How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom

Towel dryer - an integral part of the interior of any bathroom. It serves to eliminate excess moisture in the room, which helps reduce the risk of fungus on the walls. The modern and diverse design of this attribute will fit any, even the most creative interior.

Scheme of connecting the ventilator fan

Scheme of connecting the ventilator fan.

Stages of work

Before installing a heated towel rail, be sure to cover the entire riser with water, you can do it by contacting the management company.

The work on replacing the device is very laborious and is carried out in several stages:

  1. Removing old items.
  2. Installation of a jumper and several ball valves.
  3. Welding and connection of a new heated towel rail.

A jumper is needed to turn off the device in case of possible water leakage. This will allow you to cut off the pipe yourself without waiting for the answer from the management company. This is an additional pipe, into which the cranes overlap the water.

Scheme of a water heated towel rail

Scheme of a water heated towel rail.

When buying all elements of the heated towel follow the choice of one metal, this eliminates the risk of negative consequences associated with corrosion of the material. Steel pipes are most prone to destruction, which can not be said about copper or polypropylene. But even when choosing such materials, special teflon gaskets will be required, this will completely prevent the corrosion process.

After removing old elements, it is necessary to cut the thread of the correct size, if it already exists, be sure to update it, this is done for better joining of the parts.

The towel heater in the bathroom is fixed to the wall with special brackets, they reduce the likelihood of wall deformation due to overheating. Based on the type of pipe fastening, straight or corner fittings are selected. They serve for transition from one pipe to another with the possibility to change the diameter of the outlets. All transitions between the pipes are strengthened by a special tape, which serves to reduce the possible leakage.

After the completion of the work, gradually turn on the water, all pipe joints must remain completely dry.

Electric heated towel rail

For a large bathroom, it is a good idea to install an electric heated towel rail. This model does not require tapping into existing pipes, which facilitates its installation.

The main condition is the remoteness of the device from the water source by 60 cm or more.

This model is suitable for houses with seasonal shutdowns of hot water. The high cost of such a device is compensated by the ease of installation and a large assortment. The towel heater is hung on the wall with special hinges or brackets.

When installing such a device, make sure that your outlet is protected from excess moisture. It is better that it is completely in the wall and can be closed with a special plug. Power towel warmer depends on the size you choose. When installing the device, be sure to check the quality of its grounding.

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