How to install a whirlpool bath

The development of the technological process replaces the usual baths, and in their place is the use of whirlpool baths. The Jacuzzi is not so rare now as it was 15-20 years ago. It can afford any person with an average income. The assortment of such baths is extremely diverse. They differ not only in shape and size, but also in color and equipment.

Scheme of the design of the whirlpool bath

Scheme of the design of the whirlpool bath.

The installation of the whirlpool has its own technological features. The hot tub is directly connected to the electric network. Therefore, only if you have a good experience with wiring or have the appropriate education, you can connect it to the power network yourself.

The quality of the installation of the jacuzzi depends not only on the level of the master, but also on the quality of the plumbing itself, because the exterior of the bathtub can look very attractive, and the quality of the drainage elements and wiring may be unsatisfactory. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the brand and trust only manufacturers, proven by time.

If you yourself are not a specialist in this field and trusted the installation of a whirlpool bath to qualified specialists, you will still need theoretical rules for the installation of the Jacuzzi to monitor the work of the masters. After all, often the professionalism of the masters, confirmed by their words, in fact often turns out to be at the level of an amateur.

Technological Requirements

Scheme for connecting a bath with hydromassage to communications

The scheme of connection of a bath with a hydromassage to communications.

All repairs must be completed before installing the bathroom with hydromassage. The wiring must correspond to the performance parameters of the whirlpool, and all sockets must be necessarily grounded.

The average whirlpool bath is designed for a pressure of 4 or 5 atm. The pressure in the plumbing of an ordinary apartment is rarely higher than these figures, but if you are insured by installing a pressure reducer and a cleaning water filter, this will not be superfluous, because the pressure on the water can increase several times.

Filters for water are installed to extend the spa. Often, the color of the water in the faucet varies from unclear to dark brown, for example, after temporary interruption of water supply. The sensitivity of the jets is very high, so even a small amount of water pollution can disable them. Therefore, the water filtration system must be multi-stage, clearly and professionally thought out.

Placement of nozzles and lighting in a whirlpool bath

Placement of nozzles and lights in the standard equipment of the whirlpool bath.

The best option for the location of the pipes of the hot tub will be their proximity to the pipes of the aqueduct. Please note that the passage to the pipes should be unobstructed, because it will be required in case of need to dismantle the jacuzzi.

The first step is to determine the place where the bath for the whirlpool will be installed. It is installed either on the legs or using a special frame for fastening. The bathroom needs to be leveled, and the minimum slope is allowed on the drain side. The sewer socket should be lower than the drain itself, at a distance of not less than 0.1 m. The drainage system for the whirlpool should be installed similarly to installing a simple draining standard system and instructions.

Electrical connection

Connection to the electrical circuit is an important step in the installation of the whirlpool. After all, the humidity in the bathroom is very high, often the wiring contact can be directly with water. To avoid electric shock, the connection must be performed professionally.

First of all, before proceeding with the installation of the wiring, it is necessary to completely de-energize the bathroom, using a switch or automatic devices in the electrical panel.

Scheme of connecting the Jacuzzi to electricity

Scheme of connecting the Jacuzzi to electricity.

To connect, you must use a three-core cable. The socket should be grounded and positioned so that when you take a bath, you can not get it. The distance to it should be at least 0.7 m to ensure your safety.

The outlet must necessarily be connected to the electrical panel using an RCD, and the RCD must be separate, not for the entire apartment.

Another option to connect the outlet is to connect it to the switch that comes with the bathroom. Install it better not in the bathroom, but beyond.

If you connect the wiring yourself, remember that it is strictly forbidden to confuse the wires. For example, if you connect the power phase to the zero jacuzzi, a short circuit may occur. Zero to zero, phase to phase, ground to ground. Be extremely attentive! Zero is indicated in blue, the phase is red or brown, and the ground is yellow-green.


After all the work is done, especially if you did not perform the installation yourself, you need to check the connection quality.

First of all pay attention to the filters and the pressure reducer. Filters must be multistage. Compressors and pumps must be freely accessible, for easy dismantling in the event of a breakdown. All wiring, if it is placed on the wall, must be hidden in a box. Check the installation of the RCD and the quality of the wire connection: phase, ground and zero. Collect water in the jacuzzi and check if all the water goes into the sink.

If you do not find any complaints about the installation, you can start taking hydro-massage baths with a calm soul.

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