How to install a metal shower tray

A modern shower enclosure is a wonderful addition to a familiar bath, making pleasant and useful water treatments as diverse as possible. Here you can place both a whirlpool system, and an exotic shower, connect light music and create light and sound effects.

The scheme of the device of a floor with the pallet

The scheme of the device of a floor with the pallet.

However, without a quality pallet - the basis of any soul - all this is simply impossible. Therefore, you should know how to install a metal shower tray with your own hands.

Why is it better to choose, for example, not a ceramic shower tray, but a metal shower tray, and why is it better to install by oneself, and not with the help of qualified installers? A metal shower tray is an excellent choice, and its installation is not particularly difficult. In addition, so you can save.

Materials and Tools

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

In order to quickly and correctly install a metal pallet, you need to stock up the following materials, tools and devices:

  • finished shower tray;
  • drain pipe;
  • mixer with siphon;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • a waterproofing mixture (silicone sealant);
  • brick stock;
  • sheet rubber;
  • FUM-лента;
  • trowel for stone works;
  • spatula for plastering;
  • paint brush;
  • a hammer;
  • building level.

Mounting procedure

Stages of installation of a metal pallet

Stages of installation of a metal pallet.

There are many ways to quickly and efficiently install a metal tray in the shower room (chamber). Consider one of the simplest and most common options for installing a waste tray.

Before you start the process of installing this design with your own hands, you should definitely study the technical instruction, which is usually attached to it when selling. It is worth noting that experts recommend doing this in a similar manner, regardless of the material from which the shower tray is made.

First of all, the shower cubicle should have such dimensions, which generally correspond to the dimensions of the metal base. In this case, the dimensions and trim should be adjusted so that the facing ceramic tiles, if not the entire wall of the room is laid out, lowered its lower edge somewhat below the level of the pallet attached to the wall. If there is a gap between the wall and the base of the car, it must be sealed with a waterproofing compound (sealant).

Starting to exhibit by all the rules a pallet, it is recommended to immediately monitor the construction level with a clear horizontality of its upper plane.

Such a situation should not prevent the effective removal of water in the future, since modern waste products are manufactured with ready-made cone-shaped funnels.

To fix the structure in a certain position and to ensure its horizontal, the legs attached to the pallet are used. Usually they are regulated, so that with their help you can easily and quickly install the base in the given position. At the end of the adjustment, the feet are rigidly fixed with locking bolts.

In some cases, instead of legs, special plastic supports are used, which are supplied with a pallet. However, very often builders mount these products, resting them not on legs, but on specially constructed stands made of bricks or assembly cinder blocks.

The scheme of installation of the shower pallet with a wall mixer

The scheme of installation of the shower pallet with a wall mixer.

The said stand (or, as it is also called, a well) is built in accordance with such dimensions that the future bottom of the shower cabin can be laid on it freely, leaning against the edge of the brick (slag-block) brickwork. To fix the pallet, its sides are either glued to the cladding with a special glue mixture, or planted on cement mortar.

Installing the bottom of the shower chamber on a stone well, one can not ignore the fact that a siphon must be connected to the bottom of the drain pan from the bottom. The fact that the height of the well was sufficient for him (the outlet of the sewer should be above the floor level at a height of 12-15 cm), it is necessary to take care in advance, when designing a bathroom. By the time of the final fixation of the entire structure on the brick support, the mixer must be assembled and its component parts tightly fastened to each other according to the scheme.

For better stability of the pallet, the space between it and the floor can be filled with ordinary sand. So he will be created additional support. If there is no sand near the hand, the foam may partly replace it.

It should be borne in mind that the shower is a place where by definition there should be a lot of water. Therefore, all the smallest seams, slots and junctions - between the sides and the brick on which they rest, between the edges of the pallet and the tiles on the walls, between the tightly twisting elements of the mixer and the pan - should be carefully smeared with silicone sealant and paved with FUM tape.

Each time, having performed this or that stage of the installation procedure, it is recommended to check the quality of the done immediately. In particular, after installing the bath on the support pit (but without its final fixation) it is suggested to make sure of its stability. To do this, it is enough to just stand on the pallet with the utmost care, and, most likely, the shortcomings of balancing will immediately manifest themselves.

It must also be ensured that the connection between the pipe and the neck of the pallet and the siphon with the sewer pipe is well sealed. To this end, water is supplied to the pallet with a small head. If there is no leakage of liquid, the shower can be used for its intended purpose. If leakage of water is detected, it will be necessary to work on additional sealing of the connected components.

Helpful Tips

Pallets of different configurations for shower cabins

Pallets of different configurations for shower cabins: a - square, b - radial, c - rectangular, g - pentagonal.

Many useful recommendations apply to all types of products, whether it's iron, cast iron pallet or ceramic pallet. However, unlike, for example, from ceramics, the metal base has its own characteristics.

Even before the purchase of the shower set, the main repair in the bathroom must be completed. This is primarily about the installation of water and sewage pipes and a safe electrical wiring device.

Before you start installing the iron shower tray, you need not only to study the assembly and installation manual in detail, but also to check the completeness of the delivery.

The presence of sharp corners in the brickwork of the support pit is unacceptable. This defect is carefully smoothed out with cement mortar.

If a product with high sides is used, the result of the shower unit can result in a rather high base. In this case, it will be superfluous to build an additional step.

When marking the position of the future base, it is necessary to provide that during installation the pallet with its drain hole clearly coincides with the drainage sewer. Otherwise, all work will have to be done anew.

But if you think through all your steps and actions in advance, calculate all possible deviations and surprises, such work will not seem impossible.

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