How to lay a tile in the bathroom

Tile is the decoration of the walls and the floor of the bathroom. It is an excellent and fairly functional coating, because easy to clean and can last a long time. But how to properly lay it? Each master has his own secrets on laying tiles, someone thinks that it's better to start this business from the floor, and someone puts the tile, starting from the walls. What rules need to be guided in the process of laying tiles? Now we will reveal the correct sequence of this work. Let's start laying our tiles off the walls. This is a generally accepted rule. First you need to step back from the floor level a few centimeters and mark this place on the wall with a pencil. Now we measure the length of the tile itself, and this distance postpones from the previous mark up. We connect these two lines using a level at one point. We apply a wooden rail along the line with its upper part and drill holes in it with a diameter of 6 mm every 60 mm. When this work is completed, you need to remove the rail from the wall and drill holes drill. The next step is to insert the dowels into the holes, and fix the rail to the wall with screws so that its upper part completely coincides with the previously drawn line. We continue this work on the perimeter of the room where the tiles will be laid. Now take the tile, glue with the glue from the wrong side and apply to the wall, laying down the calibration crosses, then the next, and so we continue the work until the wall is finished. During your "activity" you need to remember to check the level so that it does not come out crookedly and for every tile you put a calibration cross to form the connections between the tiles. Now you can do sex. Laying tiles on the floor begins with the fact that we glue it in the middle. Now measure the height from the tile to the tile on the wall. It turns out the size of the length of the tile itself, plus several centimeters of the length of the calibration cross. Now we equate the tile at this height and put it on. Here the horizontal level is important. You need to check it all the time, so that one day you will not find that you have to redo all the work. After the end of the laying, we wait for the tile to dry. The last stage in laying the tiles on the floor is pulling out the calibration crosses from the post and mashing the tiles. Everything, now the work is done, you can admire and be proud of yourself, and, perhaps, show off the work done to your friends.

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