How to make a countertop for a bathroom

How is the countertop for the bathroom made by yourself? In the bathroom, additional items are always needed for comfort and convenience. You can make yourself a countertop for the sink with the base.

Worktop in the bathroom of porcelain stoneware

Porcelain can be easily selected in a color scheme with a tile, which is faced with a bathroom.

Of course, you can order the product in the company, where they perform sawing and purchase of fastening elements, and then install the structure. You can order a product made of granite in a special workshop. But it will be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better to make the table top with your own hands from plasterboard.

Drywall is a material that does not stand the effects of moisture. Therefore, the worktop, made of plasterboard, it is necessary to completely finish with tile or mosaic tiles.

Manufacturing of countertops

Size of the countertop in the bathroom

Scheme of standard size countertops in the bathroom.

Materials and tools:

  • plasterboard;
  • ceramic tile or tile mosaic;
  • moisture resistant tile adhesive;
  • screwdriver;
  • guide profile;
  • bearing profile;
  • self-cutters for metal with a diameter of 3.5 mm.

First of all, you need to mark up the future product. To do this, at a height of 800 mm above the floor, draw a straight horizontal line.

Then a guide profile is fixed along this line. Then, along the guide, the future contours of the table top form. To prevent the product from falling, you need to make a temporary backup.

It turned out a ready frame. It must be drywalled with plasterboard. To do this, you need to cut out pieces of gypsum board that have the necessary shape and dimensions.

Then you need to put a sheet of drywall on top and draw a cutout for the sink. Next, on the resulting markings, you need to cut the hole. Then this finished sheet can be used as a template for making the bottom skin.

Now, the lower gypsum plasterboard sheet is attached to the metal frame. This is done for the purpose, after fixing it, to begin mounting the rigid supports of the product.

Further along the entire perimeter of the cutout, the supporting profiles are installed on top of them in order to impart strength to the structure.

This operation will allow to determine the places of fastening of the main lower supports.

Mounting the sink in the countertop

Scheme of installation of a sink in a table-top.

At the bottom they are attached to sheets of plasterboard by using self-tapping screws.

Then you need to install supports. Below, in the place where the profiles were fixed, install direct guides. Their length is 2/3 of the width of the table top.

Then the same guide profiles are fixed to the wall vertically.

After this, the third guide profile must be fixed. It closes the sides of the triangle. This will result in a brace, which can withstand greater loads.

Left and right of the cut will be 2 triangles. They need to be faced with moisture-resistant gypsum fiber from all sides and the end.

After that you need to install 2 more load profiles. They are fixed over those profiles that provide the fastening of the braces. Then set the shelves.

Next, fix the top sheet of plasterboard. After that, all the end parts of the product are faced.

This completes the production of the gypsum board frame. Now you need to round the edges of the product. This is necessary in the event that the lining will be made of tiled mosaic.

For facing with ceramic tiles, it is not necessary to round the edges, as it is impossible to bend the tiles accordingly.

Rounding the edges of the product is not difficult, but this work will require a lot of patience and time. On the end of the countertop, which must be rounded, a strip of drywall is sewn. Then it is ground with a planer until it is accurately bent.

Facing articles

Now proceed to the paneling of the countertop with tiles, which should not differ from the rest of the tiles in the bathroom. The lining can be made with tile or tile mosaic. What material to choose, the owner decides, depending on the interior of the bathroom and their own preferences.

It is necessary to correctly choose the color and size of the tiles for the countertop. Facing tiles is more practical, it will make it easier to take care of the countertop. When laying the tiles in the bathroom for finishing the table top use a moisture-resistant adhesive. The joints are treated with a waterproof mortar with antibacterial properties.

The bathroom top made using this technology will become a solid, reliable item that will not only bring practical benefits, but also decorate the interior of your bathroom.

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