How to make a podium for a shower

To emphasize the beauty of the new shower enclosure, you can design a catwalk in the bathroom to which it will be installed. Of course, this type of work can not be attributed to the category of lungs, but the result is worth it. On the question of how to make a podium for a shower cabin yourself, the answer below will help.

Podium for shower cabin

The catwalk for the shower cabin will help to hide the sewer pipes, as well as to bring individuality to the interior design of the bathroom.

What is the podium? This is a construction that is built slightly above the floor level. It can be made from many kinds of materials. Not to mention the options for finishing.

Many people, having decided to purchase a shower cabin, are thinking about how best to install it so that the water discharge is full.

If in your bathroom the tee is too high on the riser, then you need to install a drain with a slope of 3 °. Otherwise, you can break the sewage system, which in the future can lead to a clog.

Each shower enclosure has parameters that the installation must match. They must be observed in order to exploit it for a long time.

Tools for podium installation

Tools for mounting the catwalk.

Sometimes, with the help of the podium, the issue with pipes is solved. They can neatly hide unaesthetic elements. After all, drain pipes often have a considerable size. The podium will easily solve this problem.

If the room in which you take a shower is combined with a toilet, you can create a visual delimiter with the help of a podium.

Of course, the catwalk for the shower cabin will look great in large and spacious rooms, rather than in a room that has small dimensions.

To make a classic catwalk for the shower, you need to purchase the following materials:

  • sand;
  • cement;
  • crushed stone;
  • brick;
  • armature;
  • cant;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • tes;
  • material for exterior decoration.

Height of the podium

Height of the podium напрямую зависит от того, какая модель душевой кабины находится в вашей ванной комнате. Обычная или одна из самых современных гидромассажных? Немаловажно учесть соединение канализационных труб и слива. Труба должна находиться ниже уровня подиума, не меньше чем на 8 см. Это позволит вам избежать проблем с застаиванием воды на дне душевой.

The scheme of the shower tray device made of tile

The scheme of the device shower tray of tiles.

After you decide on the height of the podium, you need to solve the question regarding the remaining parameters. To do this, use the dimensions of the shower tray. If you finally determined the place where the shower room will be installed, you need to take into account that the distance between the pallet and the walls is at least 25 cm. Using chalk on the floor surface, apply a marking, which will be the intended catwalk. But do not forget that each side should increase by 25 cm during the laying process.

The next stage of the work is to make a podium. Here you can apply creativity and use some atypical material. If you do not want to complicate the process, you can make a brick masonry that is laid out on cement. The solution should be prepared in advance. And finish you can do it later.

Manufacture of wood

For those who prefer to use the wood in the finishing of the room, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties.

When making a wooden podium, you need only use a dry bar. Then the design will last longer.

If we talk about the finish of the wooden podium for the shower, then before you start it, the beam should be carefully processed. For this purpose, antiseptic agents are used. They will help to save wood from mold, which after a while can appear in a damp room, like a bathroom. After the antiseptic, a layer of varnish is applied to the surface.

If you are not afraid of complicated and painstaking work, then creating a podium from cement will not be a problem for you.

The erection of cement mortar

Its manufacturing is divided into the following stages:

The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet

The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet.

  1. It is necessary to make the formwork of the wood. Its dimensions should completely coincide with the markings that were applied earlier.
  2. From the reinforcement the frame of the future construction is made and installed inside the formwork.
  3. Then a solution is produced from the purchased cement. It is important to make it as tight as possible. To do this, take 3 parts of sand, 1 part of cement mixture and 3 parts of rubble. All components are mixed with water in a special container.

Liquefy water in small portions, gradually turning the mixture into a solution that will be about the same density as sour cream.

If you make a drier solution, later on the surface may appear cracks. And then the design will have to be disassembled or restored.

After the fixture has been filled with a solution, it is necessary to wait a while for it to harden completely. To podium for the shower of cement frozen, should take at least a month.

After this time, you can begin finishing work. You can use ceramic tiles. Also, the mosaic looks harmonious in the bathroom.

Brick installation

Brick masonry podium - the easiest and quickest way to improve the bathroom. This method is considered the most economical. It is important that it can be made in almost any form.

To avoid the occurrence of trouble with the drain in the future, it is installed before starting work.

Stages of mounting the shower tray

Stages of mounting the shower tray.

You will need to prepare:

  • cement in the form of a mixture;
  • sand;
  • brick.

First a cement is mixed with cement and sand. The proportion of about 1 part of cement to 4-6 parts of sand. First, the ingredients are mixed to dry, and only then water is added.

Then the brick is laid on the entire surface of the future design, according to the design.

After this, you should wait a while for the podium to dry out, and you can start finishing work.


Beautifully decorate the surface of the podium can be almost any available material. It can be a massive board or ceramic tile.

In order to distinguish the construction on a general background, it should be covered with a material that will differ in texture from the substrate. That is from the floor. The most important part of the podium is the butt.

The front part of the podium is better decorated with large ceramic tiles, and the lateral parts of the tiles are smaller.

Looks like this design will be effective. But in order for the tile to last a longer period of time, before applying, the surface must be treated with a water repellent.

Very beautiful and attractive option - a mosaic. It can be laid out from:

  • marble;
  • granite;
  • ceramics.

Using mosaic you can hide uneven parts of the surface of the podium.

Another design element is the backlight. A very relevant and modern solution is the LED cord. They can draw the edge of the podium. This will illuminate sharp edges and avoid accidental injury.

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