How to make a shower cabin

Very often designers face customers who dream of a luxuriously finished bathroom with an original shower. But such a dream can cost a lot. Therefore, you can save your finances and make a shower with your own hands.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

The shower cabin looks stylish and saves space in the bathroom.

You do not need to have special building skills or education. It's enough just to give vent to fantasies and make some efforts. So, how to make a shower cabin? To date, construction markets and hypermarkets are amazed by the abundance of various goods. You can pick up almost everything for every taste and purse. The same applies to shower cabins and accessories to them. You can pick up all the details for your desires. For example, a sink or a pan.

The presence of a shower in the house can significantly improve the life of each family. It not only allows you to save space, but also meets the needs of both young users and older people. Make an shower room can even an amateur. If your home is uneven floor or it is sloping, or you want a non-standard project, the arrangement of the shower cabin will be slightly different from the standard scheme of work.

Most often, a floor with a specially designed slope is used in sports complexes or fitness centers. But nobody excludes the possibility of using this kind for living quarters.

Installation with slope

Layout of the integrated ladder

Scheme of installation of the built-in ladder.

So, to make a shower cabin of such a plan yourself, you will need:

  1. Equip a niche in the floor. If to speak from a scientific point of view, then it is necessary to equip the ladder. It is necessary for you to install a drain.
  2. Make sealing of the floor. This is necessary in order to properly isolate it and avoid leaks in the future.
  3. After this, you can start facing the floor.

Important! Laying the tiles is made in the direction of the drain, and you need to observe a small slope.

If you do not comply with this condition, then you can later face the problem of stagnation of water in the shower. In it can be formed puddles.

If you doubt your abilities, then it is better to entrust this kind of work to professional builders. Or you can contact them for advice. You will be helped not only to assemble the sink, but also to choose a quality tool for future work.

Tips and advice on installing a shower with a bias:

  1. The use of a special tile for flooring in the shower room will help increase the safety of use. Sliding is practically impossible on such a tile.
  2. The slope of the floor used in the shower room will greatly facilitate the cleaning process.
  3. The place for showering can have non-standard dimensions.

Flat type manufacturing

Shower scheme

The scheme of a shower cabin.

This option is suitable for fans of classics. For him, a pallet of flat type is selected, which will have flanks of small dimensions.

To install this pallet, it is necessary to equip a special niche. Its parameters directly depend on the size and shape of the pallet. The indicated groove is made in the place where the cabin will be located.

It is necessary to decide on the discharge. Its dislocation depends on the hole in the pallet.

The installation itself will not cause trouble. Each flat pallet can be bought with legs, the height of which is selected independently.

After the end of the work, the edging is performed at the junction of the floor with the pallet. To ensure the absence of water stagnation, the pan is installed with a slight inclination.

Tips and recommendations for installing a shower enclosure with a flat tray:

  1. Due to the fact that the pallet is sold already equipped legs, the time for its installation is significantly reduced. Its location is much easier to adjust.
  2. To the pallet looked in the bathroom aesthetically, experts recommend buying an additional curb. It is better if it is not high. A beautiful and accurate frame of the pallet along the entire perimeter is provided to you.
  3. Installation of a flat pallet does not require additional insulation work. You do not need to track the level of the slope. Yes, and money can be saved without buying extra materials.

The process of installing the shower tray can be done on its own, without attracting labor from outside. You only need to ensure the qualitative preparation of the site.

Algorithm of actions

Pallet installation scheme

Pallet installation scheme.

  1. First, you need to check the drain and drain connection.
  2. Secondly, the connection of the walls with the edges of the pallet must be tight.
  3. Thirdly, the docking of the walls of the shower must be at a level of 90 degrees.

And how to install a shower tray yourself?

  1. To begin with, you need to remove the sewer pipe under the drain, which is located in the pallet.
  2. From the bottom of the pallet, you need to fix the adjustable feet. They come complete with a pallet.

Advice! To avoid scratching, and also to prevent the pallet from moving, a piece of cardboard that is folded several times folds should be placed under the feet.

Before installing the pallet, it is necessary to hollow out a groove in the floor.

But the walls of the deepening itself should be corrected with a hammer and a chisel. With them you need to remove the pointed places.

If the edges of the pallet do not fit snugly against the wall, then the angle at the adjacent walls has an unevenness. It must be eliminated.

The sewer pipe, connecting the bell with the drain, should also be checked. The main rule is the exact location during installation works. The pallet must be set horizontally.

If you have developed a bathroom design that requires a non-standard shower cubicle, it can be purchased not only entirely, but also for individual elements. This will allow them to combine them and create an unusual design.

The scheme of installation of walls of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of walls of a shower booth.

After the installation work for installing the shower tray has been completed, you can begin to finish the walls.

It is not necessary to limit imagination here. Someone prefers to see the lining of beautiful ceramic tiles, and some remain adherents of the classics. For them, doors with a special transparent material are more suitable. Doors will require additional installation work.

A modern construction market can please the eye of even the most capricious seeker. The designs of shower cabins are very diverse, for each consumer there is a necessary product that he is looking for. Each cabin has its own distinctive feature. For example, a sliding door that opens the interior of the shower room.

In order to save on components, you should place the shower in the corner part of the bathroom.

Practical recommendations

The scheme of installation of a door of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of the shower door.

To the shower enclosure consisting of a set of walls, it is easy to install on the prepared pallet, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Using the level, the profile for the walls is set vertically. The points at which it is necessary to make holes are marked with a pencil.
  2. Above the tiles are punching places for drilling. This will require maximum accuracy. It is better to use the punch.
  3. The depth of the hole must not exceed the length of the screw or dowel.
  4. After this, attach the profile to the wall.
  5. Then, the installation of fixed walls is carried out.
  6. Door leaves need to be fixed in hinges.
  7. In the end, the doors are hung and, by eliminating unevennesses and distortions, they are fixed.

Important! With closed doors, the seal should be adjacent to the edge of the pallet with maximum density.

How to make a shower with your own hands, without spending a large amount of money? Not everyone can boast of the opportunity to buy an expensive shower. You can make a less expensive option yourself.

To do this, you need to select and purchase a pallet and curtains. First, you prepare a place in which the bottom of the shower cabin will be located. If a number of conditions are met, a pallet is installed.

  1. Checked the density of the base against the walls.
  2. It turns out how accurately the funnel of the sewer connects to the sink.

On the perimeter of the shower room you can lay out inexpensive ceramic tiles. Also original curtains are purchased.

In addition, it is necessary to prepare tools:

  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • cement;
  • screwdriver;
  • screws.

If you put a little effort together with the imagination, you can make an inexpensive but unusual shower. Or even create an original shower room.

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