How to fix the toilet bowl correctly

If you decide to change the toilet in a room, the floor of which has already been exposed to the whole complex of finishing works, it is important to properly install the plumbing fixture. If you want to work with a surface covered with a tile, you can use a toilet, the model of which is equipped with an internal or external connection.

Dimensional drawing and mounting of a toilet bowl

Dimensional drawing and installation of a toilet bowl.

The following materials and tools are to be purchased for the works:

  • silicone sealant;
  • A flexible hose designed to supply cold water;
  • ball valve for a pipe that brings water;
  • Drills designed for working with glass and concrete;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • sealing tape for thread;
  • pencil;
  • corrugation, which can be replaced by a fan tube;
  • rubber spatula;
  • core;
  • drill;
  • a hammer.

Technology of external fastening

Stages of installation of a toilet bowl

Stages of toilet installation.

Mount the toilet to the base of the floor with bolts. If you want to do less labor, you need to purchase a plumbing fixture equipped with an oblique outlet with holes for fasteners. This equipment must be installed on the intended site and using pencils to make marks on the surface of the tile. The pencil pencil should be located perpendicular to the surface.

As soon as it was possible to make notes, the toilet should be temporarily removed to the side, so that it becomes possible to equip the marked locations with holes for the subsequent placement of dowels. Initially, you need to apply a drill, designed to work on tile, and after - a drill to work with concrete surfaces. The resulting hole must be freed from dust, and then filled with silicone, which will act as a waterproofing. You can install dowels in the hole. Now you can install the toilet seat in place. Before this, it is necessary to apply a silicone sealant around the contour, which will prevent water from getting under the base of the device. In the mounting holes you need to install the bushings and tighten the screws. At the next stage, it is possible to strengthen the plugs. Excess amount of silicone composition, which was on the surface of the base of the plumbing fixture, must be eliminated by using a rubber spatula.

Internal fasteners

In order to install the toilet bowl in an internal way, it is necessary to provide in advance the availability of outlet openings to the sewage system and the water supply system, arranged in accordance with the previously created plan for the renovation of the premises. They should be equipped specifically for the toilet. This is due to the fact that there are a number of ways to install such plumbing equipment.

Mounting the toilet bowl on the surface of the tile with the internal fixing method involves attaching the attachment to the device.

Types of toilet bowls with different taps

Types of toilet bowls with different taps.

The next step will be to install the device in place, this will allow you to draw a pencil outline of the base. At this stage it is necessary to mark the places where the fasteners are located. Now it is possible to remove the toilet bowl so that in the interior marking space on the tile there are two points, according to which the subsequent drilling of the holes for fixing the fasteners will be carried out. Each connection must be fixed to the floor base by means of two bolts. In order to exclude the slipping of the drill from the base of the tile, it is necessary to make small bits in the core where drilling is supposed to be done.

Using a drill designed for working with glass, you need to make 4 holes in the base of the tile, after which you can continue working with a drill bit on concrete. The holes should be given a depth equal to the length of the fasteners. In them by means of a hammer it is necessary to hammer in dowels. Fasteners are fixed to the surface of the floor with bolts, but do not tighten them strongly, because it may be necessary to fit them.

The corrugation has a lot of internal membranes, it needs to be installed from one side on the outlet pipe of the plumbing fixture. Due to the characteristics, the corrugated pipe is able to allow changing the distance from the wall to the toilet, but the main thing is that the pipe allows setting the required angle of connection.

The device of a toilet bowl

The device of a toilet bowl.

Some models of toilet bowls have an external water supply in the system, but there are products that are equipped with a hidden system. The connections must be made as tight as possible, which will prevent the occurrence of water leaks.

The copper tube must be fitted with a clamping nut in the reverse order. If the thread of the pipe leaving the wall is internal, it is necessary to install the adapter by applying a PCM tape, which will qualitatively seal the connection.

Cold water can be supplied by means of a copper tube, which should come complete with a toilet bowl. It is acceptable to do this by applying a flexible metal-plastic hose, which, however, will have to be purchased additionally. Flexible eyeliner is used much more often.

To start fixing the toilet it is necessary from the installation of the corrugated pipe into the sewer opening, which is located in the wall or in the floor. Do not install it with glue. Bringing a copper pipe to cold water should be done by means of an adapter. Once all connections have been made, you can proceed to fix the plumbing fixture to the floor. To do this, tighten the outer bolts and finally check the installation of the device and tighten the bolts on the mounts.

Final works

Scheme of installation of installation and a hanging toilet bowl

Scheme of installation of installation and hanging toilet.

After it was possible to fix the toilet, you can begin to mount the lid and drain tank. The lid of the toilet bowl, as a rule, is already included in the kit. Some manufacturers do not attach it, in this case this element will have to be bought separately.

The fixing bolts must be tightened from the underside by using a steel nut that has a large diameter. After that, you can mount the lid of the tank, reinforcing the drain system key.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to allow the interaction of steel fasteners with ceramics. In order to ensure the implementation of this rule, you should use rubber gaskets, which can be replaced with plastic analogs. The last step is to check the operation of the installed device.

It is necessary to analyze the tightness of each joint, it is important to detect even small leaks in time. This completes the process of installing the toilet bowl on the tile.

Features of the installation

The scheme of installation of an open bowl

The scheme of installation of a toilet bowl in the open way.

Before fixing the toilet, it is important to read some of the recommendations, so that the work does not entail the need to dismantle the device to re-install it. Specialists recommend using screws when installing the toilet, as they are considered the safest. This will reduce the risk of various problems, for example, associated with high humidity.

Instead of a pencil, you can use an ordinary marker, but the technology of its use is no different from working with a pencil. In the process of drilling tiles you need to monitor the temperature of the drill, not allowing it to excessively heat. During the installation work, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of water entering the holes with glue, since the influence of these components can cause a violation of the properties of the adhesive.

Before starting work, it is necessary to study the installation instructions that are attached to the new plumbing. If you break the installation rules, this can lead to premature failure or failure of various elements of sanitary equipment.

The cost of installation depends on the diameter of the pipes to be mounted. Some home masters try to save money on installation due to this feature. However, it should be taken into account that if pipes with a smaller diameter are used than they are supposed to, they will let the water pass much more slowly than required, this will lead to a violation of the normal operation of the toilet bowl. These circumstances contribute to an increase in the risk of blockages, when flushed, water can even pour over the edge of the toilet. That is why before installing the device you need to take into account the recommended size and diameter of the pipes for a particular model.

Problems in the operation can lead to an uneven location of the device, for this reason the installation should be accompanied by a leveling of the equipment horizontally and vertically, as far as not only the toilet itself, but also the tank.

If the installation of equipment in the space of the bathroom is supposed to be carried out in-house, it is necessary to make sure of the strength of the cement screed. If the strength of the floor is insufficient, it is recommended that it be dismantled and refilled. This ensures a quality fastening of the toilet bowl to the floor surface. If the device is installed on the surface of the cement pedestal, then all joints on it are recommended to be hermetically sealed. If you carry out these works correctly, the fastening elements of the system will be saved for a long time. In this case, the product will be able to serve the required period without having to resort to repair.

The sealing process must be accompanied by a particularly careful coupling of the bush with the fan pipe. This area is to be treated with surrey, and then compacted using a resin strand. Such a barrier will create an obstacle to the appearance of extraneous odors. The success of installing a toilet bowl depends not only on compliance with the technology, but also on the quality of the product.

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