How to get rid of lice in the bathroom

If there are lice in the bathroom, then this room is too much moisture. Often it is possible to meet woodlice in such close to sanitary premises as a bathroom, toilet, shower room or even a kitchen, if somewhere on it water flows. The size of these uninvited guests sometimes reaches 1 cm, and by their appearance they cause a stir. Few people like meeting such an uninvited guest at any time of the day.


Mokritsa very often starts in the bathroom because of the high humidity in the room.

The sugar mackerel is a small insect belonging to the bristle-tail group. A flat, scaly body has the shape of a very elongated drop, where the head is on the blunt side. These insects like to settle in warm and dark places with high humidity. Therefore, during the day it can be met infrequently and, if you do not go into the bathroom and the kitchen at night, you can not suspect for many years the presence of uninvited neighbors in the apartment.

Wall Treatment

The processing of walls with antibacterial primer

When there is a bright, unexpected light in the bathroom, the mocrylia aspires to hide in some cracks as soon as possible. It feeds on dust particles and starch-containing substances that are present in many types of wallpaper paste.

You can defeat the woodworm in several ways, such as:

  • elimination of moisture;
  • use of chemicals;
  • folk remedies.

Causes of appearance

Although the main reason for the appearance of woodworms is excessive moisture, there are also many other reasons for their appearance. Moistice may appear, even if a roof in the next apartment has leaked or the corner has rotted from the bottom. The risk for their appearance are flowing pipes, and even condensate formed on the glass or walls. These insects like to live in hard-to-reach places, preferring to hide under the floor or under tiles, behind wallpaper, under a sink or under the bathroom, in corners, sewage and ventilation ducts.

Excessive moisture

First of all, all the places where the lice were met, and the surroundings of these places should be carefully dried. Walls and ceiling are recommended to be treated with an antibacterial primer. The existing tile is best removed and put a new one, because a constant exposure to moisture creates under the tile cavities that colonize the woodlice temporarily or permanently. In the event that the wallpaper on the walls, they must be removed and put a new layer of plaster on the walls, impregnating it with antibacterial agent. The room must be cleaned of dirt and dust and only after that start the final drying.

Moisture absorber

Use a moisture absorber in the bathroom.

If the lice are seen in the bathroom and in it after hygiene procedures constantly high humidity or condensation on all surfaces, you need to solve the issue with the ventilation of this room. You can consider options for forced or natural ventilation. It is also acceptable to use a moisture absorber, this special device has very good reviews.

A good option for solving the problem is the installation of additional heating in the bathrooms. These can be additional batteries or more sinuous and massive towel warmers. Electric type heaters are best not installed where there is excess moisture, even if it is expected to eliminate it. With caution, special, closed-type dryers can be used. It should always be remembered that when using electric appliances, there is a high risk of electric shock or short circuit in contact with moisture.

Special Tools

Drugs specifically from the bastards are not too much, since the problem with them makes itself felt not so much as the problem of eliminating ants, bugs or cockroaches.

But these drugs are interchangeable and can be used to control moccasms as well as against other domestic parasites.

They act equally perniciously, since they contain insecticides, which are equally harmful to all insects.

Means designed to combat mochritsami, you can buy in construction markets or in hardware stores. These drugs are also found in veterinary pharmacies.

Folk methods

Boric acid

Treatment of walls with a solution of boric acid will help remove the lice from the bathroom.

An effective method is treating all surfaces with a solution of boric acid. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach to places of prospective habitat and frequent occurrence of insects. These places are often recommended to wipe and vinegar.

Trap for lobster according to folk recipes is made from potatoes. Take fresh potatoes, in which you need to cut a hole. Potatoes with a hole up are placed in places where there are frequent lice, or in the closest and most convenient place for it. The trap is checked after a few hours: it is believed that in the recess there will necessarily be a few woodworms. They are destroyed and the procedure is repeated several times.

At the corners of a damp room, where you can often meet a woodworm, it is recommended to lay out the salt. It absorbs moisture from the air well, and also creates a destructive environment for licorice and many other microorganisms, when dissolved, interacting with moisture.

If all means are tested, and the bathroom is still a refuge of insects, you can use the most radical method. In the middle of the room is put a container with quicklime, which is filled with water. From the room immediately after this, you should go out, close the door tightly and do not open at least 3 days. Then the container is taken out, the room is ventilated and the floors are washed well.

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