How to hang a curtain in the bathroom

The bathroom is a special place in the house. Here you can remain alone with yourself, relax, relax, gain strength before a new work day. Therefore, in the bathroom everything should be organized competently and rationally, so that it is convenient and comfortable to take water procedures.

Blind in the bathroom

Blind in the bathroom should look harmonious with the interior of the room as a whole.

Selection of curtains

One of the main elements in the design of the bathroom is the curtain. Its purpose is not only to protect the floor and walls from excess moisture, but also to decorate the room, giving it uniqueness and a certain charm.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of curtains for the bathroom of different materials. The most popular products are PVC. Their feature is a small thickness and a huge variety of patterns at a relatively low cost. However, it is worth noting that the service life of them is small, in contrast to the more durable and expensive models of polyester or vinyl. As a rule, complete with a curtain, you can buy special rings, which you can then hang.

It is necessary to approach the selection of the curtains responsibly.

It should fit organically into the overall design of the bathroom and fit the size.

Selecting the width, you need to take into account the margin of 10-15 cm on each side for bending on the wall.

The correct height of the curtains in the bathroom

Selecting the width, you need to consider the margin of 10-15 cm from both sides for bending on the wall. The height of the curtains should be "immersed" in a bath for 15-20 cm.

As for the height, the curtain should be "immersed" in the bath for at least 15-20 cm. If there was a desire to hang two curtains instead of one wide, you need to take into account that in the center they will have to overlap by 20-25 cm.

This is necessary so that during the showering process, water does not "break through" through the opening between the panels.

When choosing a curtain, it is necessary to pay attention to its transparency. Anyone who likes to lie in a bath with a book should pay attention to light transparent models.

Darker curtains will not give an opportunity to read, but will help to fence off the general space of the bathroom and save more heat.

Ways of fastening

To buy a shower curtain is half the battle. It is equally important to hang the curtain correctly. Before embarking on this business, you need to figure out how to secure the rod holder. Two methods of fastening are known. The simplest is the positioning of the holder between the two opposite walls by the spacer principle. In this case, additional fasteners are not used.

Hanging the curtain in the bathroom in this way is easy. The bar is a telescopic tube with an internal spring. First you need to determine the height at which the bar will be located, and make marks on the opposite walls.

Bar for curtains in the bathroom

Scheme of the executed eaves fixing.

Then remove the protective caps installed at the edges. The pipe must be moved apart until both ends of it are buried in the walls. The caps are put in place. The blind is put on the bar. It can be attached to rings or through eyelets. Using the level, the horizontal orientation of the structure is checked, and the rod is tightly fixed.

The second method requires fasteners. Such fastening will be more reliable and will enable you to hang a curtain even over a bathtub with a non-standard shape or to separate the shower area from the rest of the space. When using a shower without a shower tray with a drain arranged in the floor or on a small catwalk, another function appears at the curtain - the door in the shower room. If it consists of two parts, then it is enough to expand it a little - and the space will visually increase.

In order for the curtain to fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the bathroom and the corner looked like a single whole, you need to choose rings, clothespins or eyelets in one color solution. It can be enamel, silver or bronze coating.

Before you hang the curtain, you need to prepare. For work you will need:

  1. Roulette.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Level.
  4. Drill and drill bits.
  5. A hammer.
  6. Dowels.
  7. Putty.

Work begins on the determination of the height of the eaves fixing. In order to avoid distortions, you need to output a horizontal level. On the walls marks are made in the right places. With the help of a drill and a drill on the concrete holes are made, into which dowels are driven. Gaps around the holes must be treated with putty. After the putty dries, you can start mounting the fasteners. On the prepared cornice, rings or curtains are put on, if it is with eyelets, and the cornice is hung on fasteners.

Care Tips

Blind in the bathroom should be kept clean and periodically washed. Do this manually, using non-aggressive detergents: soap, dishwashing liquid, detergent. To wash the curtain well, it must be removed from the rings and placed in a bath. Particularly soiled areas can be rubbed with a soft sponge. After washing the blind, rinse well and hang back.

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