How to lay a mosaic tile correctly

Recently, the popularity of the mosaic coating has been growing steadily, because it is with the help of this material that it is possible to create unique interiors in premises of different purposes. Lay a mosaic tile is capable not only of a professional in his field, but of any self-taught master. After laying such a tile, the surfaces are protected from external aggressive influences and premature failure.

Laying of mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles serve to protect the walls of the bathroom from moisture.

Since the appearance of the described coating, the technology of its installation has changed greatly, due to the fact that today the mosaic is realized in the form of separate modules that are much easier and faster to mount. The panels have small segments, which are fixed on a piece of paper or a mesh surface.

Preparatory work

Technology of laying mosaic tiles on the wall

Technology of laying mosaic tiles on the wall.

Lay the mosaic tiles only on level surfaces, which must be cleaned and degreased. It is necessary to get rid of old finishing materials, whether it's tile, wallpaper or paint. If necessary, from the unevenness of the floor can be saved by applying to the surface of the composition putty or plaster. After the leveling is carried out, it is necessary to carry out treatment with the formulations of the primer type, which is capable of penetrating deeply into the base. To lay a mosaic tile it is necessary at a temperature not below + 5 ° С.

Before laying, the base should have a moisture content not exceeding 5-8%, otherwise the floor surface should be dried using a heat gun. The mosaic is extremely sensitive to the base, which crumbles or has roughness. Not only should the glue have the appropriate color, but also the base itself. If it is gray or dark, then this can cause a translucence through the tile. In this case, I recommend putting a white filler on the floor, this composition can also be made with the glue that is to be used for laying.

In order to avoid problems with the color difference during the laying process, the tiles must be prepared by checking the correspondence of colors and shades, which becomes possible only after printing the package.

Tools for laying tiles and mosaics

Tools for laying tiles and mosaic.

If the tile is already purchased and the test is done at home, then if there is some difference in color, you can put the tiles in order to use them for trimming or repairing the coating.

It is necessary to subject the tiles to acclimatization, for this, the material in the open state must be kept at the temperature of the room in which it is supposed to perform work. The permissible temperature limits for this are + 10- + 35 ° C.

If in the packaging the mosaic sheets were transferred by paper, it should be disposed of at the time of acclimatization.

The following materials and tools must be prepared for the work:

  • a sponge;
  • glue;
  • notched trowel;
  • rubber roller.
Stages of mosaic laying

Stages of laying the mosaic.

In view of the fact that the mosaic is represented by a fairly thin coating, an important stage in the work is the application of adhesive. The mixture must first be applied with a smooth side of the spatula, which will allow adhesion to the surface to adhere. After the excessive amount of the compound is to be disposed of the dentate side of the tool. For work it is necessary to use a spatula, the size of the teeth is 3x3 mm, this figure can be increased depending on the material of what thickness is used.

The tool must be pressed and held correctly. Press the working surface of the spatula in such a way that no air bubbles remain in the forming layer, and the slope should be approximately 45 °. If, after the preparation of the composition, there is a need to take a break from work, you can not use the leftovers of the unused adhesive.

Before the commencement of work, it is necessary to purchase an amount of glue, corresponding to the approximate consumption of the composition, which is 2 kg per 1 m2. However, the consumption may be more or less, which will depend on the preparation of the base of the floor, the dimensions of the spatula teeth and the glue in a particular case.

Technology of conducting

Ways of laying mosaic

Ways of laying the mosaic.

Mosaic tiles must be laid along the previously marked surface, for this purpose, firstly lay the linens without the use of glue. After that, you can start preparing the adhesive in a specially prepared container. Stirring is most conveniently done with a drill or a perforator with a nozzle in the form of a mixer.

Put the mosaic tile to get an excellent result, you can use a composition made on a latex basis. You should choose it because of the difference in the glue light colors, you can choose the composition, the color of which corresponds to the shade of the mosaic used.

Lay out the finish should be after using a notched trowel to distribute the adhesive solution, the application should be made on the surface of the floor and the back of the tile, then the product should be applied to the surface and a little drown in the mixture. In order to be more convenient to heat the product, you can use a rubber roller, which can be replaced with a wooden bar or steel iron.

Putting the tiles follows, given that the time of glue hardening is very limited. This indicates that it is not necessary to produce an excessively large amount of the formulation at a time. In addition, applying the mixture on a large area will certainly lead to its premature hardening. It should be limited to the area of ​​application in 1 m2.

Elimination of the coating

Technical characteristics of tiles

Technical characteristics of tiles.

As soon as it takes about 10-15 minutes after fixing the tile, you should moisten the paper, which is located on the front side of the material. This period is required, since just as much is needed to pre-solidify the adhesive composition. This procedure should be carried out using a sponge and warm water, which will have to drench abundantly the surface. After waiting a while, you need to grab the corner of the paper cover and drag it for him.

After the elimination of the paper coating has been completed, it should be analyzed how well the mosaic was mounted, in the process it is necessary to eliminate the surplus of the mixture from the intertitic joints.

If it becomes necessary to slightly adjust the position of the material, you should slap it slightly on its surface.

If necessary, cut the mosaic, you should use a corner machine equipped with a diamond disc. In order to cut mosaic sheets, you should use a knife, opening the base. There may be a need to cut paper, film or mesh.

If the tile itself is difficult enough to be cut, it is permissible to split the products using the wire cutters.

During the work the position of the tiles should be checked with the help of the building level.


To the process of grouting the mosaic coating should proceed after 48 hours after the installation of the material. It is necessary to conduct such work in the same way as in the case of a traditional tiled coating. Initially, you need to prepare a grout for grouting, and then put it on the surface with a rubber spatula. After 15-20 minutes, which is required for pre-hardening, the grout should be removed from the base using a soft cloth, while the joints should remain in the seams. In the end, the surface should be rinsed with warm water.

In order to obtain a radiant coating, the mosaic tile should be rubbed with a cloth treated with a vinegar solution.

The work can be carried out independently, if there is no possibility to spend money on the services of professionals.

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