How to fix the mixer correctly

Sometimes there is a need to repair the mixer installed in the bathroom.

Dismantling the mixer

Sooner or later, any mixer will fail and require either a repair or a complete replacement.

Before fixing the faucet in the bathroom, you need to determine the cause of its breakdown.

Repair in case of a leak

In some cases, the gander clamp nut begins to leak. Here it can be assumed that the wear of the gasket is the cause of this breakage. To correct the mixer in this case it is possible, having applied a new lining, it is more preferable, if it will be executed from a paronite. In form, this element resembles a ring whose diameter is ¾ inch. The work can not do without a wrench and FUM tape.

In order to repair the mixer, it is necessary to dismantle the clamping nut, by means of which the gander is fixed to the main part of the installation. Gander must be removed, which will get rid of the old gasket, which is located in the opening of the body. Now you can mount a new replacement part by protecting the thread of the installation with a small amount of FSM tape. Next, the gander is mounted, taking up a place in the body of the mixer. The clamping nut must be tightened.


Single lever mixer system

The device is a single lever mixer.

When you operate the mixer, you may notice that the water leaks from under the lever. The cause of this problem may be a malfunction inside the located cartridge. In order to get rid of the breakage of a similar faucet installed in the bathroom, you will need to buy a new cartridge. In addition, it is necessary to prepare pliers and hexahedral for work.

Due to the fact that manufacturers produce different types of cartridges, it is recommended to take an old cartridge with them to the store, which can be used as a sample, this will eliminate the possibility of mistakes in the selection.

After purchasing the necessary part, it is necessary to remove the plug from the lever, this spare part is represented by the red-blue part located on the cylindrical component of the handle. From the fixing bolt, you need to disassemble and remove the handle from the mixer.

Now you can unscrew the cartridge, and then it will be possible to mount a new one on the vacant seat.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

To repair the mixer installed in the bathroom, the following tools and materials should be used:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • windrow;
  • the gasket.
Replacing the mixer washer

При возникновении течи с прижимной гайки смесителя, необходимо заменить the gasket.

Elimination of other breakdowns

The device for supplying water to the bathroom may require repair if there is a leak from the handle of the switching mode from the tap to the shower. As a rule, such a malfunction causes the wear of the gasket between the main part of the device and the shift knob. In order to get rid of the leak, you need to buy a new gasket made of paronite, an alternative material for this component can be rubber, the gasket should have a diameter of ½ inch, useful and winding tape, as well as a screwdriver.

Ремонт смесителя, который имеет рычаг переключения на душ, нужно произвести методом извлечения из рычага укрепляющего винта. Существуют краны, ручка переключения к которым укреплена без такого винта. В данном случае он укреплен методом фиксации на смеситель. Как только удастся демонтировать ручку переключения, можно будет сменить старую the gasket. Там, где ручка установлена на резьбу, нужно укрепить ленту. Теперь можно закрутить ручку на резьбу или установить ее, закрепив винтом.

The bathroom will find a working mixer, if the work is done correctly. Specialists recommend to reinforce not too much tape on the thread - about three layers, otherwise you can face the problem of not being able to install the second part.

The device two-ventilated mixer

The device dvuhventilnogo mixer.

If the bathroom has a two-valve installation for water supply, then there may be problems, expressed by a leak from the valve. Most often, such a problem arises at the time of wear or failure of the crane-axle box, in some cases, wear of the sealing element mounted on the non-ceramic crane-bush. If in the ceramic-based ceramic-bushing installation, it will be necessary to determine what caused the malfunction. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the ceramic discs that are inside the crane-axle for integrity. They can be viewed through the hole that is in the body of the crane-axle box. In order to cope with the problem, it will be necessary to use a screwdriver, a new crane-axle and a wrench.

Repair the mixer in the manner described below. Initially, you have to get rid of the plug, which is installed on the valve. Next, remove the fixing screw and the valve. The next step will be the removal of the crane-axle, which will determine the cause of the problem. Next, a new crane-bug is installed or the ring is replaced with an old one. Then you can put the valve.

A fixing screw is installed and a decorative cover is mounted.

It may be necessary to repair the mixer, if there is a leak from under the hose of the shower hose, this malfunction may also occur with the hose reel. This is due to the failure of the gasket located between the mixer and the hose or hose and watering can. The problem can be solved by using a gasket with a diameter of ½ or ¾ inch, which will be affected by the mixer model. You will need rags, tape and pliers for work.

Use pliers to remove the hose nut. Under the tool in the process of completing this stage you need to put rags, which will eliminate damage to the cover of the nut. Now you can get rid of the old gasket and mount a new one.

The thread must be removed from the winding, and after winding a certain amount of tape.

The nut needs to be fixed to the watering can or mixer. In order to avoid breakage of the mixer in the early stages of operation, you need to purchase a quality model.

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