How to fix a sink to the curbstone

Any kitchen provides installation of a sink, and for this purpose a curbstone is simply necessary. After all, not only communications are hidden under it, but also a bucket for garbage and so on. To mount such a construction, it is not necessary to call a specialist, it is enough to know some rules.

Scheme of embedding the shell in the countertops

The scheme of the shell sink in the countertops.

Sink installation

The sink can be made of various materials. The only thing to consider when installing, is the severity of the sink. If the sink is made of porcelain stoneware or similar material, then the bedside table must have sufficient strength to withstand such weight. But whatever construction you choose, you need to fix the car wash to the pedestal according to the general rules. First of all, prepare the necessary tools:

Scheme of the stages of mounting the sink in the countertop

Scheme of the stages of installing the sink in the countertop.

  • pencil and ruler;
  • metal corners;
  • drill;
  • punch or jigger;
  • sealant and wooden bar;
  • screwdrivers and a wrench;
  • fasteners.

The simplest way to install is a bill of lading, which means inserting a shell between the side sections of the cabinet.

But this is too simple, so pay special attention to a more reliable cutting method.

Mortice method

Before you start fixing the sink, you need to make the appropriate template. Although it is attached to many modern models. In case of absence, use the sink itself, drawing it on the cardboard. In the nightstand you need to cut out a hole that will match the washing parameters. To do this, put the template on the intended site and fix it with adhesive tape. After that, you need to circle him with a pencil on the table top. Then a retreat is made to the side at 1.5 cm and a contour is drawn for work.

The hole is cut with an electric jig saw. But first you need to make a small hole for the jig saw. The drill can be taken by 10 mm.

Before you can work with a jig saw, you need to paste a paint tape around the contour, this will protect the rest of the cabinet from cracks.

When the hole is completely cut, it is cleaned of sawdust and debris, after which, using an emery fine-grained paper, a stripping is performed. Mandatory treatment cut edges with silicone sealant. This will protect against moisture, hence from swelling and mold. After full drying, you can preliminarily try on the sink. At the same time, it is necessary to check the installation of sanitary elements. If everything is perfect, you can proceed to the next stage.

Mounting begins with the installation of double-sided tape on the sawed edge (such a scotch is included in the washing kit). Now you can insert a sink in the hole and make fasteners, that is, pull first the diagonal angles, and then the middle. The excess parts of the tape must be cut with a stationery knife.

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