How to make a shower booth

It is possible to say with certainty that the boom for ready-made shower cabins in Russia has declined. Just a couple of years ago, dumping an old kind iron bath from a pedestal and installing a plastic snow-white miracle of the production of the Celestial Empire instead of it was the dream of almost every dear Russian. Now more and more often the decent owner of the house thinks about making a shower cubicle with his own hands, instead of buying it ready in the store. Because, like any result of creativity, made by own hands, a new shower cubicle will surely fit more harmoniously into the bathroom interior. Cub, perhaps, make the right for your interior size and configuration. And the tile (if you choose it as a cladding) is more practical in terms of caring for it, and more hardy than acrylic. All the accessories can be found in any decent building supermarket. And you need the following:

Cement and sand for the bottom of the cabin, or a ready pallet.

Draining with hydraulic shutter and sewer pipe with a diameter of 50 mm.

Hose for hot and cold water.

The material from which the walls of the cabin will be built: a brick or a waterproof gypsum-fiber sheet.

Tiles for facing the walls (inside and outside) and the floor, in case you did not use the finished pallets.

Door. It will have to be ordered, or bought ready in the department "Everything for baths and saunas." Alternatively, you can hang an ordinary shower curtain - budget and practical. Shower column or shower panel with a set of all kinds of showers for the soul and body.

Trifles in the form of accessories for doors, shelves, hooks, ventilation grilles and pr.Vse for electrical equipment.

To erect walls, put the door and hang a shower panel - perhaps the most simple in this construction. It's more difficult to arrange a sink. For the discharge device it is necessary to observe the following: a hole for water drain can be, of course, anywhere in the shower room, but it must be remembered that this floor must have the necessary slope towards the drainage of water. Therefore, if there are elderly people or small children in the house, it is better, in order to avoid falls on a slippery sloping floor, still arrange a sink traditionally in the middle. You can decorate it with a decorative grille. Do not forget to give the correct bias and sewer pipe. Make sure that all connections are sealed. And, of course, it is important to perform the entire complex of waterproofing works for the floor and walls. Build a one-of-a-kind and native shower for your bathroom is quite simple. A little building skills, patience and accuracy, and the deal will be done.

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