How to install a shower instead of a bath

There is a variant of designing a bathroom, in which a large bathroom is replaced with a shower. In which cases will the shower instead of the bath be more practical? After all, in a large bath, it would seem, there are so many advantages. But there are situations where installing a shower is the only way to make the room cozy and consistent with the principles of modern design.

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

Many people began to live in multi-apartment buildings of new construction and in cottages where the bathroom has sufficient dimensions. There you can install a full bath, a shower-box, a washing machine, and even enough space for furniture. But still the majority of the population of big and small cities in the territory of the former USSR continues to live in small apartments, where the bathroom is a small room. What comfort and convenience can I talk about here? But there is a way out. The installation of a shower instead of a bath will make it possible to release a lot of space in this room, which will make it more convenient.

The bathroom really should be comfortable and comfortable. This is where the person comes in the morning, awakened from sleep. And it is in the bathroom that he wants to relax after a day's hassle, take a bath or shower.

Even the smallest bathroom can be made comfortable and attractive, if you replace the bath with a shower. The cabin instead of the bath will free up enough space, and properly selected design will give the room beauty. You just need to make some effort. The shower instead of the bath, of course, will make it impossible to lie in warm water, but will create additional comfort in that the room will become much more spacious.

Angle setting

Corner shower enclosure

Corner shower enclosure.

If your family does not have fans of a bath, then you can proceed with the arrangement. The most economical option is the installation of a shower corner. To do this, do not even have to buy a shower, and all the work can be done on their own, if there is at least a little experience with construction and plumbing tools.

You need to start by choosing a place in one of the corners to accommodate the shower. Best of all, if it is not too far from the drain hole of the former bath.

Then it will not be necessary to extend the sewer pipe. Having chosen the right angle, you should prepare it well. In the shower corner, the walls of the bathroom perform the role of the two walls of the shower cubicle. It is on them that the streams of water will flow, so you need to do everything possible so that the wall does not absorb moisture. Otherwise, very quickly it will begin to collapse.

From this angle all the old furnish is removed from the walls to concrete or brick. After this, you can proceed to waterproofing.

Diagram of waterproofing the shower tray

Scheme of waterproofing the shower tray.

Of course, the ideal option would be to make a waterproofing in the entire bathroom. But this is only possible during the overhaul. If only one corner is equipped, then it is necessary to isolate it. And isolate qualitatively.

Different materials are used for waterproofing. The simplest and most economical option is ruberoid with bitumen mastic.

Bitumen is coated with walls, a ruberoid is stuck on them, the seams are connected with each other using a blowtorch or a gas burner.

Strips of roofing felt should be lapped, they should be placed downward. It is recommended to insulate not only the walls, but also the floor. This will protect your neighbors from the bottom, if water spills onto the floor.

After the waterproofing, it is necessary to perform the plaster, well leveling the walls. The smooth walls will help to ensure that the finish lining will lie flat.

Material selection

There are many modern finishing materials that can be used to wall the bathroom in this place. But still most people choose in favor of tile. Quality tile is ideal for decorating walls, which will drain water. But its installation requires some skills. When installing tiles, it is necessary to use the construction level and special plastic crosses, which will make it easy to make even seams.

Finished showerhead design

Photo 1. In addition to homemade assembly, you can buy a ready-made shower enclosure design.

Before laying the tiles, the walls must be primed. This will help ensure that the adhesive composition will not be absorbed into the plaster and the tile will become stronger. But you can also put it on cement mortar.

As a floor in this place of the bathroom you can use porcelain stoneware, which is ideal for flooring.

If the shower is done by yourself, then you should choose the right tray and connect it to the sewer. Issue these products with a width of 70 cm. But such a small tray should not be bought, as taking a shower in it will be inconvenient. It is necessary to take the product from 80 cm wide. To make it convenient to connect, you need to install a pallet higher, for example, by placing bricks under it. A plastic corrugated hose can be used to drain water. Use silicone cuffs and sealant to make the connection as durable as possible.

For the distribution of water pipes, it is best to use high-quality plastic pipes from well-known manufacturers. All connectors must also be of good quality. Using plastic pipes will eliminate the need to use welding.

Transparent shower cabins

Photo 2. In small-sized bathrooms it is better to install transparent shower cabins, which will not clutter the space.

After the lining on the walls is laid, a pallet is installed and connected, water pipes are installed, it's only necessary to keep the shower enclosure from the rest of the bathroom space. The simplest option is to make a curtain. To do this, a cornice is attached to the walls and a curtain made of polyethylene is hung on it. You can make a plastic partition or a partition of glass. Glass should be used shockproof.

In addition to the homemade design, it can be a finished shower cabin, made in the form of a corner (photo 1).

Designers recommend in bathrooms of small size to use transparent partitions, which do not clutter the room (photo 2).

This option, when instead of a bath is used shower corner, allows you to make the room spacious enough that there is room for a large washing machine.

Additional tips

Expand the space can also be replaced by a frontal shell on the corner structure. Choosing it, you should not buy too little, because it would be inconvenient to wash over it. Some completely clean the sink and wash over the shower corner, setting the mixer to the desired height.

If the bathroom is combined with the bathroom, which is often found in old houses, the toilet is also pushed into the corner or replaced with a corner or hanging toilet.

Making out the walls of a small bathroom, you should use only light colors, since the dark color makes the room even smaller. Fixtures mount point, built in the ceiling.

Choice of construction

Full-value shower box-box

Photo 3. If there is no washing machine in the bathroom, you can install a full-featured shower box, which has many functions.

If you do not plan to install a washing machine in a bathroom, then instead of a large bath you can install a full-fledged shower cubicle (photo 3). This design has many functions that will fully compensate for the lack of a bath. So, in many models there is a function of a steam room, a solarium, a hydromassage. Before you buy and install such a shower, you should ask what the pressure in the pipes of the water pipe. If it is not enough, then the whirlpool will not work.

Choosing a shower cabin, you should determine in advance its dimensions. It is best to draw a bathroom plan with all sizes and with it to come to the store. An experienced salesman will help to choose a cabin that best fits in the room. Choosing a cabin in the store, do not be too lazy to shake the design with your hand. A well-made shower must remain stationary. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the transparent walls are made. Preferably, if they are glass. Glass in the walls of the shower and looks more attractive, and wash it easier.

Finally, there is another option. You can install a small corner bath and use it both to take a shower, and as a reservoir for water procedures, and even as the simplest version of a whirlpool bath. Corner bath instead of the usual - this is some compromise, which will allow you to take a bath and save space. Maybe it will seem more rational than installing a cabin instead of a bath. But it should be noted that there will be less free space. This option is more suitable for bathrooms of medium size than for very small.

All these useful recommendations will help to design a small bathroom so that it really turns into a comfortable, comfortable and attractive room that will please its owners with convenience and comfort.

A cabin instead of a bath is a wonderful design solution for small rooms. And, perhaps, the only thing.

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