How to install and fix the water heater

The accumulation boilers are designed to ensure the constant availability of hot water in the house. But it is necessary to take into account initially that the equipment possesses not only a large weight, but also considerable dimensions, and you must pay close attention to the installation. How to install the water heater of the storage type? It is not enough to choose a place - it is necessary to take into account the features of the boiler fixing, connection to the power supply system and water supply.

Diagram of the device of gas water heater

Diagram of gas water heater.

Features fasteners

The boiler may have a different size and weight of the tank. Choose a storage water heater with suitable parameters is not difficult. For fastening to the wall, anchors are usually used, but the number depends on the weight of the tank. Most often 2 pieces are enough, but for a large and massive tank it is best to take 4 anchors. M6 bolts are suitable for fastening, as they can withstand heavy loads.

Wiring diagram of the water heater to electricity

Scheme of connecting the water heater to electricity.

The wall itself is not always strong, so when choosing the location of fasteners you need to inspect the surface, pick up a strong and reliable site. For example, the heaters should be mounted on a concrete wall in such a way that the anchors enter a depth of about 10 cm, but not less. When planning loads up to 300 kg, the depth can be from 6 cm.

You can use the following data:

  1. The capacity of a tank of 30-50 liters requires a load on pulling anchors out of the wall at 15-25 kg. For a concrete wall, it is best to use M6-8 bolts with a length of 6-8 cm. For walls from a cinder block or brick, bolts M8-10 with a length of 8-10 cm are used.
  2. The capacity of a tank of 80-100 liters requires compliance with the load on pulling anchors out of the wall at 25-35 kg. For a concrete wall, it is best to use M8-10 bolts with a length of 8-10 cm. For walls made of slag blocks or bricks, bolts M10-12 with a length of 10-12 cm are suitable.
  3. If the capacity of the tank is 150-200 liters, and the wall of concrete, it is recommended to purchase a M10-12 mount 8-12 cm long. For walls of a cinder block or brick, bolts M12-14 with a length of 12-15 cm are used.

If you purchased a storage tank for installation on the floor, it is recommended to prepare a special concrete cushion or a brick base. Such measures, as a rule, are required for large heaters installed in private houses.

Electricity connection

Diagram of electric water heater device

Diagram of an electric water heater.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is easy to connect a storage water heater in the house - it is enough to have a nearby power outlet. In fact, everything is far from the case. For a storage boiler it is recommended to conduct a separate cable that can withstand the power of the equipment.

On the plate is placed a separate machine. It is mandatory to use grounding, otherwise the storage equipment will often have to be changed or repaired.

The lack of grounding can be a threat to life. If an insulation breakdown occurs, then wandering and eddy currents can cause injuries and even death.

On the shield is mounted RCD, a special device to protect the tank from short-circuits and other problems that may arise during the operation of electrical equipment. If there is no confidence in your own power to connect the boiler to the mains, it is best to invite a professional electrician for this.

Water connection

To install a water heater, it is necessary to correctly arrange the pipes. Water pipes can be used different. Manufacturers offer steel, copper, plastic or metal-plastic pipes, which have the necessary quality. It is important to pay attention not only to the choice of pipes, but also to the correct connection, otherwise the heater will not work correctly.

Wiring diagram of the water heater to the water supply

Figure 1. Wiring diagram of the water heater to the water supply.

The boiler connection diagram is as follows:

  1. First you need to install the water heater to the place chosen in advance. Then put the shut-off main valve, it should be on the tap, which goes from the common riser. The general scheme of connection is shown in Fig.
  2. Shut-off valves are installed, they will allow, if necessary, to block the water. They are necessary during the repair work, when cleaning the boiler. The shut-off valve ensures the shutoff of the water supply, after the work is completed, the valve opens, the water begins to flow into the system.
  3. It is necessary to provide grounding, it needs to be done at the stage of connection to the electric network. If there is no ground, the heater will have to be changed after a while.
  4. A drain valve is installed, it is necessary for draining the water when the boiler is switched off or repair is performed.
  5. Reverse safety valve is installed. It is needed if the supply of water in the water supply is terminated. With the valve installed, the water from the heater simply will not exit, but will remain in the heated state until it is used. The valve is a safety device, when the mixer is switched on and there is no water in the water pipe of the heater, the boiler simply will not burn out.
  6. Water supply flexible hoses for connection, with them it is much more convenient to work. In this case, the storage boiler can be located in any convenient place.
  7. The latter are connected faucets of the selected type.

Step-by-step instruction

How the storage water heater works

The principle of the storage water heater.

First, a place is chosen for installing the water heater. Do this in such a way that the equipment does not interfere, does not occupy a lot of useful space. The most optimal place is a bathroom, for a private house it can be a specially allocated room.

Installing a boiler requires preparation of fasteners. Measurements are made for the mounting holes, they are drilled into the wall. The tool is selected based on the main material of the wall. For example, for concrete and brick, it is best to take a puncher immediately.

After the holes are made, it is necessary to install special brackets, they are usually supplied with the drive. The dowels are driven into the holes first, then the brackets are fixed. Their number depends on the volume of the boiler, usually 2-4 pieces.

The water heater is attached to the installed brackets, it is necessary to check their reliability. The next step is to connect the equipment to the water supply system. When planning the work, you need to remember that you need a shut-off ball valve, without which you can not connect.

It is recommended to mount a special cleaning filter, which will extend the life of the boiler, protect it from contamination, ingestion of foreign particles, various impurities.

The valve and boiler are connected by means of a tee, connection to a cold water pipe is made. The second tap is mounted to relieve excess pressure, this output is provided for any heating equipment.

Connection rules

To install a water heater and connect it, two basic steps must be observed:

  1. Connection to the electrical network. For this purpose, a separate automatic machine is first mounted, after which a three-wire power cable is laid. It will go from shield to heater, do not forget about grounding. The integrity and operability of the electrical network, connection safety are checked.
  2. Connection to the water supply is in progress. Already hung on the wall heater must be connected to the water pipe, using faucets and valves. In addition, a piece of metal-plastic pipe or a special flexible hose may be required. Cranes are needed to regulate the water supply, if necessary they can completely overlap. A special faucet is screwed on the faucet or shower, they can go in the kit or they have to be bought separately.

Before switching on the storage water heater, it is necessary to check that there is water in the system. It is impossible to start the equipment without water. If you do not start the water, the boiler will become unusable. To install a water heater, you must first choose a place for it, ensure a secure attachment. After that it is required to establish a system for power supply of equipment, to make connection to the water supply. The boiler must be checked before use. For this, it is necessary to put water into the equipment, it is impossible to turn the heater on dry.

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