How to make a podium for a bath

A nonstandard view of the interior can give the podium for a bath with your own hands, which is not too difficult to do. Podiums are made of different materials. The presence of this element in the interior of the bathroom visually reduces it, so it is recommended to install it in bathrooms and toilets above the average. The size of the podium should not be more than half of the entire floor area. Podiums are divided into frame and monolithic. The skeleton podium is hollow, and in it you can arrange storage for things that should be at hand.

Bath on the podium

The podium under the bathroom is not only an interior decoration, it is also a place where you can hide sewage pipes.

Podium for a bath can be made of plasterboard, brick or blocks. Drywall is required moisture resistant. To build such a podium turns out quickly and simply, but by weight it is small. Although the brick weighs significantly more, the podium of it is much more reliable. Blocks, in order to build a podium with your own hands, you can use almost any: slag blocks or foam blocks are good for this kind of construction. Concrete and cement are rarely used because of the high specific gravity of the material, which in the process of operation is added to the considerable weight of a cast-iron bath full of water. This can create an unacceptable load on the slab in multi-storey buildings.

Making a podium

The scheme of installation of a bathroom on a brick catwalk

The scheme of installation of a bathroom on a brick catwalk.

For the construction will be required:

  • blocks;
  • saw;
  • roulette;
  • gon;
  • nails;
  • dowels;
  • soundproofing;
  • solution;
  • ceramic tile;
  • mounting foam;
  • primer.

The podium is installed only after the bath has already taken its place, the drainage in the floor is equipped and works, and the soundproofing is laid. The soundproofing between walls and blocks is put. Using the level, marks are made on the floor, then connected by a solid line. The second line is carried out when the thickness of the facing is deposited from the first outward. Clutches will be conducted along this line. When installing foam blocks on the side of the drain and siphon, a special hatch is cut to provide access to the plumbing as needed.

When manufacturing steps, it should be remembered that their height should not exceed 25 cm, and the ribs of each step are strengthened by a special profile. From the edge of the bowl of the bath to the foam blocks you need to leave the distance when making the podium with your own hands. This gap is then filled with a mounting foam. Manufactured from the foam blocks of the podium with their own hands, the cladding is often made with ceramic tile or stone.

Monolithic version

В небольшой ванной комнате подиум, как правило, напоминает небольшую одиночную ступень, при помощи которой легче забраться в ванну. Making a podium своими руками часто служит только для поддерживания дна резервуара. Ножки ее при этом остаются на полу, опираясь и на него тоже. Такой подиум удобнее всего строить из кирпича, выравнивая его пузырьковым уровнем.

Aligning the height of the legs after installation greatly facilitates the fact that the bottom has a support and the tank stands firmly on it.

Scheme of mounting the bath to the wall

Scheme of mounting the bath to the wall.

This is convenient in order to get a flat horizontal surface for installation. To produce it you will need:

  • brick;
  • masonry net;
  • solution;
  • level;
  • Master OK.

For this type of catwalk, formwork is required. It can be built on the outer perimeter of a brick, adjoining the walls while not formalized. With the finished formwork inside the podium, you can arrange the communication. After all the required plumbing is carried out to the full, the inside is poured with concrete. While the concrete is not frozen, a masonry grid is placed on its surface for greater strength. It is slightly heated to be hidden concrete.

Sometimes, in order to facilitate the overall weight, this solution is mixed with claydite on preparation, getting claydite-concrete. The formwork for this option can also be lightweight, not from bricks, but from planks.

The disadvantage of this kind of podium is also obvious: it will be very difficult to get rid of it, if the structure is broken, the entire floor can suffer a considerable depth.

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