How to install the shower enclosure

For a comfortable stay in an apartment or a private house you need to make a shower or shower installation. Below is the instructions for installing and installing such a device yourself. It is very important that for this kind of work a person along with the desire should have the necessary quality materials and tools.

Shower cabin

The shower cabin occupies a small space of the bathroom and looks very stylish.

The very installation and installation of shower cabins does not represent a particular complexity, the main thing is not to violate the technology and the procedure for performing operations during work.


They are different and depend on the design and materials used. These units are divided as follows:

  • type shower cabins with a simple sink and tray;
  • a multi-profile design incorporating a steam generator;
  • The types of shower cabins with an inclined floor mounted on dachas and in sports halls.
Tools for mounting the shower enclosure

Tools for mounting the shower.

The samples on the market have different sizes. For comfort it is necessary to choose such type of shower cabins, the sizes of which are not less than 0,8 X 0,8 m.

The shape of the aggregate does not matter - it can be rectangular, square, semicircular, round. It is chosen depending on the places where the installation of shower cabins is planned.

When choosing them, special attention should be paid to the quality of the component components, which are made glass - their thickness reaches 6 mm. When installing such shower enclosures, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of the structure to impact when buying them.

Appearance and color scheme (they do not play a role when assembling the unit) shower rooms the buyer chooses in accordance with their preferences. Manufacturers offer models with colored, opaque and transparent glasses, with patterns, etc.

Installation of shower cabins means the installation of the following equipment:

  • pallet;
  • fencing (side walls, rear panel in the form of the letter "G");
  • Door;
  • guides for it;
  • upper cap.
  • vertical stands;
  • shower faucet;
  • apron apron;
  • Elements, through which the installation of shower rooms and their connection to water supply networks.

For clarity, the diagram below is shown (Fig. 1). After buying the product and moving it home, you need to unpack it and check the equipment. Must be present screws, washers, accessories in the amount that is specified in the passport.

Assembly instruction

Assembling the shower cubicle

Figure 1. Assembling the shower enclosure.

When working with such an aggregate, the ladder is first made. For this, a cement floor is made, which is then covered with ceramic tiles. It is performed with slopes from the edges to the center.

At this point, make a hole for the drain hole. Before laying the tile, a layer of waterproofing must be applied to the floor. From the gangway lead the pipe to the sewage system.

Then around the resulting cement platform at these shower cabins, fencing is installed. It is performed on racks. Then the mixer is installed and connected to the water supply network.

Installation with hydromassage

This type of unit has a set of special injectors. They spray water with varying intensity when switched on with a variable frequency. This allows you to hold a session in the cabin hydromassage. The number of nozzles determines the complexity of the work. Such shower cabins have the following functions:

  • possibility of steam production;
  • they are equipped with a fan;
  • can perform hydromassage of the back, neck and waist.

If an independent installation of this type of shower is performed, care must be taken to correctly adjust the air circulation in the cabin, evenly distributing the steam along its walls. It should be taken into account that the instruction in such works provides for the presence in the water network of a pressure of at least 2.5 atmospheres and water regeneration systems. So first you need to find out if there is such a pressure in the network at home. If a person for the first time undertakes the installation of such an assembly, it is best to consult a specialist. If there is no self-confidence, then it is desirable to call workers.

Main stages

When performing work, it is often necessary to change the plumbing system in the bathroom. This depends on the location of the car, the installation of which is made:

Installation of shower doors

Installation of shower doors.

  1. The corner of the room.
  2. Adjunction to the wall.

In order to install the system for a long time and there are no leaks, it is necessary to consider the following:

  1. Electrical wiring, water supply, connections with sewerage must be performed before the cabin is installed.
  2. The discharge of the sewage system from the installation must be made no higher than 7 cm from the floor to the drain pipe.
  3. As the main guide, the assembly instruction given by the manufacturer is used.
  4. On the parts to be joined it is necessary to apply a sealant - the time of complete drying of most such formulations is 24 hours.
  5. If silicone is used, it is applied from the inside of the cabin, and when using acrylic, it is poured from the outside of the unit.

Installation of the pallet and the water drain

The work begins with the installation of a drain:

The scheme of the shower ladder device

The scheme of the shower ladder.

  1. Connect the drain pipe of the unit to the sewage drain.
  2. In the pallet it is necessary to twist up to the stop in places of landings of a hairpin, and to turn on them nuts with washers. They support the skeleton on top. The metal cover should be at the top.
  3. Under the support elements a thin sheet of foam is put in place - it is needed to compensate for the inaccuracy of the installation.
  4. The central leg must be secured to the nut, which is fastened to the short part of the supports. This is done with the use of washers and locknuts.
  5. in the material of the pallet are inserted bars of wood, to which the beams for fastenings must be attached.
  6. All threaded connections must be tightened to the stop. Strengthen all the legs and expose their size to the level. Under them put brackets - they are needed as supports.
  7. The joints are treated with sealants.
  8. A gasket is installed in the drain hole of the pallet.
  9. It is also filled with a sealant.
  10. The drain assembly is fixed with screws, having pre-installed a rubber gasket under the pallet.
  11. The brackets included in the car kit must be attached to the wall. The installation must be carried out on the height of the pallet panel. If it does not exist, it all depends on the location of the sewage connection.
  12. All joints are treated with a sealant and checked. For this, pour water into the pan. If there is no leak, then it is leveled using the level and fixed, adjusting the legs in height.

Cab enclosures

Begin it from the side panels (Fig. 2). They are attached to the pallet with screws and washers, and then reinforce on them the guides that are needed for the installation doors. Mounting is produced by fastening elements - hardware, which is included in the shower enclosure. If you need to glue something, then use silicone. It must be ensured that the sealant does not block the grooves in the pan, otherwise the water can not go to the sewer.

The scheme of the enclosure of the shower enclosure

Figure 2. Diagram of the enclosure of the shower enclosure.

Затем надо установить upper cap. В него монтируется лейка и шланг, элементы освещения, вентилятор и т. д. После этого проверяют работу всех электрических компонентов.

Completely assembled design should stand a day until the silicone dries completely. Then the door is assembled. They put on the upper and lower rollers and, and seals. Then the assembled unit is put in place. The heads of the screws are covered with decorative plugs.

Then bring the water to the structure. Check the tightness of all connections. If everything is in order, then adjust the opening and closing of the door. If the kit includes a hinged, decorative panel, mirrors and other components, then install them in place. After this, once again check the level of the pallet - it should stand strictly horizontally.

If the installation of the cabin is made in a wooden house, then a waterproofing must be applied not only to the floor, but also to the walls and ceiling.

Materials, tools

  1. Cabin with its own components.
  2. Silicone (acrylic) sealant.
  3. Plastic pipes or hoses for water supply.
  4. Tape waterproofing.
  5. Building level.
  6. Electric drill.
  7. Adjustable wrench.
  8. Cross and slotted screwdrivers.

After the end of the work, you can start using the shower. At this time, you need to check all the options that are described in the installation certificate. If there were no deviations from the recommendations and the technology mentioned above, then everything should work properly.

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