How to make a ceiling in a bathroom of plasterboard

Bathroom is not an easy place in terms of choice of materials for decoration. This is affected by the characteristic microclimate of the room (continuous changes in temperature and humidity). Therefore, it is necessary to choose those finishing materials that are able to tolerate such conditions.

Scheme drywall ceiling

Scheme drywall ceiling.

The presence of a large number of materials on the construction market allows for the original decoration of the ceiling so that it becomes an essential part of the decor. Easier and easier to build an even ceiling, using gypsum board. It will be needed in places where you need to cover every inch. Bathroom for this is the best option.

Properties of plasterboard

This building material resists moisture, its strength properties are quite high. However, it must be borne in mind that the ceiling of plasterboard in the bathroom should be moisture resistant. The required material is available in green or blue. It has a sufficiently hard surface, which, in turn, does not let water pass under any circumstances.

The versatility of the material allows the use of GCR in rooms:

  • with high humidity;
  • with neutral data.
Scheme drywall sheet

Scheme drywall sheet.

If the bathroom is finished with the usual white-gray plasterboard, then after a while it will begin to crack and warp.

To give the outer cardboard a special moisture resistance, it passes treatment with paraffin compounds, in which hydrophobisers and components against the fungus are added. This contributes to the fact that the ceiling of gypsum board in the bathroom (green) can carry up to 90% of humidity, maintaining the original quality and appearance. In order to increase the water-repellent properties, the material is covered with special means, which will later repel water. Such funds are protected from leakage, and the ceiling acquires a beautiful appearance.

Ceiling Mounting

The ceiling in the bathroom using plasterboard can be done by one's own hands, because such work is not difficult. When doing this finish, it is recommended to give importance to several important points:

  1. Before you start the assembly, you need to handle the sheets of drywall on both sides with a special solution for reliability.
  2. All the holes that appear should be covered with silicone sealant.
  3. Seal the seams with a special sealing tape and putty.
  4. All the surface of drywall in the bathroom is primed and dyed with waterproof paint.

When finishing the ceiling with this material, it is necessary to ensure stable exhaust external ventilation. If this is not done, then over time, even the moisture-treated coatings will come into disrepair.

Advantages of GKL

Table of plasterboard characteristics

Table of the characteristics of drywall.

Drywall refers to such materials, with which you can design ceilings of all kinds of configurations. These include curvilinear figures. On the ceiling of this material, you can easily install point lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. The ceiling can be made mirror, as well as from a metal or wooden frame.

Pluses of the ceiling in the bathroom of plasterboard:

  1. Clean (from an environmental point of view). Its core is made of gypsum core. It is covered on both sides with cardboard, the density of which is increased.
  2. Natural. It consists only of natural ingredients, such as cardboard and gypsum. It contains 93% of gypsum, 6% of cardboard, and 1% of additives. To give the plasterboard moisture resistance, it injects a few plasticizers, which reduce its hygroscopicity.
  3. Non-flammable, respectively, fireproof.
  4. Affordable cost.
  5. The original ceiling due to an irreproachable smooth surface of drywall can be quickly and easily smoothened.
  6. Additional isolation from noise.
  7. Variety of profiles.

The ceiling of plasterboard in the bathroom allows you to erect a hidden wiring harness and pipes. There is an opportunity to create different multi-level ceiling structures made of drywall to make the bathroom visually enlarged. When forming quirky elements, a damp, easily bent material is used.

To give all possible forms will be simple, after which the ceiling will save the given form.

In the case of leakage, the plasterboard skin and the septum are disassembled and do not get worse. Such a ceiling is easy to process.

It must be wiped with a cloth or sponge with detergent.

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