How to make a budget renovation of a bathroom

To make repairs in the bathroom, you need patience, accuracy, careful approach to the matter and some skills of repair work. But if you want to do it yourself, you need to prepare well. So you can save a lot on the cost of work. However, to get a high-quality budget repair of the bathroom with your own hands, you will have a considerable preparatory front, because in this relatively small area you will find a whole range of different jobs: from the water supply and sewerage to the electrical part.

Bathroom Repairs

When selecting materials for a budget bathroom repair it is important not only to select the cheapest ones, but also pay attention to quality.

Also it is worth to be prepared that the repair in the bathroom will be tested for strength by constant jumps of humidity and temperature. When arranging this room, you will find a difficult choice of quality sanitary ware and decoration materials. Therefore, it is simply necessary to be as rational and organized as possible, doing repairs in the bathroom in order to observe the correct sequence of work. This will lead you to the desired result with the least losses and costs.

Inexpensive repair

It is necessary to understand that the wording "inexpensive or budgetary variant of repair" should not at all affect its quality. To begin with, you must consider what you can really save. Performing a significant part of the repair work on the bathroom with your own hands, you do not have to spend a significant amount on the workers. You can do many things without even having a special construction qualification.

Materials can become another item for savings. Here you need to be careful not to have to pay twice, getting rid of the consequences of inexpensive repairs. Reduce costs can only be on additional things, roughing or supporting materials.

Bathroom Repair Tools

Tools for bathroom repair.

Try to adequately assess your strength and knowledge before you take on the repair of the bathroom with your own hands, so as not to get into even greater costs. Spoil the inexperienced installation of expensive plumbing or flood your neighbors because of improperly made communications and plums are hardly included in your plans.

To avoid these and any other troubles, draw up a plan of the alleged bathroom repair works. It is worthwhile to think through the design and bring out at least an approximate estimate. So you can see what they can do for themselves, and where they need to turn to professionals.

Preparatory work

When drawing up a plan for repairing the bathroom, you should try to take into account and consider any unforeseen situations and options, how they can be eliminated. So you will not waste time due to lack of tools or lack of materials. Here are some nuances that should be taken into account:

  • when buying a tile, consider that it can break or become waste, so purchase with a margin of 3-5%;
  • for other materials (silicone, sand, cement and others), take an additional stock of 30-40%.


The first thing you have to do is prepare the premises for repair work. Carefully disconnect all plumbing, even if you do not plan to change it. Now you need to dismantle the old cover. After you remove the tile, wallpaper or paint, clean and the previous layer of putty. Then you have to remove the old cement screed on the floor and the remnants of the waterproofing. When these works are finished, thoroughly clean the bathroom of debris, dust and other waste.

Disconnecting the plumbing

The first step in repairing the bathroom is to disconnect all the plumbing.

To smooth the cleaned surfaces, a cement slurry will be needed, and the formed slots can be sealed with a sealant. This is necessary, because due to the formation of condensation, constant high humidity and splashing, any repairs can very soon come to naught. For the bathroom floor, it is possible to use a waterproofing coating - it is applied to a concrete screed (from above in two layers, although it is possible to use one).

External trim options

As an option, you can choose to cover the tile with only one surface. The optimal solution is the floor, because it is on it that the main load falls due to an aggressive wet environment. Even budget repairs do not justify linoleum for the floor in the bathroom. Because of the frequent ingress of water, you risk getting a fungus and mold, so this coating can only serve as a temporary option.

You can save on finishing with tile, laying it yourself. You just need to prepare:

Layout for laying tiles

Layout scheme for laying tiles.

  1. Mark the wall using a large scale.
  2. Apply a trowel to the prepared substrate with a special denticle.
  3. Put the tile on top, pressing firmly. You can make the same distance between the tiles with the help of special plastic dividing crosses. Remove residual glue from the surface of the tile after the installation. It is worth using the building level, so that there are no unevennesses.
  4. When the glue dries, grout the joints.

Doing repairs to the bathroom, you can save by using ordinary PVC plastic panels for finishing the walls, because this material is not only inexpensive, but also eco-friendly, durable and easy to clean.

In addition, this decoration has a variety of colors, in the range of which you can definitely find something suitable for yourself. Using this material, you can easily carry out your own hands finishing the walls of the bathroom. What you need to do:

The scheme of finishing the bathroom wall panels

The scheme of finishing the bathroom wall panels.

  1. When installing the battens, you can not do without plastic profiles and wooden bars. Pre-mark the walls and fix the slats so that they run parallel, having the same distance from each other.
  2. Now you can install accessories, that is, corners and moldings. They will be needed to mask the joints and corners when you make the facing.
  3. Begin installing the wall panels from the corner far from the entrance. Insert the panels into the moldings on the side and fix them one by one. Each product must be pressed tightly so that no gaps remain.
  4. If you need to install a switch or socket, just cut the hole in the panel.
  5. The last panel may be too large, so it must be pruned.
  6. Try to ensure the maximum tightness: for this you need to conduct the treatment of the sealant at the edges of the panel before insertion.

As for the budget solution for the ceiling of the bathroom, think about whether you can tackle stretch designs, which in themselves are not an expensive option. Therefore, even a very flat surface can simply get rid of the old coating, make shpaklevku, primer, and then paint with acrylic paint in the tone of the bathroom. Plastic panels will become output if defects can not be hidden by such a treatment.

Plumbing and communications

The scheme of collector distribution of pipes in the bathroom

The scheme of collector distribution of pipes in the bathroom.

If you can not change anything, it's better to do it, because buying plumbing is the most expensive moment in updating the bathroom. If there are no cracks and leaks, the enamel spoiled with time lends itself to recovery. But when replacement is inevitable, approach the matter wisely.

Do not pursue brands, because you have to overpay for this. But do not choose too cheap options. This can be fraught with unpleasant consequences.

The distribution of water pipes, sewer pipes and electrical wiring is best entrusted to professionals, even when doing budget repairs to the bathroom, since these works require special training and special precautions and safety measures. If you decide on all the work on finishing this room with your own hands, then consider some of the nuances:

  1. When replacing old water pipes and sewer pipes with new, for example, metal-plastic pipes, it is necessary to make an overlap of communications and to bring out new "wet points". Before the end of the work, it is recommended that all the points of the stub are installed.
  2. The same applies to electrical wiring. Need accurate marking of the location of sockets, switches, lamps. When conducting electrical wiring, be sure to observe the necessary safety rules when working with electricity and do not forget that all electrification points should be located at a safe distance from the "wet points".

Design details

All accessories and parts must support the idea that you are conceived. Try to give your bathroom a bright accent with the help of rugs, shower curtains, other trifles. Show a little creativity, fantasy, picking the corner shelves or the cabinet under the sink.

Towel holder will be able to replace simple nickel hooks or inexpensive railings.

Correctly selected lighting and a mirror will also help visually expand and refresh the room.

Bathroom repair may not be an impossible task.

It's just worthwhile to prepare for it well, not getting carried away by unnecessary savings when choosing really important elements, so that this does not entail even greater costs.

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