How to fit the bathroom according to the size

Make the bathroom comfortable, functional and cozy under everyone's power. For a long time it was believed that the obligatory attributes of this room is a bath and a sink. Meanwhile, there are many options for equipment. In order to understand how to equip a bathroom, you need to know a few rules:

  • when placing objects, it is necessary to withstand all passing distances in such a way that there is no inconvenience when using the room;
  • if the bathroom is combined, then it is desirable to arrange the toilet so that it does not catch the eye: it is best to hide it in a niche or behind a decorative wall;
  • materials from which furniture is made must be resistant to high humidity and aggressive environment;
  • in the bathroom there is a bright light; while the lamps are chosen not only those that fit in the interior, but were safe, that is, closed, so that the water does not fall on them.
Bathroom interior

Bathroom furniture should be resistant to high humidity and aggressive environment.

To decorate the bathroom and make it as functional as possible, you need to choose the right furniture. If there are warm floors in this room, it is better to give preference to the models of lockers and bedside tables that are equipped with legs. Also, do not put the cabinet with a sink near the bathroom: during operation, moisture will fall less on the surface of objects, which will preserve the appearance for a long time and will facilitate cleaning.

Of course, when planning the arrangement of furniture and accessories, you should try to take into account the wishes and tastes of all people living in the house or apartment. The main criterion, which should be repelled when equipping the bathroom, is its size. And both tiny rooms and large ones have their advantages and disadvantages.

Area 3-4 m²

For many apartments a combined bathroom with an area of ​​no more than 4 squares is a common occurrence. Here everything should be compact: both furniture and plumbing. Therefore, quite often the bath is replaced with a shower booth. Although the latter occupies considerably less space, it can look in such a small space cumbersome. Even more economical in terms of "air" is the shower compartment with a pallet.

Built-in wardrobe in the bathroom

Built-in lockers in the bathroom save space.

A good option in this case is a sedentary bath: and you can sit in fragrant foam, and a lot is not required. If you still decide to leave a bath, then behind the screen can find its place various tubes, bottles and other trifles. There are no less options when choosing and placing a sink. For small spaces, instead of the usual one, it's better to stay on the corner model. It is not necessary to resort to a mini-variant, because such models are more suitable only for rinsing your hands, and not for a quality daily wash.

Visually increase this room can be and with the help of light, placing lamps around the perimeter of the room. All sorts of lockers and shelves are better to be built in niches and grooves, if any, and from the canisters, which are used for storing detergents and towels, will have to be abandoned. The washing machine should be placed on a stand on the toilet or carried out outside this room.

The 5-6 m² room

To equip a bathroom with a size of 5-6 squares is much easier and even more interesting. Given that space allows, you can place a convenient as long as possible a rectangular or circular bath. Or choose a more interesting version of the wrong geometric shape, you can even with a "filling" like "jacuzzi".

Bathroom area 5-6 m²

It is recommended to place the luminaires around the perimeter of the room.

In addition to the toilet, a bidet is often installed. If you are considering this option, then order both items from the same manufacturer, and preferably from the same collection. The sink can also be non-standard. Quite often, they use models with a wing, where subsequently necessary accessories or pleasant accessories are located. If you live in a house of several generations, you can install a double sink.

Planning to furnish a bath of this size, it is worth taking care of additional furniture like a cupboard or a cupboard. In some cases, they resort to zoning space with the help of furniture: a washing machine from below, then a few shelves to the ceiling are sewn into a single cabinet, which, moreover, serves as a partition separating the relaxation zone (bathroom) from the toilet.

Room from 7 m² and more

If you want to equip a large bathroom, then in this case it is important to divide this room into functional areas. This can be achieved with the help of building techniques (constructing partitions, podiums) or decorative (for example, tiling). In addition, in such rooms are possible bold color solutions, bright and contrasting.

The list of plumbing fixtures is still the same. But their appearance and, of course, their size significantly changes. So, in the middle of the room there can be a showers or a bath on their paws, and maybe you want to install both.

In a large room there is a place for a TV that you can watch without getting out of the foam, and for a dressing table with all the necessary accessories, and for tropical plants.

Furnishing the bathroom is a kind of reflection of the attitude of the owners. Some are adherents of minimalism and do not tolerate anything superfluous, others decorate the room with porcelain and statuettes, others prefer photo prints on the shower curtain, and the fourth can not do without textiles with lace. In general, how to furnish a bathroom to create the ideal place for your holiday, you only know!

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