How to make a bathroom renovation

Bathroom - a special room in the house or apartment. After all, the bathroom is constantly present high humidity, therefore, the requirements for finishing should be increased. Make a repair of the bathroom with your own hands is easy, you just need to choose the appropriate design of the room and quality finishing materials.

Bathroom Design

Plumbing is recommended to be selected for the design of the bathroom.

Today the bathroom is no longer an uncanny little room with a dull light bulb hanging on the wires, as it was about 50 years ago. The modern bathroom in its design, attractiveness and convenience is no different from other premises in the house, and sometimes exceeds them. How to repair yourself with the maximum quality?

Design Tips

Examples of bathroom layouts

Examples of the layout of the bathroom.

How to repair the bathroom so that it is comfortable? By its size, the bathroom can be small, medium and large. Naturally, the design of bathrooms of different sizes varies. Particular difficulties arise when you need to make repairs in a bathroom of small dimensions. How to make a tiny room comfortable and beautiful?

First of all, you need to replace the plumbing. If in a small room there is a large bath and a frontal shell, then the place does not remain for anything else. Therefore, increasingly in small rooms replace the bath with a shower or corner, and the front sink - corner washbasin.

The small bathroom is decorated in light colors, and the fixtures are mounted in a false ceiling. Light colors visually make the room bigger. Built-in lamps do not "steal" space, as hanging chandeliers do. It is recommended to use mirrors and shiny chrome-plated metal. The bathroom should be well lit.

Material selection

How to make a bathroom repair using the best finishing material? If the bath is replaced with a shower cabin, then the walls are tiled with a tile, because in the shower corner two walls of the room are used for the shower cabin, water flows on them. Space, where water does not fall, can be decorated with other finishing materials, for example, plastic panels. But tile for a bath is much preferable, although more expensive. Here, everyone must start from their financial capabilities. But you need to take into account that high-quality mounted tiles on the walls of the bathroom can for decades not lose its original appearance.

Acrylic bath

The advantage of an acrylic bath is that it is strong, light in weight, large choice, water retains heat for a long time.

As a ceiling, a rack ceiling is often used from plastic or metal rails. It's easy to install, and it's easy to make by yourself. Use and ceilings from gypsum cardboard, glue foam or mount tension. Reechny ceiling is also good in that it is very easy to fix the built-in point lights.

The floor in the bathroom can be laid out with tiles, ceramic granite or make a bulk.


Ceiling vapor barrier scheme

The scheme of the vapor barrier of the ceiling.

Start repairs should be from the waterproofing of walls, floor and ceiling of the room. With waterproofing, moisture will not penetrate the walls, so the finish will last much longer. Waterproofing the floor will not allow the water to seep into the neighbors, and the ceiling waterproofing will protect your repair if the neighbors on the top floor have an accident. As a waterproofing, roll or coating materials are used. There are many of them in free sale.

After the waterproofing is done, the plastering and leveling of the walls, floor and ceiling is carried out. If the ceiling is rack-and-pinion, then it is not necessary to level the surface of the bathroom ceiling, because the slats will cover all the irregularities. The walls and the ceiling must necessarily be leveled using the building level. If tiles are to be installed on walls and floors, it is recommended to prime them. The primer will close all pores and microcracks, and glue will be better to glue the material when installing tiles. The tiles are laid on a special glue, the seams are rubbed with putty for them.

If the walls are finished with panels, then you need to mount the crate of wood or metal profile and fasten the panels to it. In this case, it is necessary to treat the walls with a special compound that will protect them from the formation of the fungus.

Waterproofing of walls and floor of bathroom

Waterproofing walls and bathroom floor.

To install the rack ceiling by hand, you must first make a markup. At the top of the wall, retreating 10-15 cm from the ceiling of the bathroom, a horizontal line is drawn along the perimeter of the room. It is necessary to use the level and the padding thread, since the line should turn out to be strictly horizontal. On the marking, a plastic or metal profile is attached. Then, to the ceiling of the room are attached hangers, on which the tires for mounting the rails are fixed. Suspensions are fixed at a distance of not less than 1 m from each other and not less than 30 cm from the walls. The installation is done by screws. To screw all these parts to concrete, first drill holes in which plastic dowels are driven. On the mounted tires, the slats simply snap into place, you need to insert their ends into the profile on the walls. When installing the built-in luminaires, holes in the slats are made in advance. And on the ceiling is laid electrical wiring. Doing repairs yourself, wiring is better to lay in a special casing.

When installing the floor tiles or porcelain stoneware are laid in the same way as the tile is mounted on the walls. Do not make the floor in the bathroom out of ordinary tiles, so it will be slippery, which can cause injuries.

Accessories and lighting

Качественный ремонт ванной комнаты включает в себя правильный монтаж аксессуаров и освещения. Accessories and lighting придают помещению особенную привлекательность. Как уже говорилось, маленькая ванна выигрывает от того, если в ней располагаются зеркала. Без зеркала не может обойтись ни одна ванная комната. Дизайнеры рекомендуют выделять его отдельной световой зоной. В большой ванной комнате это могут быть бра с обеих сторон зеркала, а в маленькой - небольшие светодиодные светильники, расположенные по периметру этого аксессуара. В маленькой ванной не следует вешать на стены тяжелые полки, которые еще больше уменьшат пространство. Лучше всего в этом случае подойдут полки из прозрачного стекла.

Choosing a shower cabin, you need to relate its size to the size of the room. It is necessary to draw a bathroom plan, indicating all the dimensions, and with this plan to come to the store. An experienced salesman will help to choose a shower enclosure based on the area of ​​the room. Choosing a cabin for a small bathroom, you should not choose one in which the pallet is less than 80 cm in width, as taking a shower in it will be inconvenient. Also, do not buy and mount a too small washbasin.

If there is a need to conduct water and sewage pipes, it is better to use modern plastic structures for repair. Pipes made of plastic from well-known manufacturers can for decades not need repair and painting, and quality connections will exclude any possibility of leakage. In addition, there will be no need to use welding when installing a water pipe. If the old sewer drain is not far from the new plumbing system, then a plastic corrugated hose can be used. This is much easier than pulling in the right place sewage pipes.

These helpful tips will help to make a qualitative repair of the bathroom with your own hands so that it will for a long time please you with the convenience and fresh, attractive appearance.

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