How to install a water heater at home or in the apartment

Currently, any well-equipped apartment has hot water. But there are situations when it is switched off for a certain period. Hot water is required in everyday life in large quantities. It is necessary for washing, cooking, taking a shower or bath. In this case, a water heater is very useful. Today, the market has a wide range of water heaters. This device can be useful not only in the apartment, but also in a private house, because often there is also a hot water supply system. Water heaters differ in the mechanism of operation and the volume of water that is directly subjected to heating.

Electric water heater

Due to the low weight and dimensions of the flowing water heater, it can be installed in a wide variety of locations.

Install a water heater with your own hands is not so difficult, you can do without the help of specialists. Installation of such an assembly will require the owner of the house or apartment to have certain skills and knowledge of the basic stages of work. You can install a large water heater or choose a compact unit that fits in any corner and will not take up much space. Let's consider in more detail how the installation of the water heater by oneself, as well as the main stages of work.

Basic Types

Table for choosing the volume of the water heater based on the number of people and the number of points of consumption

Table for choosing the volume of the water heater based on the number of people and the number of points of consumption.

Before installing the boiler it is important to know that such units are different. Distinguish between storage and flow devices. The first differ in that the water in them heats up very quickly (in a matter of seconds). However, it does not stay in the tank for a long time, which speeds up the process of obtaining hot water. This type of heating requires a lot of energy. Most often, a flowing water heater is connected to an electrical network. In order for hot water to have a sufficient head, it is advisable to purchase a water heater with a capacity of 6 kW. Such equipment must be connected to the network using a thick wire.

As for the storage water heater, everything is the opposite here. Water enters the tank and remains there for a while, gradually warming up. Such a method of heating does not require much energy. The storage unit can hold from 50 to 150 liters of water, which is quite enough for a small family. It is a large tank made of heat-insulating materials. In addition, depending on the source of heating, the equipment can be electrical, gas or indirect heating.

The first type is used most often, since no additional equipment is required. It is recommended to purchase a gas appliance for those who have gas heating. It must be remembered that the installation of a gas unit can be dangerous. As for the indirect heating system, it means a storage tank, which is heated by the boiler. This method is optimal for private houses and country cottages.


Wiring diagram of storage water heater

Wiring diagram of the storage water heater.

Installation накопительного или проточного водонагревателя первым делом включает в себя разметку поверхности и выбор крепления. У купленного агрегата должны иметься крепежные элементы. Потребуется разметить расстояние между ними и перенести полученные данные на стену. Выбор крепления во многом зависит от типа водонагревателя. Для проточного водонагревателя рекомендуется использовать дюбели толщиной 6 мм и длиной 60 мм. Они легко выдержат данный вес. Для этого при помощи дрели или перфоратора просверливают 2 отверстия нужной длины. Они должны находиться на одной горизонтальной линии.

If an installation of the storage device is carried out, then anchors are used.

To do this, the perforator makes 2 holes, insert the anchors, twist them, remove the nuts and only then install the water heater itself. Anchors take a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 100 mm. Such fasteners can withstand up to 300 kg. Using the construction level, it is necessary to check the evenness of the fasteners. The fixing height can be selected arbitrarily. It is advisable to place the water heater closer to the outlet tap. The best option is a toilet or bathroom. In some houses, a flowing unit is placed directly under the sink, it is very convenient. If you place it far, then the heat loss can dramatically increase.

Water connection

Wiring diagram of the boiler to the water supply system

The scheme of connection of the boiler to the water supply.

Installation водонагревателя своими руками предполагает подключение к системе водоснабжения. Для этого нужно первым делом отключить всю воду в квартире или доме. Для этого может потребоваться разрешение коммунальной службы. После чего необходимо снизить давление в системе, для этого открывается какой-либо кран. Следующий шаг - монтаж запорной арматуры, которая представляет собой простые краны, регулирующие подачу горячей и холодной воды. Монтаж их проводится на выходе из стояка (главного трубопровода, по которому снизу вверх течет вода во все квартиры).

Further, the valves must be closed and the water supply to the house resumed. Then the tees are fixed. After that, a safety valve is installed. This is an obligatory element of the system. It is installed directly at the inlet of cold water into the water heater. The valve prevents the formation of excess pressure. The next step is to connect the water heater to the tee. This is done using pipes or wires. After the main steps are over, you can check the device for leaks. To do this, let the water into the water heater. If it does not leak anywhere, then you can connect the unit to the electrical network.

Connecting to the network

Electric connection of the water heater

Electric connection of the water heater.

When installing any running water heater, remember that the final stage of work involves connecting the equipment to the electrical network. The power of the unit is about 2-2.5 kW, so pick up the wire very carefully. Its cross section must be at least 2.5 squares. The most suitable solution is to connect the wire to the junction box. The second option is to connect to an outlet. But then you need to remember that the socket can withstand only 1 water heater, you can not connect any other equipment to it.

При подключении аппарата к щитку желательно сделать заземление. Второй конец провода подводят к аппарату, крепят сбоку щиток, после этого защелкивают автомат. Затем нужно пропустить кабель. Кабель обнажают, отрезают фазу и фиксируют к клеммам. Сверху крепится фаза от электрического щита, а снизу - от самого водонагревателя. После этого подается электричество. При правильно выполненной работе должен засветиться индикатор. Целесообразно дополнительно оборудовать агрегат автоматическим выключателем. Installation аппарата готова.


So way, now everyone knows how to install a water heater in a house or apartment. You can do it yourself. It is important to remember that the choice of a water heater depends on many factors: the availability of gas equipment, the total number of family members, the availability of free space in the house, the possibility of supplying water and electricity. Electric water heaters are most often used in practice, because they are easy to install and do not require additional equipment.

When carrying out the installation, it must be remembered that it is forbidden to include a device in the network that is not filled with water. It can get messed up. The storage tanks are fixed using anchors, and dowels are used for flowing tanks. When installing a heater with a capacity of more than 6 kW, you will need a thick wire to connect to the electrical network. If you comply with all of the above rules, then during the shutdown of hot water, the water heater will serve as faith and truth for many years.

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