How to make a bath mat

To make a bath mat by your own hands is not so difficult, if you take advantage of interesting ideas and fantasize a little. For the manufacture of such a rug old things that dust in the closet, brought from the rest of the sea pebbles and even wine corks will do. Without making any special efforts, you can make a beautiful thing that claims to be a designer, with minimal expenses.

Rug in the bathroom of plastic bags

For the rug you need: colored polyethylene bags, scissors and crochet hook # 4.

Old things

For a rug of old T-shirts you will need:

  • T-shirts made of cotton;
  • scissors;
  • dense fabric;
  • rubber mat;
  • glue gun.
Bath mat of old things

Bath mat can be made from old T-shirts and T-shirts, cutting them into strips.

In order to make a rug in the bathroom, it is necessary to take an old T-shirt, cut it into strips, the width of which should not exceed 3 cm. Then take each strip for both ends and stretch it to the sides so that the tubes will turn out. The resulting rope is cut into segments of 10-15 cm, then they are attached to the fabric base. The stitch must pass through the center of each strip.

After the first strip is sewn, it is necessary to bend the pile to the right side, sew the second row of tubes, etc. The smaller the width between rows, the fuzzy and denser the carpet will turn out. In order to give the product rigidity, you need to take a rubber mat, apply glue on it with an adhesive gun, glue the mat on a cloth basis. Such a thing will not only serve its purpose, but it will also please the eye.

A similar mat can be made of woolen thread. To do this, you need to dissolve the old sweater, steaming the glomeruli in a water bath - then the threads will straighten out. Then a strip of 20-30 cm long, 10-15 cm in width is cut from a thin cardboard. A groove 2-3 cm wide (under the foot of a sewing machine) is cut at the center of one edge. After that, the wool is wound on the cardboard in such a way that there are no voids. Then, thread the threads on the fabric base, while the cardboard strip is gradually removed. As a result, you should get a nice mat from woolen loops.

For a soft rug in the bathroom you will need:

  • old sweater;
  • thin foam rubber;
  • scissors;
  • a needle and a thread.

Even a child can make a soft mat. The first thing you need to stockpile foam, the easiest way is to buy a ready-made, intended for insulation windows or cut the sheet into strips 2 by 2 cm wide, the length is arbitrary. Then take an old sweater, cut it into pieces equal to the width of the foam tape, to which is added another 2 cm. Then each strip of foam is hand-lined with rags from an old sweater. In this case, you need to ensure that the seams are neat and made on one side.

The scheme of weaving the mat on the basis of

The scheme of weaving the mat on the basis of.

After you make all the workpieces, you can proceed to the formation of a floorboard. There are a lot of options: you can twist each stripe in a spiral, and then connect the elements into one carpet, weave the pigtails and sew them together, make a braid. Everything will depend only on your imagination. All elements are sewn from the wrong side so that it is not visible on the front. By the same principle, you can make a cape on the lid of the toilet. With such a kit, your bathroom will acquire a homeliness and individuality.

For a rug from pompons you will need:

  • cloth flaps;
  • sintepon;
  • rubber mat;
  • dense fabric;
  • glue gun.

The first thing you need to do is color pom-poms. For this, the flaps are cut into squares of the same size, filled with a sintepon or small rags. Then the ends of the flaps are collected at the bottom and pulled together with a thread with a needle, all the excess is cut off. After the balls are made, it is necessary to sew them on a base fabric.

The work should start from the center of the product, while the pompons are arranged in a spiral (in staggered order).

Then there will not be emptiness. A cloth with pompons is glued to a rubber mat using a glue gun. Instead of fabric balls, woolen buboes can be used, the assembly technology is exactly the same.

Massage Mat

It will take:

  • sea ​​pebbles;
  • small gravel for aquariums;
  • rubber mat;
  • universal adhesive.

Make a massage mat in the bathroom is not difficult. For a basis it is necessary to take a rubber mat, to degrease it with the help of a detergent. Then on the floor lay a pattern of pebbles to the size of the future product. Next, take a pebble, apply glue on it, glue it on a rubber mat. Similarly, the whole drawing is transferred. It is important to read the instructions on the adhesive, as in some cases it is recommended to wait a certain time before gluing the material. The voids between the sea pebbles are filled with small gravel for aquariums. Shells for such a product can not be used, as they can be seriously injured.

Massage Mat можно изготовить из винных пробок. Технология точно такая же, но есть небольшое отличие: пробки приклеивают в разном направлении таким образом, чтобы получился определенный узор. Это могут быть волны, квадраты, круги. Все будет зависеть только от ваших пожеланий. В итоге у вас получится коврик в ванную комнату с дополнительной массажной функцией.

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