How to install the maevsky crane

Not everyone knows that there is such a special detail as the crane of Majewski. It is installed in the heating system. With the onset of cold weather, the radiators begin to warm up, but some of the plates remain cool. Why? At a certain section of the pipe, an air stop appears, through which the heated water simply can not "squeeze". To eliminate problems, this device was invented.

Crane device Maevskogo

Crane device Maevskogo.

The installation of the Mayevsky crane differs in some features, which will be described below. How to choose this part? Which model will be the best, and are there any special devices for coordinating the operation of the heat supply system? All this can be learned in more detail.

Features of work

How to install the Maevsky crane correctly? To begin with, you should determine the choice of a particular model, find out the rules of its operation and the possibility of carrying out assembly works.

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap

Scheme replacement gaskets in the tap.

How does this tube appear in the pipes? At the moment of movement on the air cooler in the system appears a small amount of air bubbles. Especially a lot of them there, where there is low pressure and a small rate of movement of water masses. These small gases contribute to the formation of a cork, which prevents further heat transfer through the pipes. In addition, air bubbles are born and at the time of a long period during which heating was not put into operation. To get rid of such problems, the Maevsky crane is used.

On the surface of such a product you can see a thread corresponding to half an inch. It at each tap of Maevsky typical, therefore will approach to any radiator. On the case of the device is put on a rubber rim, creating a kind of seal.

This plumbing product is equipped with a special key, created for its correct operation. It is put in the radiator, where the usual screwdriver can not perform its functions. This key has such a device that children can not use, which is very important for their parents. The main active device of such a product will be a needle shut-off valve. It is powered by a shut-off screw and can be unscrewed by a screwdriver and a key with four faces.

Installation of the crane is carried out at the top of the thermostat, on pipes with heating. During operation, it is necessary to open the needle valve. To do this, do a few turns using a screwdriver or a wrench. Excessive steam escapes through the formed gap.

Technical indicators

Operation scheme of the Mayevsky crane

Scheme of operation of the Mayevsky crane: 1 - body, 2 - float, 3 - lever, 4 - outlet valve.

To open the Maevsky crane, it should be turned counterclockwise, and it closes in the opposite direction. As the air masses are removed from the heating system, the device is shut off.

When the heating system is equipped with forced circulation, the start of the air release is associated with shutting down the equipment for a few minutes. In this way, it is possible to stop water flow through the pipes, as a result of which air bubbles will rise to the top of the heating pipes. When the pump is running, it is not advisable to descend the air, as in this case it will not accumulate in the upper part.

An elementary version of the Mayevsky crane will be manual air vent. Their base is made of brass of good quality, the head is made of plastic. Its continuation is the radiator type adapter "3/4" or "1/2".

The valve responsible for the air outlet of a mechanical type is distinguished by a complicated device. The ball valve may be made of brass or nickel. This product can be opened with a screwdriver or a square wrench. Instruments of this type have a diameter of "1", their installation does not oblige to fix the adapter on the pipes.

The installation of such a device will be most effective in the organization of autonomous heating. It is not recommended to install an automatic system on cast-iron central heating pipes, because the radiators are filled with dirt and insignificant particles of litter that are contained in the water in sufficient quantities. This can lead to clogging of the crane.

The stages of installation of the Mayevsky crane

Stages of installation of the Mayevsky crane.

In addition, heating with a central source of supply quite often overlap, and such actions lead to the fact that the pipes regularly produce air, and more than enough. Taking into account the fact that the outlet hole at the crane is small in size (2 mm), bleeding air masses need a very long time.

To protect such devices from massive hydraulic shocks in 15 atmospheres, which happens quite often in the central heating system, they are equipped with automatic tap-changers.

Russian manufacturers produce similar devices for cast-iron pipes with heating. They are made in accordance with the norms of state standards. The device is equipped with a brass body, which can withstand temperature records up to 150 ° C. The device can function in water and in steam heating.

A spherical shutter valve with a safety valve is rightly considered one of the most complex structures.

The valve protects itself from hydraulic shocks caused by strong pressure drops of 25 atmospheres. The springs located in the inner part push the flow of water at a time when the pressure values ​​are close to 15 atmospheres. This ability is taken into account when installing pipes made of polyethylene, metal-plastic, sewn polyethylene, because they can explode at the slightest opportunity.

Installation and Replacement

Identify the ball of Mayevsky in place is simple. There is no need to have knowledge, installation can be done on their own. Special requirements are imposed for the installation of such a crane: it must be rubber or silicone, other materials (such as paronitic) are not allowed.

To fix this device in the right place, it is put in such a way that the hole intended for air release is slightly deflected downwards. In this way it will be convenient to draw water into any vessel. For greater reliability, you should take care of the use of flax fibers or FUM tape. They simply wind on the surface of the thread.

Change the plumbing device in the same sequence as it is installed. At this point, you should prepare a gas or a wrench to hold the cork itself. Otherwise, it will be pulled out simultaneously with the tap.

It should be noted that such plugs in the form of stoppers are equipped with a left-hand thread. At the moment of twisting the tap, it weakens, as a result of which it requires the support of a key.

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