How to make a bathroom in a marine style

In any house or apartment, the bathroom is a place of relaxation, where a person can calmly put himself in order and distract from unnecessary thoughts. That is why it is very important to think carefully about the design in the bathroom. After all, purely practical functions will not be enough.

Design of a bath in a marine style

Design in a marine style makes the bathroom bright, bright, unforgettable.

To date, designers have developed many projects. They are all diverse, so everyone can easily find what they like. But there are still some rules for finishing, the use of which will help you create your own unique interior.

Typically, the design of the bathroom involves several stages of design in a marine style. This design of walls, ceiling, floor and individual pieces of furniture and decor. In order to be more convenient and easier to navigate, consider three main stages of finishing with your own hands.

Finishing Options

Finishing the floor is one of the most important moments. After all, in the end, not only must the sea style be observed, but also the necessary degree of practicality. It is the surface of the floor that takes most of the moisture, which, if not properly applied, is fraught with the formation of a fungus and damage to surfaces.

Filling floor

The most beautiful is the design of a bathroom with a bulk floor. The technology involves using special expensive materials and tools to make a floor on the floor, which will seem as bold and realistic. This is due to 3D technology.

Filling 3D floor

Figure 1. The flooding 3D floor allows you to transfer any image and photo to the floor.

Self-leveling floors in the marine style can look like a sea shore, where the glare from the water will beautifully shine, as in the photo (Fig. 1), can simulate a great depth due to the play of waves. And a variant of the ocean floor from above is possible, on which there will be corals, algae and mollusks, which is shown as an example in the photo (Fig. 2).

But self-leveling floors are a very expensive option, which not every owner decides to do in conditions of limited finance. Although the technology fully justifies itself not only because of its decorativeness, but also in its functionality. After all, such a floor is reliable, it is not afraid of moisture and will last for many years.

Tile or painting

The next good option for flooring is ceramic or marble tiles. If it will fit the right technology, then the degree of practicality will also be quite high. In this case, the size of the tile can be any, as well as the degree of its relief.

3D ceiling

Figure 2. 3D ceiling will give a sense of being in the underwater world.

Tiles can be for marine style in three basic tones: under the color of a stone that will mimic a rock bottom, under the color of sand and shells, which will look more sunny, or under the color of the sea wave, which will create an imitation of the sea water, photo (Fig. 3).

If you have chosen a tile of the color of the sea wave, then as an option you can lay a special absorbent mat near the bath with the image of seashells or pebbles on it. This will create the impression of a cozy island among the water. The same can be done in the version with sand or stone tile, only then the mat is selected in marine color.

The third option - floor painting. To do this, it is best to use a special paint for wet rooms with large temperature changes. The color of the paint is a sea wave with shades of turquoise, greenery, blue and blue tones. On the dried floor you need to put a mat color sand.

The option of painting the floor and placing the rug on it is the most inexpensive for today. Tiles will cost more, plus certain costs will go to its device. However, if possible, it is better to choose a tile, since its service life will be much longer than that of paint.

Decorating in a marine style

Separate attention deserves the decoration of the walls of the bathroom in the marine style.

Tile with dolphins

Figure 3. The tile with a pattern of marine animals will successfully fit into the marine interior.

Typically, they must simulate space on the seashore or the bottom. That is, you can make walls with underwater landscapes, or you can imitate a kind of coast. It is also extremely important to correctly choose the material for the finish.

The best option is ceramic tiles. If you are going to decorate the entire bathroom with a maritime-style tile, then it's best to choose either a small tile-mosaic that can have interspersed drawings, or give preference to large tiles in one tone. In this case, you must choose a mixture of green and blue tones. Tiles should not be the same color, but have a divergence, differing in brightness. So the room will visually increase and will look more spacious, which can be seen in the photo (Fig. 4).

But to decorate all the walls with tiles is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is advisable to use alternative options, which are no less good. So, the most beautiful and practical way to decorate is the partial decoration of ceramic tiles aprons. At the same apron of tiles should be with a pattern of shells and sea inhabitants. So you will have the impression of relaxing on the coast while staying in a warm bath.

The rest of the walls can be pasted with an oilcloth or special very thick washable wallpaper that is not afraid of moisture. The main thing is that the coating can be wetted and cleaned. When adding PVA glue and bostilate, the material will hold well even in wet conditions.

Tile of pastel marine shades

Figure 4. The tile of pastel marine shades will make the room more spacious and lighter.

Another option - to cover the walls in the bathroom with so-called tiles of a simplified version. Now it is sold everywhere in the construction departments. Such a tile is made of rubber. And if necessary, you can paste it or replace it.

The next important step is the finish of the bathroom ceiling. Here you can make both a standard ceiling and a ceiling, which will also support the marine style. The most practical and cheap options are washable wallpaper and ceiling tiles. This is based on a white color, which can vary in the shades of marine style. Tile can be glued white, and then give it the right shade.

Tiles are used for relatively flat surfaces, wallpapers can also be used for uneven ceilings. In both cases, the main thing is to correctly glue the material using bustilate and antiseptics, which will prevent the appearance of the fungus.

So, the design of the bathroom in the marine style in the three main stages is considered. Now you will have to think over the pleasant details about decorating furniture and the location of marine attributes in the room. And a good mood will be guaranteed!

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