How to install a sink in the bathroom

Set the sink in the bathroom can be on the curb, a special shelf or brackets. The sink is mounted at a height of 80-85 cm from the floor. This indicator is taken into account when choosing its components. The place for installation of the washbasin in the bathroom is chosen taking into account the location of the water pipe.

Scheme of connection of a sink and a bath to pipelines of hot and cold water to the sewage system

Scheme of connection of a sink and a bath to pipelines of hot and cold water to the sewage system.

Basic work

The old sink is dismantled. Hot and cold water is blocked. To install a washbasin, you need a wrench, a screwdriver, a tape. The nut fixing the mixer is unscrewed. The wiring is disconnected. The crane is dismantled. To disconnect the siphon from the drain, unscrew the nuts located at the bottom of the sink. The drain opening is covered with a rag.

The sink is dismantled. You can buy a sink that rests on a pedestal or is attached to a wall. If the bathroom is equipped with a wash basin with a pedestal, then on the wall mark the place of attachment of the device. Dowels are slaughtered in prepared holes. The sink is fixed to the wall with screws. The next step involves connecting the siphon and mixer.

To install plumbing with a semi-pedestal you will need to place a pipe from the floor at a height of 0.5 m.

Washbasin installation scheme on brackets

Washbasin installation scheme on brackets.

To mount a semi-pedestal, use the instruction. You can install a sink in the bathroom using brackets. Pre-made markup. From the line of placing the shell make an indent down (to determine the location of the brackets). Fasteners are applied to the washbasin.

The distance between the brackets is transferred to the wall. Before making labels, you will need a pencil and tape measure.

Dowels are inserted into the holes. The next stage involves the installation and fixing of the washbasin. Then connect the siphon, mixer mount.

Upon completion of the installation work, water is poured into the washbasin. The joints are checked for leaks. If there is a leak, the joints are untwisted and checked. If necessary, apply a sealant.

Installation of a sink on a curbstone or a shelf provides replacement of brackets. The load is borne by the accessories. The sink is inserted into the cutout provided in the countertops of the curbstone or shelves. Partial or complete drowning of the shell is allowed. The drainage structure is hidden under the component. Then connect the tap and siphon. This design is easy to decorate, which you can do by yourself.

If necessary, perform assembly work together.

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