How to make a bathroom

Only in the bathroom, a person has the opportunity to relax, take a warm shower and forget about all the problems of the past work day. This room seemed to be created in order to be tired, irritated. But for this, it should look so that everything in it is happy and there was a desire to again visit this room. To make this a reality, you need to know how to make a bathroom without the help of professionals.

Repair in the bathroom

Before starting repair, you need to determine the location of the plumbing.

To make the right decision on design and repair in the bathroom, you need to plan everything in advance: where will the appliances be located, where to put furniture, what color to choose, and what design to use.

Start the process

Bathroom layout options are 5.9 sq.m.

Bathroom layout options are 5.9 sq.m.

First, calculate the area of ​​the bathroom. The resulting size will help determine what improvements can be made. Perhaps in the bathroom you can install a new large bath, washing machine, etc.

However, when planning it is necessary to remember that in the bathroom it is much more convenient when there is a lot of free space in it, nothing interferes with your movement.

Another important issue is the walls. In the bathroom it is desirable to choose a coating of bright, colorful tones. In most cases, ceramic tiles are used for this. Modern technologies allowed today to produce tiles of different shades and sizes. For your own bathroom you need to choose only those colors that will fit well into the designed design and interior. A person should feel comfort and coziness.

If the area of ​​the bathroom is large enough, for more comfort in it you can put different accessories:

  • vases;
  • flowers;
  • lockers;
  • benches.

In addition, in the bathroom you can store laundry and all kinds of small things.

Bathroom layout

Classical scheme of plumbing in the bathroom

The classical scheme of plumbing in the bathroom.

You can change the bathroom in different ways. It is possible to mount a water heater. This appliance will provide you with hot water, even if the central feed is turned off. Today, when hot water is cut off occasionally for 6 months, the water heater will help maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of all tenants of the apartment. Therefore, its installation is mandatory.

The bathroom will become much more beautiful if it is equipped with competent lighting. For example, you do not need to go far. In each store, you can see the backlight, which gently lights the product and creates a great mood.

Something like that can be applied in your own bathroom. For example, to install bactericidal lamps that have a medical effect, helping to keep everything around clean.


To ennoble the bathroom, you can not do without repairs. First you need to remove the old cover from the ceiling, clean the walls of the old tiles. The work is dirty enough, but compulsory.

Clean the ceiling you need to putty. Each wall is primed. Completely replace the wiring, installing in the planned locations of sockets for connecting the washing machine.

Then all engineering communications are changed:

The device of a bath

The device of a bath.

  • sewerage;
  • plumbing;
  • standing;
  • pipes.

A concrete floor screed is made, waterproofing is laid. Such works will give a full guarantee that water will not leak to neighbors and will not pour a ceiling on them.

All problem joints are covered with waterproofing mortar. Waterproofing must be laid over the entire surface of the bathroom floor - suddenly a pipe bursts or water pours from the bathroom to the floor.

After all these works have to lay the tile. You can do it yourself or use the services of a tiler. Laying should start from the side of the bathroom, so as not to stain it with an adhesive solution.

After the tile is mounted bath. If its front side is closed, then the floor, which it closes, you can leave without tiles. The door is replaced, and then the tiles are laid out on the wall, where the door is.

Ceiling installation

The scheme of finishing the ceiling with plastic panels

The scheme of finishing the ceiling with plastic panels.

When the tiles are laid, you can proceed to the design of the ceiling. Over the entire ceiling perimeter fixed skirting. The ceiling is painted with water-based paint. The appearance of the bathroom will change, and the color of the ceiling can be made for a wall tile.

A ceiling treated in this way will not attract moisture, which means that it will always be bright and colorful. There will never be dark spots on the ceiling.

To make the ceiling more attractive, you can install PVC panels and mount a stretch ceiling.

Of course, after carrying out such repairs, I really want to add extra beauty to the bathroom. There are various ways for this. For a bathroom not very large area, you can apply methods of optical deception.

If the bathroom can be reached immediately into the bedroom, it will look great design one style. For example, you can remove the door that separates the bedroom and bathroom. A single solid floor will visually increase the area of ​​both rooms.

The shades of the walls of the bathroom can be made identical with the bedroom. It is allowed to apply a darker tone. This technique allows you to enlarge the room a little, and also to make the bathroom very original.

Sometimes one of the walls of the bathroom looks out onto the street. It can be mounted in a wide window.

An already inserted window can be slightly corrected.

For example, increase the opening and provide the window with exclusive frames. A wide window will give the opportunity to better ventilate the bathroom, which will not allow the accumulation of excess moisture.

Advice on arrangement

Do not hesitate to fantasize. You can try to combine different objects of different colors and shades. Designers in their projects long ago abandoned uniformity. The bathroom began to look more attractive and original. Try to use bright colors, approach this issue individually. In other words, you can forget about the classic combination of colors and try to combine colorful shades.

The scheme of the device of facing of a floor in a bathroom

The scheme of the device of facing of a floor in a bathroom.

Those who love antiques, you can advise for a new bathroom to create a retro style. For this we need:

  • antique furniture;
  • unusual shapes of taps;
  • twisted bath legs;
  • original lighting using forged lamps.

Very original looks the bathroom, installed directly in the large bedroom. It can be blocked with a beautiful decorative screen. This style was very popular in Europe in the 18th century.

Effectively it will look like a bathroom with soft furniture. Of course, this requires a large room dimensions. Upholstered furniture should have a special water-repellent material. With such protection, the humidity will not affect the furniture in any way.

Finishing tiles is gradually forgotten. To finish has become unique, today use other finishing materials. They were not used before.

The designers have a lot of different ideas on this score. To make the bathroom more comfortable and beautiful, use natural stones and even river pebbles. One of the options was a tree, which is previously covered with antiseptics and special moisture-proof materials.

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