How to install the shower in the best quality

The shower cabin has recently become more and more impressive among the other attributes of modern bathrooms. Before the acquisition of such equipment, each house-master is faced with the question of how to install the shower itself. You can do it yourself without attracting outside help from specialists. However, in the course of installation work, the following rules must be observed, which will guarantee the maximum service life of the equipment and its excellent performance.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

The popularity of shower cabins is due to the fact that they save space in small rooms.

The popularity of the cabins is primarily due to the fact that the rooms mentioned have a very limited space, which can be saved by installing a small cubicle that combines a bathroom and a shower. In addition, shower cabins have interesting design solutions.

If the shower is supposed to be installed in the bath, then no installation permits will be required. While in the works that provide for the installation of the cabin and the presence of a bath, it is necessary to coordinate the renovation of the premises with the introduction of changes in the plan of the BTI. This is because then in the bathroom there will be an additional water point.

Assembly technology

For self-installation of the shower cabin, it is necessary to check the availability of the following materials and tools:

Tools for mounting the shower enclosure

Tools for mounting the shower.

  • screwdriver;
  • level;
  • flexible hoses;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • building gun;
  • electric drill;
  • silicone sealant;
  • tow.

In order to install a shower, the following steps have to be overcome. Initially, you need to choose a free space on which you can assemble the cabin without the use of sealant. This will determine the installation technology of the installation, make sure that all the components in place, analyze all the holes, replace the defective elements, gain experience that will help to gather equipment in the bathroom without much difficulty, where there is much less free space. The second stage is the installation of the cab in the field.

In order to install the shower itself, it is necessary to mount a pallet.

Before the beginning it is necessary to equip the drain / drain system using flexible hoses. The optimal option is one in which the outlet to the sewer is located directly under the drain of the pallet. The latter must be installed on the legs. This will allow you to align the height and horizon, while adjusting the adjusting locking screws.

Shower Enclosure Design

Shower Enclosure Design

If you purchased a plant that does not have legs, this complicates the process, since with an uneven floor surface, you will first need to level the base using the technology of pouring cement screed. In order for the floor after that to look aesthetically pleasing, it can be ennobled with ceramic tiles.

If the material for the tray is acrylic, you need to pay attention to the frame.

The principle of installation of a cabin with a pallet of this type assumes the presence of two crossed supports and an additional leg, which is located in the central part of the pallet. In the absence of the described frame, additional reinforcement should be provided, which will allow the cabin to be fixed firmly by means of a special cushion made of concrete.

Before you install the shower yourself, you need to analyze how much the coupling of the pallet and the drainage device is sealed.

The pallet should be filled with water, before closing the drain hose. Now the master should check whether the hose can reach the sewer, whether the slope is provided, which should be equal to the limit of 150 to 200 mm per 1 m.

Installing the pallet

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

The scheme of installation of the shower tray.

Ceramic pallets are able to demonstrate a longer service life, and caring for them will not cause problems. The rigid pallet does not have free space from below, this indicates that its installation is made simply on the floor. It will not be necessary to produce the reinforcement work. However, there is a difficulty with access to the drain pipe. The problem can be solved. To do this, the pallet should be positioned so that the drainage hole is located closer to the drain pipe. The marker will indicate the perimeter boundaries and the location of the drain.

The electric jigsaw must cut the floor area where the siphon will be located. Outside the structure you need to equip the second floor area. This will be required to install the pipe and siphon under the thickness of the coating and to access the communications. From the cut out piece it is necessary to make an observation panel. In the area where the pallet will be installed, it is necessary to apply PVA, which must first be diluted with water. As soon as it dries, you can add another layer. After installing the siphon to drain it is possible to mount a tray on the solution, trying to ensure a horizontal position. After the mixture has dried, a siphon is to be connected to the pipe through the inspection panel.

Fencing fastening

The next step is to secure the panels and fence. Before this, the glasses must be inspected for defects. In order to understand how to install these elements, it is necessary to find holes, more of which are located at the top. Next, you can understand the guides, the bottom of them must be thin, there are curly cutouts on it, whereas the upper one has a wider view.

