How to make a shell

Everyone wants to see their home cozy, attractive and different from others. And such requirements are required not only for living rooms, but also for sanitary facilities. For a quality home, you can turn to the designers for help, but you can add a highlight to the design of the bathroom, if you ask yourself: how to make a sink by yourself? To do this, you need to have some knowledge about the process itself, as will be discussed below.

Approximate scheme and dimensions of the cabinet for installing the sink

Approximate scheme and dimensions of the cabinet for installing the sink.

Speaking of stone as a building material, it is worth noting that its use is extensive and widespread. It was always used at all times. The stone is good for making floors, stairs, ceilings, walls. The room, decorated with such raw materials, always looks rich and luxurious. By resorting to the use of this building material, there is no need to take on natural raw materials, because its cost is very high. As an analogue, it is possible to use an artificial stone and construct an original product from it. How to make a sink by yourself? The answer to this question wants to get a large number of owners who decided to produce an exclusive sample.

Set of materials

Schematic-example of sink sizes

A diagram is an example of the dimensions of a shell.

To work smoothly and without problems, it is recommended to stock up on the washbasin with the following tools and materials:

  • molding container made of polyurethane (it can be made by yourself);
  • enamel of any shade;
  • fresh napkin;
  • water;
  • river sand;
  • gelcoat;
  • plasticizer;
  • cement;
  • pebble;
  • mixer;
  • film.

Once the entire set of the listed components has been prepared, you can begin the installation. Do not forget about the composition, it is prepared in advance.

Preparation of the formulation

Sink Device Diagram

Sink Device Diagram: 1 - патрубок смесителя; 2 - прокладка; 3 - фиксирующая гайка; 4 - гибкий шланг; 5 - подвод трубопроwater; 6 - отверстие перелива; 7 - комбинированный слив; 8 - сливное устройство; 9 - компрессионное кольцо; 10 - компрессионная муфта; 11 - двухоборотный сифон; 12 - сливная труба.

The necessary mixture is made at home, specially equipped premises for this do not provide. The main requirement is a strict adherence to the instructions for production and, of course, personal aspiration.

First you need to wash and dry the river sand. In the previously prepared container mix sand and cement in a ratio of 2: 1, add to it 1% filler, relative to the cement composition. The resulting mixture is well stirred until the mass becomes homogeneous.

After that, the dye is added to the prepared solution, it also corresponds to 1% of the weight of the cement. Now heavily to interfere with the mass does not follow, because the natural stone has a heterogeneous color, which should be achieved during the preparation of the composition. It should be as close to natural raw materials as possible.

Then 0.8% of water and 1% of plasticizer are poured into the mixture. With mixing of such a composition a special mixer is used, which helps to achieve the greatest plasticity. Next, 24% water is poured in. It is necessary to ensure that the composition is homogenous, homogeneous and soft. From skillfully and diligently performed actions will depend on the quality of the material.

Before filling the mold, it is important to check its purity and dryness. To be absolutely sure of its impeccability, you need to use a napkin and wipe the surface. After all the done, a gelcoat is applied. As soon as the mixture begins to dry, it is poured into a molding container. Excess amount of substrate should be removed. To make the surface of the future washing of a perfectly smooth base, it is advisable to use two molding vessels. The additional device is placed on the top layer of the composition.

It is not necessary to regularly check the degree of readiness of the stone. As a rule, 10 hours will be enough to completely freeze. At the end of this time, the finished base is removed from the mold, being careful and careful.

So, the product is dried and prepared for further use. Just work on the drain hole. Methods of processing natural and artificial stone have no differences. Such a surface with a low porosity will provide a stable and strong base of the entire structure.

Installation Tips

The scheme of a shell sink into the countertop

The scheme of the shell sink into the countertop.

After the completion of the process of manufacturing the washbasin, it must be installed in its place. There should not be any difficulties here. The right approach to the case will allow anyone willing to easily cope with the mission entrusted to him.

Using a suspended structure, care must be taken to thoroughly prepare the surface. For this purpose, a mark is made corresponding to the attachment points of the shell holders. It is important to take into account the convenient distance from the floor surface to the washbasin. As a result of well-executed manipulations and careful thought through the whole design, an object that is incredibly user-friendly is obtained. After this, you should make holes, later they will be screwed into bolts for the brackets. At the end of this process, the sink is fixed to the brackets, then the siphon and drain are connected.

Samples with a pedestal are installed in a similar way, only as the holders are the stoppers on a metal base. They are hammered deep into the wall.

As a support, the pedestal itself, which has special grooves, can be used.

These elements ensure the closest fit of the shell.

Variants with pedestals can be attributed to elementary devices due to the fact that its base is already firmly fixed in it. Some questions will be related only to the connection to the sewer, for this you need to take a siphon.

Care instructions

The sanitary equipment considered from the artificially created marble does not require special care. To qualitatively clean the surface, it is enough traditional detergents, except for those that contain silicone. Special solutions with linseed oil are produced, which simply wipe the surface. However, such remedies are not entirely safe and do not have the best effect on the shell. As a replacement, you should choose the most sparing materials for this material.

Before you answer the question of how best to make a sink with your own hands, you need to take into account such indicators as the depth, thickness and strong base of the washbasin. Then it is important to foresee the ways of fixing it. For a product made of artificially created material, a table or a curbstone is suitable. In advance, you should take care of the shape of the future product.

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