How to make a lath ceiling

Tired of constantly whitening the ceiling in the bathroom? It does not matter, today's manufacturers can offer a wide range of finishing materials. But before you start repairing, it is important to decide which material is most practical to apply, who will perform the repair work. Hiring professionals is expensive. Considering all the nuances, it is most practical to make a lath ceiling with your own hands.

Rack Ceiling в ванной

The lath ceiling in the bathroom looks beautiful, easy to install and easy to clean.

The ceiling of this material is an excellent option for rooms with high humidity, as the bathroom is prone to fungi and mold. The lath ceiling is not affected by harmful microflora and does not lend itself to dampness and rust. To all the advantages it is possible to attribute its low cost and the fact that it is easy to mount even independently. Since the structure is suspended, the base of the ceiling does not require preliminary preparation.

Basically, the rack ceiling is a kind of tension design for the bathroom. The most common are slats made of aluminum. This is due to the fact that the aluminum itself has some positive properties that are necessary for bathrooms. These properties include the following advantages:

  1. Aluminum is the only material that does not lend itself to rust, which affects its leadership among other materials.
  2. The ceiling of this material is easy to clean and wash. After its cleaning, the ceiling will have an original appearance.
  3. Has the ability to repel dust.
  4. Great for any kind of interior design.

Practical recommendations

Elements of a design of a rake ceiling

Elements of the design of the rack ceiling.

Ceilings of similar material can be used in kitchens. Instead of aluminum, you can also use tile bar panels, but still the first model has advantages such as strength and ease of installation.

Still, the choice fell on the aluminum structure, but before you think about how to make a rack ceiling, you need to decide what the kit consists of.

And it includes rails with bends on the sides, and the key parameters are their sizes and types. They come in three variants:

  • Closed, which resembles a wooden lining.
  • Open. They are used in rooms with a height of more than 5 m, and when installing between the slats, a gap must be observed.
  • With inserts. They look like open racks, but they have inserts, due to which all the gaps are masked.
Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling

Scheme of installation of the rack ceiling.

As for the dimensions, the rails have the following parameters:

  1. The length of the lath bars can be of two sizes: 3 m or 4 m. But if the dimensions do not fit, then many companies implementing the material have cutting machines.
  2. Dimensions of the width range from 9 cm to 20 cm. The rails with a thickness of 10 cm are most popular.
  3. But the thickness depends on the quality of the ceiling. The best option is the slats with a thickness of 0.5 mm. This size is the key to the strength and reliability of the entire structure.


To make a lath ceiling in the bathroom, it is preliminary important to stock up all the necessary materials and tools:

  • accessories for fastening: profile, stringers and panels;
  • hanging elements;
  • electric perforator and screwdriver;
  • Handy materials: marker, water level, tape measure, ruler, knife, scissors for metal, pliers;
  • dowels and screws.
Instruments для монтажа реечного потолка

Instruments для монтажа реечного потолка.

Before buying material, you must first make a calculation in order not to buy excess or buy a little.

The first thing you need to calculate the perimeter of the bathroom, this will be the total footage of the U-shaped profile, which is mounted on the walls, which will achieve an even abutment of the ceiling covering to the walls.

The second stage is the calculation of the total number of stringers, in this case it is necessary to make the ceiling surface marking perpendicular to the future racking panels with a step of about 1 m. It is necessary to calculate the area of ​​the rack panels, it will be equal to the area of ​​the bathroom.

After all the necessary calculations have been made, you can purchase materials that will be required for work.

Installation process

So, to make the ceiling in the bathroom with your hands, you must first determine the height. In the case where the bathroom is finished with tiles, this process is not difficult, you just need to measure the distance from the tile seam in the corners, and then twine the line or using a marker and rules to draw.

If spotlights are provided, the choice of ceiling height will depend on the size of the device with a margin of 15 cm.

Next are the corners for the stringer. Before starting their installation, it is important to make a marking by applying a profile to the base of the walls and markers in special holes for mounting, and then holes for fixing dowels must be drilled in the marked places.

To fix the rails, the guides are mounted at a distance of about 1 m from each other. But the distance between them can vary depending on the weight of the structure, taking into account the fixtures in the bathroom.

As stringers will be installed, it is the turn of the wires for the luminaires. In this case, the wires should be hidden in the cable duct.

To the base of the ceiling stringers should be attached to the suspension. And to adjust the level of the rack ceiling with hangers, you should use the rule or level.

Also, stringers can be fastened with screws, and the height while this will be regulated by screws, twisting or twisting them.

Rack Ceiling

And now you can mount the lath ceiling in the bathroom.

Installation of the construction begins with the marking.

All wiring should be fixed, it is necessary to simplify the operation so that the wires do not interfere. The work should be carried out in strict sequence:

  1. Mounting the ceiling with your own hands, it's important to remember that the first stage will be fixing the bearing stringer, which is fastened with dowels and screws.
  2. Installation of end profiles. Such work is not difficult, because they do not need to be attached to the wall.
  3. We proceed to the crucial moment. First, the film is removed from the lath bars. In the event that fixtures are provided, the holes must first be cut to size.

Roof ceilings for the bathroom are the best option in all respects. It is not only moisture resistant, but it is easy to install, despite the long service life. If the choice fell on the lath ceiling - then this is not in vain, it will please you with its beauty and durability.

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