How to make a bathroom renovation with pvc panels

Bathroom repair is considered one of the most difficult because of the specifics of this room. First, the tightness of the room and the presence of pipes make work very difficult. Secondly, the materials for finishing this room are quite expensive. The latter refers to tiles, but today you can purchase more affordable material for finishing - PVC panels. Bathroom repair panels are not only cheaper, but also faster. Work with them can even beginner. Let's consider in detail how to finish the bathroom with plastic.

Stylish decoration with plastic panels

Despite the cheapness, modern plastic panels can perfectly fit into the stylish interior of the bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages

PVC panels have many positive qualities, but they are not without flaws. What are the advantages of using the panels in bathroom decoration?

  1. Partial finishing of the bathroom with pvc panels

    Partial decoration with plastic panels in places most prone to contamination, will help to save space.

    As already mentioned, an affordable price.

  2. It is easy to take care of this material. Smooth surface allows easy cleaning of dirt.
  3. Simple installation. Work with panels can even beginner in the construction industry. Their installation does not require additional hands.
  4. Large selection of colors. They can mimic other materials (such as wood).
  5. Easily hide communications, keeping design. This quality is welcomed with a major redevelopment of the bathroom, when pipes or cables need to be moved away from their original position.
  6. If one or more panels are damaged, they can easily be replaced by others due to the simple fastening mechanism.
  7. Free space can be filled with heat and soundproof materials if necessary.
  8. Ecology, fire safety.
  9. Durability (service life is more than 20 years).
  10. Moisture resistance.

What are the disadvantages of the panels?

  1. This is an artificial material, so it has minuses of the products of the chemical industry. The first time after installing the panels there is a specific smell, but then it is weathered.
  2. Poorly withstand mechanical stress: on plastic, cracks are easily formed when a heavy object hits.
  3. Reduce the space of the bathroom: when installing on the lath between the panels and the wall, space is formed.
  4. Some people do not like the cheap appearance of the panels.


Installation of plastic panels with an adhesive compound

Mounting of plastic panels on the adhesive composition requires preliminary leveling of the wall surface.

What are PVC panels? PVC panels inside have a cellular structure, so they are so light. In addition, there is no pore on their surface, which prevents the development of microbes.

For a bathroom the following dimensions of panels are standard:

  • length - 2,5-6 m;
  • width - 0,1-0,3 m;
  • thickness - 0,8-1,2 cm.

There are models for walls and ceiling. The surface of the strips can be matte, glossy and mirror (the latter in the bathroom is not used). Color coating is applied in various ways:

  1. Matte white (without cover).
  2. Glossy white (lacquered).
  3. Thermal transfer (the pattern is applied by means of a thermal film).
  4. Printing (for marble patterns, etc.).

Tools and materials

The materials will need the following:

  • plastic panels;
  • moldings;
  • metal fasteners;
  • Wooden bars (10-20 mm) or metal profile;
  • self-tapping screws, dowels or liquid nails;
  • insulating materials;
  • antifungal impregnation.


  • level, measuring tape;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill or perforator;
  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw.

There are 2 ways to install panels: on the crate and on the adhesive (liquid nails). The first option will hide the water pipes, hoses and conduct additional insulation, but will reduce the space of the bathroom. For the 2nd method, the obligatory condition is equal walls and a ceiling. But this option does not reduce the area of ​​the room. How to finish the bathroom, to decide the owner.

Calculation of material

Repairs ванной комнаты нужно начинать с вычисления количества материалов. Посчитать требуемое количество панелей легко. Для этого нужно измерить ванную комнату. Например, площадь под отделку вышла 7,5 м². Размер 1 панели - 0,25*2,7 м, следовательно, ее площадь будет равна 0,75 м². Затем общую площадь делим на площадь 1 панели: 7,5/0,75 = 10 шт.

When installing, follow this rule: for the beauty you need to fasten the panels of a single piece. Therefore, when calculating the exact number of panels, you need to measure the perimeter of the room, subtract a section of the doorway, and then divide by the width of the panel. The resulting number should be rounded up. For the ceiling, the calculation is slightly easier: you need to divide the length of either side of the room by the width of the panel.

When using the battens, you need to calculate the number of wooden slats or metal profile. The perimeter of the room will be 1 row of the frame. Then the height of the room should be divided by 0.4 m. It turns out a permissible step so that the panels do not bend. This number of rows must be multiplied by the perimeter of the room. As a result, the total length of the frame is obtained.

Mounting of obrestock

Kinds of moldings to plastic panels

Kinds of moldings to plastic panels.

First you need to clean the walls and ceiling from dirt and old finishes, treated with a special impregnation. If wooden slats are used, they must also be impregnated with this composition.

Then go to the layout of the room. For the upper bar, you need to make a mark on the wall 4-6 cm below the ceiling, and for the bottom - 4-6 cm above the floor (bathroom). On the ceiling, they retreat 4-6 cm from the walls. To install the panels vertically, the profile must be mounted horizontally.

The bars should be cut to the required length and the fixing points on them. Then you need to attach the bar to the wall and drill it through in such a way as to leave a trace from the drill on the wall. In the resulting marks make holes and drive dowels. Then screw the bars to the wall with screws. With the help of the level, it is necessary to check the smoothness of fastening the slats. If the wall has strong depressions, then in these places under the bars you need to make a gasket.

If insulation is planned, then the necessary materials are laid between the billet rows. Then proceed to install the panels. To do this, they are cut (together with moldings). Like tiles, they begin to lay from the most prominent corner of the room.

This type of finish has a connection of the spike-groove type. Moldings are of different types: angled, ceiling, connecting, etc. In the corner set the corner molding and wind up the panel from the side of the groove. It is necessary to make an effort and press it against the stop. Then it is attached to the frame by screwing screws into the spike. To fix the panels, a special metal fastener is also used. Then work goes in the same way. In the corners and transitions are necessarily mounted moldings. If the panel does not enter the width at the end of the wall, then you can cut it a little.

The ceiling is lined in a similar way. The ceiling on the ceiling will give an opportunity to install spotlights that look very stylish in the bathroom.

Installation for liquid nails

This option is simpler than the previous one. But it is complicated by a longer preparation of the surface. It should be perfectly flat. First, the wall is cleaned from the old finish and covered with a special antibacterial composition. When the agent dries, the wall is plastered. An important condition: when leveling, the maximum elevation difference is up to 2.5 mm.

As in version 1, mount the angular molding. Then, on the back panel, liquid nails are applied evenly (dots), then it is pressed against the wall and molded into the molding. Then the work proceeds by analogy.

These two methods are easily combined.

For example, with a small perimeter of the bathroom, but high ceilings, you can lay out the top of the room in the 1st way, the second one - the walls.

To repair yourself in the bathroom rehabilitated for a long time, you need to regularly clean the panels and observe the rules of operation.

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