How to fix the sink to the wall

The device in the house of a full-fledged efficient water supply system is always directly connected with the correct installation of the corresponding sanitary equipment. How to choose the best option for plumbing, where to put a wash basin in the bathroom, how to attach a sink to the wall - these and other practical questions are very interesting for those who are used to hoping for their own strength and experience.

Sink Device Diagram

Scheme of the device of the shell.

The installation of such equipment, including the wall mounting of the sink, is not too complicated, especially for people who are used to domestic work. Nevertheless, one should not rely only on intuition. This process must not only be felt, but also known - from instructions, from the advice of professionals, from one's own logic.

Begin the acquaintance with the theory with a small list of necessary tools.

Materials and Tools

Mount the sink to the wall will be convenient with the following tools:

Tools for mounting the sink

Tools for mounting the sink.

  • sink for installation;
  • perforator;
  • screwdriver (screwdriver);
  • set of wrenches;
  • construction level;
  • a hammer;
  • marker (karandash, marker);
  • Measuring ruler (tape measure);
  • silicone sealant;
  • drills with a winning tap;
  • dowels;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • sealing tape FUM.

Wall preparation

Before you understand how you can attach a sink to the wall, it is very useful to find out at the stage of a trip to the sanitary ware shop what the wall-mounted version of the much needed product will give to the future owner. Naturally, in addition to useful information on the order of installation work, it is necessary to know the features of the pre-installation preparation of the base on which the sink will be attached.

To date, industry offers a huge selection of products on the market. All of them amaze with a variety of shapes, sizes and mounting options. Plumbing sink (washbasin or sink) can be mounted either on a pedestal (countertop) or on a wall. And it should be noted that the wall in some cases is almost the ideal place for this. This method has its advantages in comparison with desktop installation.

In particular, wall mounting is good because in this case there is quite a lot of free space under the plumbing.

Scheme of wall preparation for installation of a shell

Scheme of preparation of the wall for installation of the sink.

This allows you to place under the sink various necessary items and additional devices for the bathroom or kitchen. It is also important that with this type of attachment, the space under the sink can be easily and quickly cleaned of debris.

Wall preparation начинается с того, что к месту установки заблаговременно подводятся водопроводные трубы. Они могут быть изготовлены из любого материала, однако всегда должны оборудоваться перекрывающими вентилями.

Prior to the start of the fastening, care should be taken to install the sewer. It must be positioned at a height of at least 40 cm from the floor and strictly in the center between the extreme points of attachment of the product to the wall.

Finally, with the help of measuring devices and a marker, a preliminary marking of the mounting area is necessary. It must within its boundaries correspond to the structure of the shell. Mark this area on the surface of the base in such a way that the upper section of the container is at least 80 cm from the floor.

The order of performance of works

After the wall in the place where the shell will be fixed, prepared, begin the installation.

First of all, you should finally make sure the correct location of the product, attaching it to the partition. At this point, it is necessary to check once again how much the product is organic in this place, whether the shell prevents the convenient access to other important objects in the kitchen or in the bathroom (toilet) room.

Shell size chart

Size table of shells.

It is recommended to determine how the selected dimensions of sanitary ware will cover the sector of spraying jets of water from the tap. In addition, care must be taken that at least 90 cm of free space is left in front of the product in the bathroom for convenience.

Then, at the height that was chosen for the tank installation (the recommended height of the upper shell plane is 80 cm, in some specific cases it can be changed for the convenience of users who differ in their non-standard growth), using the building level, a measuring ruler and a marker, the main horizontal line is drawn, from which will be repelled during further work.

From the conducted line, they retreat down to the thickness of the wall of the bath, which will rest on the wall, and draw a second line parallel to the first. On this line, later the support brackets will support the mounted plumbing.

On the side of the bowl, which will be in contact with the wall, the median point is determined with the help of measuring devices. The mark corresponding to this point on the sink must be made on the wall section to be treated. This mark is needed in order to subsequently measure from it the distance to the attachment points of the brackets.

On the marks drawn in this way on both sides of the installed shell axis, it is necessary to attach support brackets to the wall. Through the holes available in the brackets for fastening, with a pencil or marker, it is necessary to mark on the wall the points of drilling holes for the dowels. After drilling the corresponding holes, nylon dowels with fasteners are inserted into them, on which the support brackets are then fixed.

Installation and operation of sinks

Installation and operation of car washes.

After that, the sink itself is installed on them. Through the holes in the back wall of the bowl on the wall, carefully mark the points under the future holes, into which it is necessary to insert dowels to fix the entire sanitary product. Then the bowl is removed, holes are made, the fasteners are inserted and the bowl is again placed on the fixed brackets.

The entire structure is finally fixed with screws and nuts. On the prescribed places set a water tap (mixer) and a siphon, they are connected, respectively, water and sewage systems.

Important points

When buying plumbing, be sure to check if there are any fixing elements in the enclosed repair kit that correspond to this model. Non-standard, not fitting in size fasteners can eventually damage the bowl.

The bathroom in which the washbasin is installed presupposes the presence of many different shelves, lockers and bedside tables for bath and toilet accessories. All this can be arranged under a bowl fixed to the wall.

Increase the free space under the sink can be with a flat siphon model.

In order to avoid the penetration of water in a place where the wall comes into contact with the washbasin, the plumbing must be carefully sealed with silicone.

When installing a bowl in the bathroom or in the kitchen, only an absolutely solid and in all respects reliable base should be chosen for its installation. If this is not the case, but you still need to install plumbing, in this case, you need to provide additional installation of a rigid supporting frame.

You can verify the correct installation of a sanitary product in a very simple way. After fixing the shell at all points of fixation, it should not move and even easily stagger about its attachment.

If these and some other technological requirements are fully met by the installer, you can be sure that the new plumbing will serve for a long time and reliably.

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