How to install a hot water towel

The bathroom in most cases is not equipped with heating elements. But at the same time the installation of the heating system of the whole apartment is made in such a way that the bathroom has the opportunity to connect a heated towel rail. Please note that the supply pipe has a special connector. This is the place for connecting the heated towel rail. Let's find out how to install a water towel warmer.


The towel heater in the bathroom is necessary to maintain the microclimate from excessive humidity in the room.

Tools and materials

Proper organization of the entire heating system assumes the presence of a riser in the bathroom, which has two tees, between which is located a crane. Such a design should be considered ideal: the installation of a heated towel warmer in this case turns into a fairly simple process. In other cases, you need to make a change in the design of the hot water system yourself. For all types of work you will need:

  • Bulgarian;
  • welding equipment;
  • crane;
  • two couplings;
  • metal-plastic pipe;
  • perforator;
  • dwelling;
  • screws;
  • pipe holders (can be replaced by special hinges).

Order of work

Scheme of a water heated towel rail

Scheme of a water heated towel rail.

Before installing or installing a water heated towel rail, you need to install a jumper (bypass). This work is difficult especially for those who have no experience of soldering pipes. The help of an experienced welder will be needed.

The installation of the bypass in the warm season is done to exclude the need to switch off the central riser. The pipe must be cut in two places so that the lower section corresponds to the position of the bottom of the heated towel rail.

On the edges of the sections are welded tees, which we connect with each other by a piece of pipe. On this jumper there should be a ball valve.

Selecting the device

The place for installing the heated towel rail is ready, so you can go for the purchase of the device. Note that towel warmers are represented on the market of goods very widely. Usually people make purchases spontaneously, not paying attention to the design features of the product, and in fact its design and execution are the main criteria for selection. This approach can not be considered correct.

Scheme of fixing the heated towel rail to the wall

The scheme of fixing the heated towel rail to the wall.

Recall that a water towel can have certain installation features. Its installation can be either vertical or with diagonal connection to water.

Well, if the towel heater you choose can be connected in any way (such products are very popular). But there are cases when under the chosen towel warmer it is necessary to do a lot of work, that its installation was possible.

In accordance with this, choose a heated towel with the most simple connection.

Pay attention to the quality of the gaskets. Alas, they are very short-lived, therefore are subject to frequent replacement. It is necessary to choose a towel heater, for which it will be easy to find gaskets of the required size.

Wall mount

Well, now you have to install the towel heater on the supporting wall and correctly make it to the heating system.

The scheme of a tie-in of a heated towel rail

The scheme of a tie-in of a heated towel rail.

The position of the device on the wall should be as convenient as possible for all members of the family. Having determined the position, mark on the wall the fixation points in accordance with the fastening elements of the device.

In the marked places it is necessary to drill holes. If the wall is faced with tiles, then use a special drill with a winning tip for drilling it.

In the holes we drive the dowels, attach the heated towel rail and screw the screws to the stop.

The towel heater can be attached to the wall and using the special holders that come with the device. In this case, the installation is carried out according to the attached instructions.

Connection to riser

And you need to connect the heated towel rail to the previously installed riser. The simplest thing is to use metal-plastic pipes of the appropriate diameter with built-in ball valves. Cranes need to be installed on both pipes.

The assembly of a towel rails

The assembly of the towel rails.

In the event that the gasket starts to flow through the water, you simply close both valves and open the tap on the jumper. Water will go along it straight, so the towel can be dismantled at any time convenient for you. When installing to a hot water supply system, use a foamed tape to prevent undesirable leaks when the water is turned on.

Initially, the cranes on the heated towel rail should be closed, and the jumper valve is open. In your absence, when hot water is supplied, nothing can happen. Running water through the heated towel rail is very simple: open both faucets and close the faucet on the jumper.

With the help of cranes on the supply and discharge pipe, you can adjust the speed of the water through the towel and its temperature.

Type of coolant

We hope that you understand how to properly install the towel and you can do everything yourself. We remind you that you can start soldering pipes only if you already have some experience in this matter. Managers of trading enterprises skillfully play on this with customers, recommending them electrical devices and motivating it with ease of installation. There is a certain amount of common sense in this, but the choice, nevertheless, must be made in favor of water devices. Here are a few arguments in their favor:

Installing an electric heated towel rail

Installing an electric heated towel rail.

  1. Water towel rails are several times more economical. Judge for yourself: these devices are necessary not only for drying certain textile products, but also for heating the bathroom. The dried air will prevent the spread of mold. Electric heater for energy consumption will cost you several times more expensive.
  2. Installation of a water-based towel warmer is simpler, since it does not require earthing as opposed to an electrical device.
  3. Towel dryers are working around the clock and the risk of breakage is almost eliminated.
  4. Lovely design. With this it is simply pointless to argue: you can choose a towel warmer under any design of the bathroom. The towel can become not only an essential device, but also a real decoration.

We have examined with you the most difficult case of installation.

In modern apartments, everything is done much easier, since all the necessary preliminary work is carried out even during construction.

You will no longer need to cut and solder pipes. It is enough just to dismantle the old device and connect a new one.

The problem can arise only in the fact that the diameter of the installed couplings does not match the diameter of the nozzles of your towel warmer. The way out is to use adapters. Their installation does not take much time and does not require special skills. The main thing is that these adapters are made of normal material. Avoid alloys. They seem to be no different from brass adapters. But when assembling the products of alloys resemble glass: it is enough to tighten the nut a little, as the adapter body (or the nut itself) bursts.

Also, towel rails of incomprehensible material can behave themselves. Ideally, these elements should be made of brass or chrome-plated steel. Then, for sure, when installing them, there will not be unpleasant moments, and the installation of all the elements will turn into real pleasure.

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