How to make a bathroom in the style of provence

Charming Provence style will create a bathroom interior design that will distinguish it from other rooms. Filled with modesty and comfort, the style will resemble the cozy atmosphere inherent in the French house in the village. Bathroom in the style of Provence will be permeated with romance and perfection. The style is laconic, interconnected with the classical beginning.

Provence-style bathroom

Bathroom in the style of Provence, its appearance and atmosphere should resemble a country house in France.

French Provence is the subject of controversy by stylists and designers, so this style has gained special popularity in a wide range of masters of building art. Provence is the personification of the village spirit, the fragrance of freshness, trees, a reminder of the native land and at the same time an unconstrained atmosphere.

Style Provence

The design of the bathroom will emphasize not only the simplicity of the French traditional style, but will also touch deep spiritual notes, illuminating the entire space with the summer sun rays, soft colors and a touch of fresh wind.

This style is the embodiment of a large number of different variations associated with a certain arrangement of furniture in the bathroom in the style of Provence, using a range of colors, wall and ceiling decoration.

The way of placing accessories with decor elements is an important moment when creating a style.

Plants in the bathroom

For the style of Provence is characterized by the presence of various plants in the bathroom interior.

The charm of the Provence always touches the living, especially romantics and people with a dreamy nature. The French style of Provence will help restore the nervous system, providing it with real relaxation.

Bathroom in the style of Provence should be cozy and light, as if designed for sleep or rest. Vases should be flowers, and on the walls should be placed a mirror, which has an elegant frame. On special stands set furniture with shaped legs. Anyone wants to have a bath in his house.

Colors and shades

The main rule of style is the presence of light colors, bright enough lighting, the use of antique furniture. For the style of Provence are characterized by gentle-lilac, dull-olive, beige-pink or pastel-blue shades.

The presence of a sophisticated palette excludes chic with pompous patterns or too bright colors that cause dissonance. Bathroom can be decorated using meadow flowers, soft milky shades, the color of sea water or sunlight.

Provence is a style that requires a thoughtful attitude, to which one must be treated with understanding. Features of this direction are not understood by everyone, since people who prefer a different style can underestimate Provence, and it is impossible to impose their own opinion on others. For example, lovers of pop art bathroom provans will not be to taste.

Color solution for interior design

Bathroom in the style of Provence should have a uniform color of soft colors.

At the same time, people who positively relate to the French style are becoming more and more numerous. Provence fascinates with its naturalness, as well as the simplicity of colors and shades. Excessive elements are unnecessary, since Provence is a homogeneous style.

Under the style of the French Provence is meant the embodiment of all shades and colors in life in the presence of soft sunlight, muffling the bright colors of picturesque field flowers. Calm and discreet shades, excluding the presence of gray, cloudy and dreary colors, harmonize, combining with each other. The situation is characterized by light relaxation in the natural conditions.


Bathroom in the French style of Provence should be designed accordingly, and this requires attentive attitude to the decoration of the interior. It is important not to interrupt his erroneously selected details. Often the bathroom occupies a small area in the house, so her and the toilet are best combined. The beginning is the first step to the embodiment of the idea, therefore, it is not necessary to divide the bathroom into two rooms.

You should get a cabinet with a sideboard equipped with a built-in washbasin. The mirror should be dimensional with a metal or wooden decor. It is necessary to take into account various details or factors, allowing to create this unique style. This will require the necessary space. In a pre-designed design is amended, if after the unification of a separate bathroom has turned into a room with a small area.

Washbasins with wooden cabinet

In the bathroom in the style of Provence, vintage washbasins with a wooden pedestal will be appropriate.

For example, you can choose a wall-mounted washbasin without a curbstone. At the same time, it is necessary to buy a bathroom, as saving space due to its absence is not a way out of the situation. You can install a shower, but the chosen style is not associated with replacing the bath with it, which can have a small size if space is not enough. When choosing decorative materials, it is important to observe their similar texture. For example, you can choose a standard or decorative plaster.

The premises of bathrooms in the style of Provence do not presuppose the construction of multi-level ceilings. If you still decide to mount them, you can make a two-level ceiling, associated with a small height transition. As a material for its production, moisture resistant sheets of gypsum board are used. It is better to prefer light colors. At the same time, you can decorate the bathroom with a stretch ceiling. Suitable textile linen, but not PVC. This is necessary to create a matte surface, not a mirror surface. All elements of the interior should not assume a vivid painting or photo printing.

Choice of tile

A universal element of the interior can be tiles. Not many people like the refusal of tiles for finishing the bathroom. Tiles should be matched to the ceiling. It is best that its surface is matte and monophonic.

If the walls of the bathroom are decorated with tiles, then the seams between the tiles should not be made bright and contrasting. It is better to choose a way of laying tiles, which is seamless. Make the floor best light.

Varieties of tiles in the style of Provence

Varieties of tiles in the style of Provence.

The bathroom can be decorated with floor tiles. It is necessarily chosen with a pattern that mimics a tree. The walls should be lighter than the shade of the floor. The classic style of Provence is manifested in such a moment as the creation of a white interior. The presence of a window facing the street in the bathroom of a private house emphasizes the style of Provence.

The window should be small and have a light cotton curtain to the window sill. Sometimes apartments can have a small window that is located between the kitchen and the toilet. This window is left to decorate, combining the bathroom and toilet. In the presence of blind walls in the bathroom make a false window, which is an imitation, which has a curtain and LED lighting.

For the bath should be allocated a special place. It can be installed closer to the window or in the middle of the room. Bath in the style of Provence should have massive cast-iron legs, which have a refined shape. This style is emphasized by the presence of semicircular shapes of plumbing. It is advisable to install an oval shaped washbasin, and the color of the toilet bowl must be appropriate.

Furniture selection

Provencal bathroom must have special furniture. You can buy high-value furniture or install its simulation, which will attract attention. The interior of the bathroom is impossible without a chest of drawers or a locker made of wood. You can put a dressing table with carved legs.

Doing normal repairs in the bathroom, the walls are plastered. The created Provence does not require the facing of the wall surface, which will be perfectly even. This style may imply the presence of some roughness, which gives an unordinary to the whole interior design. Ability to use finishing materials will create a unique style.

Sometimes the walls are covered with a tree. The board or special lining is placed in any direction. So you can get an original view of the bathroom. The coloring of the boards complements the style, making the interior complete.

It is advisable to choose those accessories that will emphasize the style of the bathroom.

On the wall can hang a shelf with a vase for flowers. In the bathroom installed candelabra, the interior will be emphasized by the presence of a chandelier. On the windows should hang light curtains. From materials it is possible to choose a printed calico.

It is necessary to stop the choice of various supports, towels, hangers and soap dishes on more elegant items. They should be made not of plastic, but of chrome-plated metals. Interior should be completed, so it remains only to install a wooden door.

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