How to make a bathroom repair in a breve

To date, from the "breeches" is a significant proportion of the housing stock of our fatherland. And the owners of such housing are increasingly faced with the need for repair, either in the whole apartment in its entirety, or in some of its parts. To take responsibility for repairing a bathroom in a brezhnevka in our own time, even with our own hands, is quite possible for any average citizen.

Bath in the Brezhnevka

The bathroom in the brevnevke is very small, therefore, when carrying out repairs in this room, it is necessary to try to visually increase the space.

Yes, it is sanitary and technical (toilet, bathroom, kitchen) and utility rooms subject to rescheduling in the first place, which is very much even explainable. Since it is their device that increasingly meets the increasing demands of citizens.

Restoration of the bathroom is considered one of the most problematic, in terms of carrying out repair work in the "brezhnevka." Limited space, a large number of requiring replacement and transfer of engineering equipment, a small selection of methods for redevelopment and finishing - the main points that are associated with the repair of the bathroom in an improved apartment.

Repair in the "Brezhnevke"

The work on the arrangement of a bath in a brezhnevka often characterizes a number of features that can significantly affect their performance, increasing the cost of repairing the bathroom.

Combined laying of tiles

To increase the space of the bathroom, it is necessary to produce a combined laying of tiles in different colors.

For example, the layout in many improvements is such that the sewage and water pipes are located at a rather impressive distance from the walls. Enough financially costly, but the most ergonomically advantageous is the installation of all the pipes directly into the wall material.

In the process of re-equipment of communications, dismantling of old coatings, plumbing fixtures and electrical equipment, other problems concerning the deterioration of the wires also come to the surface. Therefore, it will be necessary to add costs for the services of a qualified electrician to the total estimated cost for renovating the bathroom.

Another fact that can cause serious obstacles in carrying out in the bathroom shrews repair and cladding works, small size, which are typical for this type of premises. Due to the meager area, the number of possible ways to install plumbing and electrical appliances is reduced to a minimum. And, trying at least somehow to transform the bathroom to expand its space by changing the places of household appliances and sanitary ware, you have to make large investments in the purchase of electrical appliances or non-standard devices of sanitary ware. Quite expensive will have to pay and reward for the works of specialists who will help to develop and implement in reality the atypical bathroom project.

Bright bathroom design

Bright and light colors will decorate and enlarge the bathroom after repair.

Room Characteristics

Every owner of the breasts today can quite afford to equip the bathroom in a non-standard design, spacious and at the same time functional. All that is necessary is to allocate free time for this and sufficient funding.

The choice and hiring of skilled personnel, the acquisition of good construction materials and sanitary equipment is just one side of the matter, related to technical issues in creating a comfortable bathroom with an original design.

The development of extraordinary projects for the purpose of redevelopment and the creation of modern decor in the bathroom are the processes whose implementation is best entrusted to professionals in the field of design. Otherwise, the owner of the breeches can independently realize the dream of the actual design of the bathroom.

It is for those who undertake to do everything on their own, we will disclose small secrets of design science regarding this issue. This is especially important for those who do not know how to place all the objects in a very small area. The first step is to plan in detail the design of the bathroom, clearly assembling all the details.

Wall paneling from PVC panels

It is very beautiful and practical to look at the paneling of walls from PVC panels.

Techniques for increasing the area

  1. For visual delineation of surfaces it is better to use contrasting combinations in decoration. For example, one of the walls is made lighter, the rest - more dark. This technique will give an opportunity to concentrate attention on some subject of the interior, while visually increasing the space.
  2. Selection of tiles. Elements should not be too large or, conversely, shallow. From the use of tiles 60x60 is better to refuse. Do not buy a tile of bright colors, as in a confined space the variegation can be very annoying. Preferred pastel shades with a small gloss, which has a reflective effect (like the effect of a mirror), which allows you to expand the space.
  3. When decorating the ceiling, it is better to give a glossy stretch construction made of drywall, which, in addition to increasing the size of the room, will protect against leaks from above.
  4. Not bad in this will help mirror inserts, which also add beauty to the bathroom interior. The mirror hanged directly above the sink can be mounted directly in the tile. With a long and narrow layout of the room, the designers' recommendations are reduced to attaching mirror elements to the longest wall. The choice of mirrors today is wide, it is possible to consider a variant with a sandblasting pattern. A good efficiency for increasing the space can be brought in inserts of frosted glass or stained glass, located on one of the walls of the bathroom.
  5. It is very practical and convenient to arrange the lining of wall surfaces from PVC panels. This decoration of the walls looks very nice.

When planning a bathroom design, be sure to take into account the above recommendations.

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