How to make a bathroom from plasterboard

Bathroom - a special room in an apartment or house. Due to the increased humidity, the finish of the bathroom requires the use of moisture-proof and reliable materials. In this case, the best solution will be the use of a special moisture resistant gypsum board. In addition to water resistance, it has the same positive properties as conventional GCR. With it, you can not only level the surface of the walls and ceiling, but also hide the wiring under it, make several levels, set the original lighting.

Finishing the bathroom with plasterboard

With gypsum cardboard you can even out the unevenness of the bathroom walls, as well as hide pipes and wiring for it.

Drywall Room

In order to make the finishing of the bathroom from plasterboard with your own hands, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • GKL;
  • metal profile for the frame;
  • primer, putty;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • level;
  • roulette.

Wall coverings

Diagram of wall plastering with plasterboard

Diagram of wall plastering with plasterboard.

The walls are finished on a pre-installed frame. If the walls are perfectly even, it is possible to glue the material directly to the walls, but first it is necessary to equip the waterproofing of the surfaces. Otherwise, in a damp room, the material will not last long on the wall. Despite the fact that the gypsum board used is water resistant, to increase the service life, wrap its edges with a waterproofing membrane or apply mastic. Pay special attention to the connection points of the GCR with the floor and ceiling. For leveling the walls you need sheets with a thickness of at least 12 mm.

  1. First, a metal frame, exposed to the level, is attached to the surface. Using a frame, in the room you can make niches, boxes, partitions.
  2. The profile is fixed with dowels at the corners and perimeter. After this, the slats from the same profile are mounted in it, observing a distance of no more than 60 cm between them. As a result, a kind of crate will be obtained, to which the sheets will be attached.
  3. After this, attach the previously cut GCR to the frame. Each segment is attached to the frame by screws. When screwing, they must be completely drowned in a sheet. To impart the entire strength design, the sheets are placed in unison.

Finishing the ceiling

Scheme of installation of plasterboard ceiling

Scheme of installation of drywall ceiling.

If you decide to make a false ceiling in your bathroom, you first need to determine the lowest level on the ceiling. In the future, focusing on it, perform markup.

  1. Profiles are fastened, retreating from the ceiling at least 10 cm. This space will be needed for the wiring and lighting devices.
  2. After completing the leveling of the walls, perform the finishing of the joints of the structure. Clean the entire surface of the dust.
  3. Joints are ground and covered with putty. Do not forget to fill in the corners and fixing points of the screws.

The ceiling from GKL should be covered with paint and putty, which can be used for wet rooms.

Painting the ceiling in the bathroom

GKL in the bathroom should be painted with special water-repellent paints.

All the wires going between the simple ceiling and the hanging and through the walls of plasterboard sheets, it is necessary to lay in a special corrugated tube. It will protect the wires from water and will not allow fires. In addition, with such tubes, if necessary, it is convenient to replace the wire, without dismantling the finish.

It is necessary to properly perform the installation of pipelines. Metal pipes are primed and painted in several layers. It is necessary to provide for the organization of their thermal insulation. Otherwise, the accumulating moisture can spoil both the pipes and the plasterboard itself. You can use mineral wool for thermal insulation.

If the pipes are made of plastic, before placing them in the box, take care of the noise insulation, because the water noise in such pipes is very loud. Pipes made of plastic can also be wrapped in layers of mineral wool.

In the future, if you wish, you can finish the GKL with any finishing materials that transfer moisture. It can be ceramic tile, stone, wallpaper for bathrooms, cork or painting.

Finishing the bathroom with plasterboard can be done by yourself. Carrying out all the work consistently and following all the rules, you can give it a neat appearance, hide the wiring, equip the room with spotlights, etc.

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