How to install a shower ladder

Doing repairs in the bathroom and replacing all the plumbing equipment, we must not forget that everything should be selected correctly and mounted, according to the recommendations and rules. With special attention is the installation of the shower ladder, it is necessary for the bathroom, shower cubicle, drainage, located in the floor. Before installation, you should study the design, understand the operation of this device. Then you have to prepare all the supplies and tools that will be needed for the job. After installation, it is necessary to seal all connections, for this, silicone is used. It will avoid the flow of the structure.

Shower ladder

For proper drainage of water in the shower it is necessary to install a special ladder.

The installation of the ladder is not too complicated. This is a lattice construction, a strainer for collecting garbage, a vent, an installed siphon, a socle. Mounted gangway to the sewer pipe with a special plastic connector, provides collection of water from the floor surface or a floor shower tray.

For installation, the following consumables must be prepared:

Scheme of shower ladder with dimensions

Scheme of a shower ladder with dimensions.

  • cement-sand mixture, approximately 4-5 kg ​​per 1 m²;
  • expanded polystyrene;
  • siphon;
  • pipes, connectors for the sewage system;
  • surfaced ruberoid;
  • waterproofing special film;
  • adhesive for tiles;
  • zatirka;
  • Shower ladder of the chosen design in full set.


The scheme of the device of a linear shower ladder

The scheme of the device of a linear shower ladder.

For the installation of a shower ladder, it is necessary to prepare:

  • building level (it is best to install a ladder to take a conventional bubble, it is most convenient to work);
  • a simple pencil;
  • roulette, metal ruler;
  • to mix the solution you need a container, a construction mixer, a shovel;
  • grater for concrete surface;
  • rule;
  • the machine for cutting tiles;
  • gas portable heater;
  • special gloves for work;
  • putty knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • protective glasses;
  • keys for bolts;
  • jigsaw
  • punch.
Screed floor

Slope for the ladder needs to be pawned even at the stage of floor screed.

Step-by-Step Installation

To start the installation of the ladder, you must first perform work on the floor screed, but take into account that the gangway itself will be located about 1-2 mm lower than the level of the tiled future coating. In this case, all moisture will quickly drain into the sewer system. The concrete screed is made of a cement-sand mixture. To prepare it you need cement, sand and water. You can also use a ready-made dry mix.

The second option is more preferable, since the screed will be of high quality, and the work will not be so dirty.

Arrangement of shower ladder installation

Scheme of mounting the shower ladder.

To mix the mixture is used a special container and a construction mixer. The amount of water that is needed for mixing is poured according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is necessary that the mixture is homogeneous.

After that, the installation of the ladder on the selected site is carried out:

  1. First, remove the grate from the ladder and remove it until the device is fully installed in place. It is necessary to clean a special waste collection bottle from the siphon.
  2. The plastic siphon must be attached to the ladder at the angle that best corresponds to the required one.
  3. All polished external parts of the gangway, a hole for the siphon (entrance), the internal parts of the gangway are taped with adhesive tape so that garbage does not get inside during installation.
  4. Bolts are inserted in the eyes, some models do not provide for them. This method of fastening should be envisaged even at the stage of selection of sanitary equipment. In the process of installing it, nothing can be changed, you will have to stop the installation and go for the purchase of new equipment. It is more reasonable to immediately spend time to choose, than to spread the money to buy a new one.
  5. The shower ladder is connected to the sewer pipe, the angle of inclination should be about 3 cm per meter of pipe passage. If the angle is incorrect, the water trap of the siphon will fail during use. In the future, it is necessary to monitor the general condition of the ladder and the siphon, to remove clogs in time, since the drainage rate of water directly depends on how free the passage is.

The installation of the ladder is not finished on this. It is necessary to adjust the height of the legs according to the specified instructions.

Final works

Scheme for installing a shower ladder and branch pipes

Scheme for installation of a shower ladder and branch pipes.

The construction level checks the position of the grid, it must necessarily be 1-2 mm lower than the level of the tiled floor or shower tray. The slope of the floor is checked, where the water will flow most actively. The slope should be 1 cm for every 1 m of the surface, but it is better to do a little more.

If the ladder is mounted in a large bathroom, the slope is carried out by the screed, which should not be forgotten. If a large slope is formed using a glue on which the tiles will be laid, the floor covering will quickly peel off. The surface is degreased, providing excellent adhesion of screed and ladder, after forming a substrate of cement mortar. It is necessary to leave the construction for a while, so that the mortar can seize.

The screed is poured around the ladder, the solution must be flush with the flanges of the structure, no voids should remain. A waterproofing primer handles the area around the shower ladder to prevent water from entering. The last stage is laying floor tiles, sealing all seams around the structure, which must be adjacent to the edges of the channel. Scotch is removed from the surface of the shower ladder, after which all the dirty and soiled areas must be washed. In place are placed grates, all the parts of the siphon, after which you can perform a check of draining the water.

When performing the installation it is important to immediately calculate the height of the ladder, access to the pipes. If you need to replace the ladder without installing a new screed, the design should be selected one that is suitable for installation. Attention should be given to power tools, since the humidity in the bathroom is usually much higher than in other rooms.

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