How to install a faucet in the bathroom

With his hands to install a tap in the bathroom is entirely within the power of any person who knows how to use a adjustable wrench. Installation is facilitated by the fact that all the necessary rubber gaskets are supplied with the new mixer, which must be used to ensure the connection is reliable and the water does not leak. The only thing that is required for such work is a wrench and a piece of cloth. The fabric must be placed under the sponge tools in order not to scratch the unintentionally chromed metal. It is also possible to wrap the tool with an insulating tape.

Qualitatively installed crane

A qualitatively installed faucet will ensure an uninterrupted supply of water.


In order to install a new tap you need:

  • shut off the supply of hot and cold water;
  • dismantle the old mixer;
  • install a new tap;
  • Turn on the water and check the connections.

Sometimes it is necessary to conduct water pipes in a new place. Usually this is done during repair, if you decide to change the plumbing and move the washbasin sink. Pipes are best used plastic, of good quality. This eliminates the need to work with welding.

The tile is drilled with a special fountain drill

The tile is drilled with a special feather drill, pasting on the place of the alleged opening a paint tape.

To fix the pipes on the wall, you will have to drill the tile. This can be done using a feather drill or a diamond-plated drill. To ensure that the drill does not slip on the smooth surface of the tile, an adhesive tape is glued on it, on which the cross marks the place where the hole should be. Drill follows at a low speed drill without pressing strongly. The drill should be kept strictly perpendicular to the surface of the tile. It is recommended to wet the drilling site with water. When the tile is drilled, a special drill is changed to the usual one and continues to make a hole already in the wall. In order not to be mistaken with the required depth, it is recommended to stick an insulating tape to the drill. In the resulting hole, a plastic dowel is driven in, and the bracket is fastened by the screw, into which a pipe is inserted. Use only good quality connectors. To make the crane fit the width, use special eccentrics. Using high-quality components will avoid possible leaks.

To install a new mixer, first collect it. This is not difficult, because the product is accompanied by detailed instructions. Even if it is in an unfamiliar language, there is always a drawing on which you can see the build process. All rubber gaskets must be placed in the specified places. A screwdriver is required for assembly.

The eccentrics are screwed into the mixer and it is attached to the pipes. Work is carried out with a wrench, under the sponges of which you should lay the fabric, so as not to scratch the metal.

Crane installation

It happens that the water to the tap is fed from the bottom. Usually when the faucet is installed on the washbasin. Also, the bathroom-jacuzzi is also sometimes equipped with such a tap. In this case, the assembled faucet is inserted into the opening of the shell, 2 hoses are connected to it: hot and cold water. Hoses must be special, in a metal sheath.

Homemade hoses are not recommended, as this can lead to an accident.

After connecting the hoses, the fixing nut is tightened so that the crane is held firmly. At such installation of the crane, it is always recommended to place a rubber gasket under the fixing nut so that the faience does not crack.

As can be seen from the description, it is quite easy to install a faucet in the bathroom. When choosing a new mixer, it is recommended to buy a product made of brass or bronze. They are more expensive, but they last much longer.

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