reliable and modern coating that meets all the necessary requirements. For example, a similar material for a bathroom is the strongest device made of polyvinyl chloride, or, as it is also called, plastic. This decoration of the bathroom has the following advantages:

  1. A light weight. Such panels weigh very little, which makes them fairly easy to install.
  2. Resistance to moisture. Since the bathroom is a wet room, this characteristic of the material will not be superfluous.
  3. Huge life time. Finishing the bathroom with similar materials implies that they will serve more than 20 years.
  4. Ecological cleanliness. The production of such panels occurs without the participation of harmful substances, so that they do not clog the air with various toxic fumes.
  5. Resistant to fire. In case of fire, such material will not light up soon because of the special technology of its manufacture. That is why it is widely used in industry.
  6. Low cost. It's quite easy to make such panels, which means that their cost can also be called quite low.
  7. Easy to install. This kind of panel can be installed by everyone, even if you have not had to deal with such constructions before.
Bathroom Wall Panel Options

Bath panels are light, moisture-proof, environmentally friendly, easy to install and inexpensive.

The pluses of such panels can be attributed to such a factor as free installation. In other words, they can be installed at any angle and in any direction, both vertical and horizontal. They have many different colors and design options, so everyone can choose something to taste. Well, of course, the finish of the bathroom with this material implies under its easy dismantling, if necessary replacement.

There are also negative sides to these panels, which should also be noted:

  1. If this material is accidentally damaged, it immediately becomes covered with cracks. That is, it can not be called sustainable.
  2. When choosing cheap panels their appearance leaves much to be desired. If you need different design delights, you will have to spend a lot more money.
  3. Limited design options. In the modern market there are not so many original solutions. It is assumed that everything else can be done on order.

If we consider the internal structure of such panels, then it is cellular. That's why this material is extremely easy. And due to the fact that there are no pores on its surface, microbes can not reproduce here.

Types of goods

Schemes of mounting panels

Schemes of mounting panels.

Wall panels for the bathroom are completely different. For example, there are special slats for finishing walls and ceiling. They differ in the nature of the surface coating, in particular, there are mirror, glossy and matte solutions. The first option is perfectly subject to transformation, which is why it is purchased for finishing uneven surfaces. But still for a bathroom such material is unsuitable.

There are such strips and by the way in which the colors for the bathroom are painted:

  1. The total absence of any coating is a matte solution of white color.
  2. With the application of a special lacquer - gloss, made in white.
  3. Drawing patterns with thermal film - thermal transfer.
  4. Texture, repeating marble and other surfaces, the way of printing.


Installation стеновых панелей для ванной комнаты достаточно проста и не занимает много времени. Однако некоторые особенности все же следует учитывать. Так, для успешного завершения этого мероприятия необходимо пользоваться только продуктами от проверенных временем фирм и популярных брендов. Ведь только они могут гарантировать, что предложенный материал для ванной комнаты будет действительно качественным.

The quality of the source material can also be determined on its own. To do this, pay attention to the number of jumpers located across the material for finishing the bathroom. If this kind of detail is pretty much, it's excellent. Also, you need to squeeze the edge of the device with two fingers and see if any cracks or other damage remains on it. If, after all, something has appeared, it is not worth taking such a product, since it can no longer be called qualitative. It would be superfluous to bend the back side of the corner of the bathroom strip a couple of times. If a kink formed, you should abandon such a purchase. But how high-quality front surface of the material for finishing the bathroom, will have to be evaluated by eye.

If it is necessary to make the bathroom paneling with wall panels, you need to follow clear instructions to achieve a positive result.

It is necessary to start with the preparation of the walls, because if they are not brought into the proper form, the bathroom finish will be meaningless. In particular, you need to remove all the dirt from them. On this, in fact, the process of preparation is coming to an end.

Options for fixing PVC panels

Variants of fastening of PVC panels.

A huge plus, which bears in itself finishing of a bathroom such option, is an exclusive cleanliness in work. In order to properly erect a material, some tools are required. As a rule, you should get only a standard set, which is required for any such events. Materials and tools required for production:

  • plastic panels or lining;
  • narrow wooden bars for the frame or metal crate;
  • plinth ceiling and ordinary;
  • screwdriver;
  • dowel-nails;
  • adhesive for panels, screws or kleimers;
  • moldings (plastic corners);
  • level;
  • pencil;
  • a hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • drill or perforator;
  • gon and roulette;
  • sealant.

Finishing the bathroom means attaching the bars strictly perpendicular to those slats that will need to be installed later, after the final installation of the entire frame. The bars on which the bathroom is to be finished should be on the wall or the ceiling, in other words, it is necessary to attach these materials to them. The distance from each of the bars to the next should be in the range of 40-50 cm. Be sure to check the smoothness of the installation of all elements by the level.

As practice shows, the most correct option is to finish the bathroom from the corner. After all, it's easiest to start the whole process and constantly monitor the correctness of its implementation. It is here that you need to fix the corner for installation, and insert a sheet of PVC in it and nail it all to the bar with the usual nails or staples that you need to buy before mounting. This finishes the bathroom does not end, because the same action will need to be repeated with all the other slats, until the next corner, where the above described method must start again. To finish the bathroom was strong, the last of the elements must be inserted, attaching it to the force. The most important thing is not to overdo it and not to damage the bars, which are quite fragile.

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