The scheme of installation of a drain in a shower booth

Diagram of installation of a drain in a shower booth.

Then the glass needs to be fixed in the grooves of the guides, lubricating the joints with a sealant beforehand, then it is necessary to tighten the screw located on the presser foot.

By means of screws it is necessary to combine the guides and the rack (from below and from above), only after that the seal is put on the glass.

Under the surface of the bottom guide should be applied sealant, which will strengthen the pallet and mount the glass.

In the process of applying the sealant it is recommended that you make sure that the recesses in the pan that are used to drain water do not get stained. Using washers of small sizes and screws, it is necessary to fix the side panels to the pallet (the tray is equipped with special holes). Silicone will allow you to process junctions. Then you can proceed to the installation of the rear panel, using the self-tapping screws. The resulting joints must be treated with a sealant based on silicone.

All fasteners should not be clamped at once, as during installation, mismatch of some holes may be detected. But if you leave a gap of a small size, then this will allow for adjustment in the future.

Installing the shower enclosure is not recommended to exert excessive pressure on the metal, as it is quite fragile and such actions can cause breakdown.

After installation, you need to analyze whether the system functions by the type of fan, radio and lights, only after installation should be left until the moment of gaining the strength of the sealant.

Mounting Features

Instructions for assembling the shower enclosure

Instructions for assembling the shower.

When installing a hydromassage booth, it should be remembered that the bath room acts as a dangerous place, where it is extremely unacceptable to have any switchboards, all kinds of throttles and other equipment. In order to avoid the possibility of electric shock, it is necessary to mount a circuit breaker, which has a power-off system. These actions will allow to maintain the operability of the installation, providing protection against sudden voltage surges. Installation of the sockets themselves is made from the back of the equipment, moreover, experts recommend that it be made on the basis of a hidden type of construction.

This element of the system must be waterproof and dustproof, and have an IP44 index.

The shower cubicle must be earthed without fail, most often a steel pallet is used as a grounding conductor.

Connection of the cabin

Before installing the booth, it is necessary to connect to the water supply system. In the process of carrying out this kind of work, it is necessary to remember that it is preferable to use flexible hoses, since they provide more comfortable working conditions.

Hoses should be purchased with some margin of length, which will ensure a simpler installation process. The master with this approach will be able to analyze the tightness of flexible wiring.

As a rule, areas for interfacing with hot and cold water are indicated by elevations. In order to guarantee the hydromassage function, it is necessary to know the level of the water pressure, otherwise this function may not work.

Wiring diagram of the shower cubicle

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin.

After the sealant has hardened, it is possible to proceed with the installation of glass doors by fixing the lower and upper rollers, installing seals, and then the doors themselves, the last of which must be adjusted in such a way that the flaps close as tightly as possible.

On the screws that fix the rollers, you need to put the plugs made on the basis of plastic. Now you can analyze the operability of the doors, if necessary, they should be adjusted.

At this stage, we can assume that the master almost succeeded in completing the installation of the shower. It remains only to install the roof. This stage, as a rule, is not accompanied by special difficulties. The upper part of the cab should be mounted on the corresponding holes and fixed.

Professionals advise that if you have a speaker in the roof of the booth, glue it with silicone in the area of ​​the joints, which will exclude the buzz effect at the time of operation.

Now you can set internal components, which include shelves, mirrors, pens, etc. After the installation has been completed, you can proceed to commissioning, they assume an analysis of the operability of the installation and the tightening of the hoses on the hoses. All nuts need to be checked again using a wrench. The master needs to make sure that the sewerage systems work correctly.

In the cabin you need to go in to check if there are any extraneous noises and cod, which indicate that the legs are located in different planes. This situation can be corrected by installing the legs on the sealant, which will increase the strength characteristics, as an alternative, you can use to fix the self-tapping screw.

This completes the installation of the equipment. Despite the fact that the master may not have the skills, he is able to independently produce the work. However, the speed of their implementation may vary depending on the skills and degree of preparation, as additional tools for its installation may be required.

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