How to install a flow-through electric water heater

How to install a running electric water heater with your own hands? In many country houses, in the absence of a centralized hot water supply system, it becomes necessary to install a running water heater. Also in urban apartments, when hot water is turned off, there is a need to install an alternative water heating system.

Scheme of an electric instantaneous water heater

Scheme of electric instantaneous water heater.

If the owner has certain technical skills and a set of necessary tools, then it is possible to install the electric heater yourself.

Electric water heaters come in two types: flow and storage. The storage heater can perform heating for a long time. Due to their characteristics, electric storage boilers keep high water temperature for a long time without additional switching.

How much device should I choose? In order to provide a family of 2 people with hot water it is necessary to put a water heater having a volume of 50 liters. If the family is large, then install a device that has a volume of 150 liters.

The function of the boiler is to periodically heat the water by passing it through this device.

A flowing electric water heater is installed in the kitchen for washing dishes. In the process of functioning, he spends a lot of electricity. Therefore consumers include it for a short while.


Tools necessary for work

Tools necessary for work: a drill, a wrench, a screwdriver, a punch, a durable copper cable.

Materials and tools:

  • flowing electric water heater;
  • perforator;
  • flexible hose;
  • the crane-switch;
  • screws;
  • dowels;
  • tee;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • passages;
  • FUM-лента;
  • Scotch;
  • durable copper cable.

Before installing a stationary electric boiler, you must turn off the cold water in the basement. With the help of the FSM tape, you need to fix the adapter there. Then it is necessary to connect the electrical wire and ensure its approach to the outlet. When installing the device, it must be taken into account that its power can only be within the available possibilities of apartment wiring.

Then the electric water heater is attached to the wall or to another place prepared for it.

Then connect the device to the water supply. It is necessary to connect the input of the device and the valve with a flexible hose. To do this, attach the hose to the valve on one side, and to the adapter on the other.

Wiring diagram of electric water heater

Wiring diagram of an electric water heater.

After this, it is necessary to check the design for leaks. If there are leaks, you will have to repair the appliance or the room in which it is installed.

When the leak test proves positive, it is necessary to check the quality of the entire system. To do this, connect the device to the power supply, and then turn it on with a small head of water.

If the installation is carried out correctly and the entire system is working properly, hot water will flow from the tap.

The more powerful the electric water heater, the more hot water it will serve. Adjustment of head and water temperature is carried out by means of turns of the valve.

Now you can start using the device. When it lasts long enough, the water quality may deteriorate. In this case, you can install a special filter for water purification.

Do not connect the water heater if there is no water supply. In this case, it can fail. Then you will need expensive repairs.

When connecting the boiler to the power supply, it must be earthed and a fuse must be installed.

It is necessary to determine in advance what capacity the water heater should have. There are single-phase and three-phase devices.

Then it is necessary to determine what type of heating element will be. You can choose a spiral heating element or heating element. If there is often hard water in the water supply system, it is better to put a spiral heating element, since the heater is quickly clogged and out of order.

Principle of operation

Scheme of using a running water heater

Scheme of using a flowing water heater.

The heater consumes low power, so it spends 20% less electricity than a spiral device.

To make a flowing water heater, you need to know its design and components. The heating element of the heater is a special copper tube into which a nichrome coil is soldered.

The heater should be placed in a container. One of the components is the flow sensor. It checks the presence of water movement and turns off the water heater when there is no water supply.

The heater is heated when the electric current flows through the spiral. Heating of water occurs as a result of the action of a heated TEN pipe. Water should not be spilled on an electrical spiral.

The flow-through boiler has no accumulator. Therefore, in order to obtain large volumes of hot water, it is necessary to increase the power of the heater.

The high power of the heater can only be provided by strong electrical wiring. If the internal wiring in the house is obsolete, then before starting the installation of the boiler, you must change the wiring.

If the installation of a flow-through electric boiler has been carried out with the proper technology taking into account the safety precautions when working with electricity, this device will work very long and provide high-quality heating and water supply.

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